Is the Internet a Drug?

A plus or not of cruise is the ability of having the Internet or not having it. The point of a vacation is to have a break from the things that consume your life everyday:cleaning, laundry, cooking, dishes, working, which for most include the Internet.
The Internet-our key to the out side world. It use to come in the form of newspapers & and evening news. Excycpedias and magizines. Now most Google what they need to know. Don’t get me wrong, I love to read the newspaper, and when I get a chance I watch the evening new. But I LOVE the Internet. I LOVE how easy it is. The high when I find what I’m looking for. The awesome feeling of connecting with someone new. I love think of cool Facebook statuses and twitter messages.
But I did not realize how addicted I was till this cruise. I had brought my iPhone along on our for port exsurction in Halifax. On the way back I wanted to stop at the indoor Farmers Market. As we went in I guess I was the only one who saw the sign…FREE WIFI….

My heart start pumping a little faster as the little voice inside me said “YES!”. I calmly took out my phone to check it out-found the wifi and before I knew it all those glorious little dings started coming through. Facebook, email, twitter. I buffered my phone in hope that know one noticed anything. After I knew it worked, I let my teen and hubby in on my little found secret. Not really a secret-the sign was there when we walked in-
Soon my son and hubby where nose deep in their phones getting what quick dose of of internet for free we could get.
I realized at that moment that the Internet was almost like a drug. The need for quick fixes, the need for what was going on. The need for it.
This was vacation. The need for our family time was more important. That family time is becoming so rare. And as our oldest is getting ready to to graduate next year and more out, this is our last family vacation together.
The next day we lucked out of our 5 hour tour at St. John. We had a bus with WiFi in it. So our need for quick fixes, became not as important. My son and girlfriend got many hours of texting in. We got limited use-we could check email and Facebook.

This Disney Cruise I was going to blog more-but family trumped that. Our next Disney Cruise will be overseas next year. We will be leaving the two little ones behind. We will most for sure have Internet on the boat. Just to keep in contact with them.

Is the Internet a drug? It could be seen in the same addiction as a drug, gambling, or any other addiction. The same need or want for it. Walking or searching for that signal. At home we pay, and get it 24/7 without thinking about it. But when you have to pay a high amount for it, how much is it worth to you?

Used wisely the Internet is a resource beyond its weight in gold! Just at what price are you willing to pay?

Proudly, we did not buy Internet minutes aboard…although very tempting. We survived with our limited access for the 4 days. But that breakfast at port…all of us, with our phones out, checking out the world…and so it begins again.

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