Makings of a strong family

Just before we got married almost 12 years ago, I was finishing my Master Degree in Parish Education at Concordia College, in Seward Nebraska.  One of my summer classes was Marriage and Family.  First I don’t ever recommend anyone to take a class like that just before getting married.  Everything was book defined for marriage, I really had to step outside of that to focus on getting married.  My husband understood it perfectly.  From that class one worksheet stood out to me.  The day we got married that worksheet started hanging in our kitchen.  12 years later you will still find it in our kitchen on our fridge now.

strong family

I keep it there to remind us.  I keep it there to encourage us.  I keep it there to inspire us.

I hope it does to those who also read it there.

But I also keep it there, so when we have a foster child in our home, they can see and learn what is important to us.  And to help them take small nuggets to take back to their family.

It is just like our faith.  I can’t impose it on them, just expose them to God.

I trust He will take care of the rest.

So some have asked about the list.  So I decided to blog about each one and how we use it in our family.  We are not perfect, we learn each and every day.  This is why the list is always in front of us.

Where did the list come from?  Well considering it has been 13 years since my class, I had to do some research.  I believe that a Mrs. Curran came up with the list.   There are many different list of what makes families healthy.  This one just stuck.

So come hopping with me as I taking about what the makings of a strong family are.

I would love to hear what makes your family strong!

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