What Curriculum we are Using this Year!

After the torturous hunt of what to use and what I think I should change, I have finally choose our homeschool curriculum and am feeling really good about it. Much of what I used for Robby worked well, but did take a lot of work on my part. After much searching I decided to stay with what I knew and branch out to some new stuff!

These choices are for my three younger ones. (5th grade, 1st grade, and Kindergarden.) My oldest follows another path for curriculum as being in high school.

Math: We have been using Math-U-See with Robby since Kindergarden. Last year we didn’t start another book. We finished Delta, and worked on other enrichment activities. This year we will start with Epsilon with Robby. AnQuenette (1st grade) will start Alpha and Isaiah Primer. I will use the video with Robby for teaching, and I will see how AnQuenette does with learning from the video. Isaiah will learn from me teaching solely.

We will add in other math enrichment activities when I can.

Spelling, Reading and Writing: Whew, that is a big one. I really thought hard about this one. I used with Robby, Spell to Write and Read. It is a demanding program, but it works. Once I got the hang of it I really enjoyed teaching it. Last year we fell off the band wagon of spelling all together for many reasons. This year, since I am teaching AnQuenette to read, I am bringing it back full force. I know the program, I don’t want to learn anything new. I will teach my K and 1st grader together and having Robby help with that teaching will help him remember rules. He also will pick up Spelling where we left off.

Reading-I also use Raz Kids online. This works well for Robby, and each of my kids can read and record themselves online.

Writing-I use many different copy work ideas. Endless places to find them One of my favorite places is Notebookingpages. The have many different notebooking pages to choose from.

History: This was one areas I was really struggle with, what to do this year. I finally figured it out! I want to do something with all three of them. We will do Alabama History using living books, museums and a lap book from Knowledge Box Central.

We will also use Heritage History for Young Readers. I am real excited about this and since we have gotten a Kindle now and a iPad using the eBooks has become a reality for us. We will also double this with the time lines from Homeschool in the Woods.

Science: We have been using Apologia Science for the last 3 years and we have loved it. It will be easy to use this with all three of them-giving Robby more to do, and letting Isaiah get the basic. This year we are going to learn about the Anatomy and Physiology. AKA the human body! My kids are excited and thrilled! I got a stethoscope for them so when the books came they were over excited.

Bible: After the kids and I reviewed Grapevine studies last month they said this is what they wanted to use. So we will use Grapevine. I am not sure where we will start yet, but I am excited to be using it.



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To Boldly Write {A Birthday lesson on Gene Roddenberry}

August is a great birthday month! I mean I was born in it! In fact today is my birthday!:)

I am writing to honor Gene Roddenberry. We are huge Star Trek fans in this house so I loved the opportunity to learn more about Gene Roddenberry. As our kids are growing up, we are creating the next generation of trekkies. As I researched and read about Gene I really admired him as a writer beyond his time. When he saw TV for the first time, he was already writing for flying magazines and song lyrics. Writing was in his blood. He saw a vision that there would be a need for special writers for TV shows, but when he went to Hollywood, TV was not ready for writers with little experience like him. He did not give up on his dream. He got a job as a police officer and continued to write and keep his foot in the door of TV. Soon Star Trek was born and a whole new generation of TV began.

Gene Roddenberry

Interesting Facts about His Life

  • Born August 19, 1921
  • Died October 24, 1991
  • A year after he died his ashes were sent into space on the Space Shuttle Columbia.
  • Nickname “Great bird of the Galaxy”
  • He studied to be a police officer
  • He flew with the US army air corps.
  • He wrote and sold storied to flying magazines
  • He wrote lyrics to a song “I wanna go home”
  • In 1964 he wrote and produced the TV show “The Lieutenant”
  • We was a police officer till 1966 when Star Trek took off.
  • He has had two wives and three children
  • From his Star Trek there are 7 TV shows and 10 movies (which we have seen almost all)
  • He was not a Christian
  • He loved to write and tell stories
  • Star Trek became a huge success and all kinds of people followed it, even though some thought he was crazy for suggesting a space show for adults. Back then space shows where normally for kids.
  • His family life had issues, whose doesn’t.

To Boldly Write

As I read and learned more about Gene Roddenberry I thought what about him do I want my 10-year-old to learn about. It would be his love for writing which began his passion for Star Trek. When you produce a TV series, you must have a vision and love for writing and creating. My son is just getting into writing. For a long time he didn’t want to write.
So I created this writing exercise: To Boldly Write . Robby loves to look things up. So I made it so he could look information up and write it down. Some questions he said were too hard for him, and he is still thinking of what his Star Trek TV Series would be. You can adapt it as you see fit for your child. Also a good blogger friend over a Milk and Cookies did a fun July Birthday post of Sir Patrick Stewart. (She is also a fellow Trekkie)
In this August Birthday Blog Hop, iHomeschool Network has worked in partnership with Knowledge Box Central. They have offered to give one free ebook to a winner from many of our August birthday lessons, so make sure your visit the other great write ups on some other great people!
Since Gene Roddenberry set his eyes on space, and since I live in Alabama where we drive by the Space and Rocket Center often, I found it perfect to choose Alabama History Lapbook. One lucky winner can win a lapbook on Alabama history, just in time for school!

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