Green Slim and Justin Bieber

No they don’t together!  This is a typical morning in our house. I walk into our kitchen and see green slim. Really its Angry Bird silly putty. Robby got it a few weeks ago and found out that when he leaves somewhere it’s slowly droops. So I never know where I am going to find it.

And you know how kids have that one song they listen to over and over and over! Well Justin Bieber song “Boyfriend” wins this Summer.  A few summers ago it was “Baby Baby Baby.”  My son turns 18 tomorrow but since he has to work all day we gave him his gift early to start enjoying it-a Kindle Fire. So he starts playing Justin’s new song and just like that the children are dancing and singing! It’s funny.  Our summer I am much more relaxed in our schedule.  The kids can watch TV during the day time.  (during the school year it doesn’t come on till late afternoon unless I am sick).  They just like to have fun.



Boyfriend song by Justin Bieber

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