Shopping in Nassau-Now Where did the Ladies go?

It was decided.  We were going shopping in Nassau.  After getting to sleep in that morning and having a slow morning-I mean it’s vacation right?  We all met to go shopping.  5 ladies, two teens and myself headed off ship!  Nassau, unlike Freeport, is a little crazy getting into town.  Now I didn’t shop in Freeport, so maybe it was different if I went in a little bit more.

But as we walked through the building to get into town we were approach many times to go on a tour or get our hair braided.  No, no, no, and not today, we finally made our way to shopping.  We hit a few stores and was headed toward the straw market when we realized two of our ladies were missing.

Now traveling with teens most of the time, I like to keep a close eye on them cause they will try to disappear on me every now and then.  But these two ladies, I don’t think they were sneaking away.

So I went back first, no ladies.  I went back to our group- Nancy came back with me, she went one way, I went the other way.  As I was walking to found them I found a quant little alley shopping place-quickly came back to looking for the ladies.  Soon the ladies were found and we were on our way to the Straw Market.

After we headed back to the quant little alley to go shopping in and then off to a few more shops before heading back to the ship.  We were out long enough to have a good time, and be ready for a nap!

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