What I said I would never do.

Last night I choose sports over church. We said we would never do that. We did-last night.

We knew we had three games-and they should have been over in time to goto church. But didn’t plan the storms. They lingered just south of us, but not on us. Kids got called off the field as Isaiah’s team had 0 minutes and we needed three runs to win game without the other team going up to bat. AnnieQ’s team had 20 minutes and just called the game. Robby’s team 23 minutes. This all happened about 6:30. Church is at 7:30.

Delay after delay…lighting all around us. Most families in their cars. I was getting antsy…by 7, I knew we were going to have to make a choice. Isaiah was on base when the game was put on hold so if he didn’t show it was an out-and the team may have to forfeit if their were not enough players to play.

I felt torn. But I knew Dan and Jeremy had to go. So I sent them and AnQuenette to worship. I stayed. Both games were worth staying for. While Church is very very important to us -staying together on a team teaches them valuable lessons also. Also taught me one.

I got to church as it was letting out. What I didn’t expect is the lesson I learned from my kids. Both my kids were bummed they miss church. As I drove in I stopped to talk to a friend. Isaiah rolled down his window and yelled “Alleluia.” “Shhh” I said to him. Later he told me (cause he’s been saying this all morning) “mommy Jesus died lesterday(just spelled as he says it)-isn’t that exciting.”. I guess for us that is exciting…cause he died for us-so we can live.

What really surprised me more was hearing about the service through the eyes of my six year old. My kids love this service. They pay attention to it -they get it. In a way we did go to service that night-just not in the way I expected.

We will not make it a habit to choose sports over church. But we will teach our kids to follow through on commitments. Dan and Jeremy had a commitment at church, two boys had a commitment to their team-and I had the commitment to do what was best for our family. It all worked.

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