Strawberry picking at Brown Farms

A friend of mine invited me to go strawberry picking this year.  I was thrilled cause every year I want to go, but don’t!  Something always happening!  And this morning when I got up I wasn’t sure if we would make it with the storms coming, but I went any way!  It was about 40 minutes drive to Browns Farm in New Market, AL.  (Check around where you live for you pick farms.)

I met two friends of mine and everyone was picking when we got there (didn’t time that right!)  Each boy got a gallon bucket and started picking.  If the weather didn’t look so bad out west, I would have gotten a few more gallons today, but I knew we didn’t have time.

The web site “You Pick Your Own” I have been using for years!  I learned how to make apple butter and apple sauce over 7 years ago with it.  It has many great ideas for canning and freezing.

It is good that kids learn where food comes from.  It doesn’t just come from the supermarket.  It also teaches them to support local farmers and business!

So our picking time was about 30 minutes and as we got into the cars it started to pour!

Here is our fun!

Brown Farm, alabama, pick your ownbrowns farm, alabama, pick your own

Brown Farm

There is a flower and plant Nursery there, the rain came to fast, we didn’t get to go in this time!

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