For Easter next year

What I love about Pinterst (well there is ALOT I love about Pinterst) is that when you see an idea you think would work for the next holiday you can pin it up so you don’t for get.  I have many of them pinned up.  Since I started at Thanksgiving time, I haven’t repeated any holidays yet, so this is just a theory it is going to work!

But I read a web site that had a great idea that I wanted to “pin” away for next year.  They sent their son on a scavenger hunt to find objects of the holy week to talk about.

1.  Garden (dirt)

2. Thorns

3. A piece of wood

4.  Something that has died (like a bug, flower or plant)

5. A rock

6.  Something soft and white

7.  Something that was dead and came back to life (like a tulip)

And with these objects they could discuss the story of Jesus with their little boy.

What a great idea!  Hands on, gets kids out side, and kids love looking for things.   And you are able to retell the story of the old rugged cross!

Next year I plan to use this idea!  So for now, I am filing it for Easter next year!

LOVE is all you need…: Our Easter Best.

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That’s right-A shovel in the Easter baskets

These kids of mine have been bugging me.  Mom we need a farm.  We  want a lot of land to run around in.  We want to sell vegetables.

Good, we have a nice size of land here-a garden that needs some help  and two animals.  Tend to these first!

Our Garden has done really well in the past.  Two years ago it was amazing.  The kids brought in buckets of tomatoes.  And peppers, a few green peppers, white eggplant and we even got summer squash.  We tried water melons but they were not sweet at all.

Last year we didn’t do anything.  The tornadoes came through about planting time.  Every thing sat.  And now our garden is in need of help.

As you can see, the garden needs help.  The weeds have over come.  The fences needs to be replaces.  And my children want a garden to plant. So yes for Easter I got them shovels, gloves, watering cans, and seeds.  Each designed for their size.  

Today they are already weeding the garden.  Then Dan will fix it up and we will get plants planted.  Last year the tornadoes took a lot away from us (like our favorite tree in the back) this year we are giving our  back yard new life!  Just like Christ gave us new life at Easter.  And this is why I put a shovel in the Easter baskets.

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