Is Mom Healthy or Not?

Is mom healthy or not

I was listening to the radio today and they were talking about how parents-moms could not wait till their kids went back to school.  Then the conversation went on to say something about stay at home moms and working moms.  I heard what was said and then I said to my husband driving “What did I just hear?”

My husband replied “I think they just said a mom is healthier if they work and spend time away from their kids.”

“Huh” I said.

It seems that ever study always says that women are happier if they go to work to bring a pay check home.  And if you stay at home you will sit in front of the TV and eat bon bons and get fat.  And feel worthless.  Oh yeah don’t forget the kids and where ever they fit into happy healthy mom-lazy fat unhealthy mom equation.

Is mom healthier if they work and spend time away from their kids verse moms who stay at home with their kids all summer long and can’t wait for their kids to go back to school?

Here is the deal.  It totally disagree.  While I could get into the whole “what is better for the child” argument, and many will throw different views and opinions at me, I am not.    Working or not working, being with your kids all day or not being with your kids all day isn’t what makes a mom healthy or unhealthy.

 I homeschool.

I don’t “look forward to sending my kids away to school” every year.  I look forward to activities starting.  I look forward to finding a few hours through out the week for myself.  I look forward to time spend with just my husband. I look forward to time alone at Target and Starbucks.   I look forward to bedtime.  But most of all I look forward to spending time with my kids.

Am I unhealthy for homeschooling and being home with all my kids?  If I don’t take care of myself I could be.  But that is the same truth for any mom in any situation.  You have to take care of yourself.  A working mom can be unhealthy for working to many hours and not spending enough time with her family.

As a mom, regardless of whether you homeschool, stay at home or work being healthy is important.  One vs the other does not make a mom any healthier or unhealthy.  Being with my kids full-time does not me unhealthy.  I am healthy because I take care of myself and balance my time.  I am not perfect at this.  Some weeks are worse than others.  But that is not the fault of being with my kids full-time.

It is the old tired out debate of should moms work or not.  It is tired.  If we stopped focusing on this and focused our attention on other pressing issues like children who don’t have a mom  at all, wouldn’t that be a better way to use our time than always worrying about which mom is happy or should a mom work or not?

What do you think.  Does working or being away from your kids full-time make you healthier?

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I Wonder if I have a Green Job?

I heard a new story this morning that hasn’t really sat well with me all day. It seems that our government really stretches things sometimes to make other things seem better. This morning the news story was Issa: Obama administration classifies jobs with political purpose:

The Obama administration on Wednesday acknowledged a wide-ranging definition of “green jobs” that includes bus driver, bicycle-shop clerk and other unexpected lines of employment, which the chairman of the GOP-led House oversight committee said is being done for “clearly political purposes.”
Read more: Fox News

Now I am not here to argue politics, there are plenty of blogs for that. But as I thought about how far they stretched this, someone who sweeps the floor at the bike shop, or pumps gas into the bus, it seems it was stretching the “green job”

If the government wants to find “green workers” maybe they are looking at the wrong place. They are missing the mark. The real green workers are moms. More so Stay at Home moms.

Green jobs , according to the Bureau of Labor are either:

  1. Jobs in businesses that produce goods or provide services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources.
  2. Jobs in which workers’ duties involve making their establishment’s production processes more environmentally friendly or use fewer natural resources.

Have you met some of these moms lately. They may not be in “paid positions” but you all know how much moms are worth.  These stay at home moms thrive on ways to benefit the environment. Moms are using cloth diapers, breast-feeding, and using natural products.

Mothers of young children are increasingly turning to cloth diapers, a trend that’s making Country Save Powdered Laundry Detergent one of the best-selling detergents on, says company president Kris W. Anderson.

The are planning more and keeping with in budgets. They are working to keep their house simple and using products from local businesses. They make less trips to the store and try to condense trips to one or two days out a week. These are the moms who are cleaning with simple things like vinegar and baking soda.

Dear Government, it’s time you said bravo to the moms who are staying at home to raise their kids-these are truly your green workers. Who are the ones using less to give our kids more of us. Enough with the war of who is right or wrong. Stop trying to create “super green jobs” for someone who sweeps floors. I sweep floors too, big deal. I pump gas also. It is time to give credit where credit is due. These are the moms who are not adding to the already over stressed daycares-who are struggling to provided amazing care to the kids that need it. These are the moms who work all day long, who care for their kids, teach their kids, instill morals and values to their kids. These are the families that choose to make it on one income. These are the families that may even have sacrifice a car for this.

These are the “Green Moms.”

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