The Kids Veggie Garden -Despite all Odds

Our poor garden. I had grand plans for my garden this year. It is not a big garden.  I gave each kids some gardening tools for Easter time.  They grew their seeds inside and when it came time to plant them we gave each one some places to plant their plants.  I also planted 4 tomatoes plants, 1 cucumber plant, Robby got one pack of carrot seeds, and Isaiah planted lettuce.  I let AnnieQ plant flowers other places.  Soon the kids veggie garden was planted and now we just had to wait.

Soon after it just got soooo hot.  No rain.  Just hot.  110 degrees, 115 degrees.  Our garden suffered.  Then someone didn’t close the door and our HUGE puppy got in and dug….and then it rained and rained and rained…..sigh….so I just gave up looking.

Summer time is still looming around with the heat and mugginess.  Our “100 things to do sheet” fell to the floor today.  Robby picked it up and read it.  We had poorly neglected our list with many family issues going on, although we have gotten to more than half of it.  Robby read 19 and 20-the kids all looked at each other and said let’s go see.

But here is what the kids found today when they went out!


Kids Gardens

Kids gardens

kids garden

Kids gardens

I know it isn’t much this year.  Heat, lack of rain, then too much rain, attack of the HUGE puppy, momma giving up, but the kids veggie garden grew.  They got some cucumbers, some baby carrots, tomatoes, and even flowers!

Lesson learned:  Don’t give up on what seems hopeless.  I bet if I went out there and gave it some TLC we may get a whole lot more now!

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