Math Upside down

Homeschooling comes with many joys-like starting when you feel like it -good for the oldest one. Or doing Math upside down.

Upside down that’s right. When Robby gets frustrate he tends to sit and slide into weird position. And since today it seems that all his multiplication skills have been drained out of him he is very whiney and frustrated. I really think it is due to being off for a few weeks and not wanting to get back into school work, I know I am having a hard time getting back into the swing of house work.

But in the process of not wanting to do the work (which for the record he is now quietly doing the work after an hour of whining and complaining) I found him upside down on the chair working on the floor. Hey what ever floats your boat! When he was younger he did spelling that way on the couch-up side down. Maybe there is something to it, allowing kids to move while learning. Kids naturally are made to move-alot.

This is one of the things I enjoy about homeschooling, not sitting down all day, or being restricted to one room. The whole world is our class room. And as I say this I have two sitting in class rooms now, I may need to reconsider some things over.

Next thing to conquer “What kind of horse stays up late?” that is Robby’s question…..





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