Summer Survival:Reach for the Gold {5 in 5}


Welcome Back to 5 days of Summer Survival-Day 3. Do you still have  your stillness? On Monday I focused on mom’s stopping for a moment to find their stillness-make sure you read the post if you are just joining us!

Next Friday the world will be focused on London as the opening ceremony’s for the summer Olympics start.  For some this is not a big deal.  We are not big sports people when it comes to watching sports on TV.  But every olympics you can find us watching.  I don’t know why, but it is one of the few places that our world comes together.

My kids are already getting ready.  We watched the Gymnastic trails to see who the USA team was going to be.  My 5-year-old told me to sit back and enjoy, hours of this trail.  He was fascinated by what those girls could do!  And when it was the guys time, all he would say, “oh I can do that, that’s easy!”  I just had to laugh!

The one thing the olympics teach above all, is to reach for the gold.  If you don’t try, you will never know if you can do it.  Take your dream and run with it.  Your gold may not be what goes around the neck of the first place winners, put the knowledge that you did some amazing and you did you best to get their.

Things you can do to get ready for next Fridays big event!

  • Watch the Torch Relay
  • Goto the web pages for our USA teams and see who they are.
  • Go red, white and blue
  • Plan a party and invite some friends over.
  • Have your kids come up with their own floor routine.
  • Have a backyard olympics.  Our Journey Westward had a great water backyard olympics.
  • Study Ladder has some great (Free) resource to inspire kids for the Olympics.  (Did I mention Free!)
  • Our #  in our 100 things to do this summer was watch Olympics.
  • Here is my Pinterest board and my friend Penny’s board.
  • Coloring sheets
  • Make sure you download the London 2012:official app to keep up to date with all the action!  Team USA and NBC also have an App.  Search your phone apps.

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Change to our 100 things to do this summer-watch Olympics

It was pointed out to me that I had “Go camping” twice on our list of 100 Things to do this summer, so I changed one.  # 57 is now watch the Olympics!  Summer Olympics, how did I miss that this summer!  There are so many learning opportunities with the Olympics!  I already created a Pinterest board with ideas.

London 2012 –.

Team USA -Learn about all the sports that USA is involved in and who our athletes are.

Project Britain has some great ideas to do with your kids.

Sparkle Box has some amazing resources!  I love using them, plus they are UK based.


I would love to hear about your ideas!

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