Our adventures out to Amish Country-a homeschool field trip

Our cover school Calvary has about 3 field trips a months.  Some months we get all three in, and other months it seems or schedule is crazy and we don’t get them in.  While I was happy when I figured out that we got to do our Amish tour!  It is a pretty drive there to Ethridge TN, from here (I need a farm up there!) and I enjoy the other families with us!  Robby has a good friend whom he has know for 4 years now.  They look forward to seeing each other!  Isaiah even made a friend this time!  homeschool, Ethridge, Amish, welcome, center

When we get to Ethridge we goto the Amish Welcome center.  There we pay for our house and buggy ride that will take us through some of the area, stopping at  few of the houses along the way.  They boys knew they wanted slingshots and fudge, and I knew I was getting a basket and  strawberry jam!  The two boys took turns sitting up front and the driver (not Amish) let Robby drive a bit.  Isaiah was all ready to move to the farm!  He loved the horses.  There was one place where they had swings and Isaiah just fell in love with.  (that will have to be for another day!)

I grew up with family living around the Amish, so for me it was never something I didn’t know or understand.  I think that their simple way of life reminds us that we are too full of other things.  While I don’t agree with all they stand for I respect their value of family and hard work.

We enjoyed our little visit to Ethridge Amish country and hope to go back, with a truck, cause there is a picnic table I would like, a swing for outside, little swings for the kids, and many more baskets!

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