Just In Case you Wonder what 4 Minutes in a Homeschooling Day is Like

My kids are goofy.  And say the funniest things.  At any moment in our house we can go from organized learning to total craziness.  From screaming and yelling and throwing to playing nicely and getting things done.  Our days our not perfect.  We are facing new challenges in our family that has made homeschooling very challenging this year.  But we keep moving forward.

I may sign up for the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon.  Big step on my part.  Considering I am totally out of shape for running.  But I guess you need to be a princess?  So I asked my kids doing one of our science experiments what princess mommy should be.


And that would be 4 minutes in our homeschool day.  (Robby did recreate his person to stand up right.  AnnieQ finally finished hers.  And Isaiah.  Isaiah smeared his play dough  over a block and I told him to go play somewhere else.  :) )

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