Why we are a “Foster Family.”

Dan and I never had that conversation where we said “we should be foster parents.”  We had talked about maybe adopting one day, in a fleeting conversation.  Dan knew that one day I dreamed I would loved to have had 10 kids.  I also dreamed I would drop them off at my mom’s for the summer time.

We had friends, James and Marlene, who had already taken in a teenage niece, was look at other foster care possibilities.  We attended a Youth Villages info meeting.  They deal with teens who need special care.  And I was not going to foster or adopt teens. We need to foster younger children.  Robby was only 3 at this time, almost 4.

While getting pregnant the second time around was a little bit harder, it is not impossible.  I do have PCOS  and that does making getting pregnant harder.  I left it at, if God grants me the gift (although personally being “pregnant” is not a “gift” it sucks for me horribly.  I was sick every day almost.  Between headaches and throwing up…there was not joy in it.) of being pregnant, then I would take what ever He hands me.   I have learned to trust him, cause again and again, He proves to me He is in control not me!


After Youth Villages, I knew I wanted to look a little bit more into this fostering.  So I googled DHR in our area.  I learned that there was a class starting soon, so I signed us up.  Before I knew it, we had finished class, two home visits, made many adjustments to our house, wrote our life story, made a photo album.  Why were we doing all this? Why did we want to be a foster family?

Because we wanted to give babies/kids a safe loving home to be in while giving their families a chance to get back on their feet or get a different plan in place for their kids.  This is not always the case.  But we didn’t walk in to adopt.  Or to make our family bigger.  We also knew that helping keep siblings together if possible was important to us.

After a year of taking off of fostering Robby asked me why we didn’t have any foster kids. I said I needed a break. We had just gotten done with a 14 month placement.  Robby said, “Mom we are a Fostering Family.  We are good at that”

We have fostered and done respite care for over 20 kids now.  We have learned much, seen much, and have stories to share.  Since May is National Fostering Month I thought I would share stories with you all.  I also have asked others to share their stories also.

Have you ever thought about about fostering a child?  Have you ever thought about making a difference for a child in need?  Check out AdoptUsKids on how to become a foster parent or check out your local DHR for more information.

I would love to hear your story!


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