9/11- A Day to Remember-A Day to Learn From

We just got back from an AMAZING vacation.

We took a Disney Cruise from New York City.

The thing about being in New York City, just a few days before September 11, is seeing the new sky line.


As I cruised by that sky line, I thought of being pregnant and the fear I had being pregnant 11 years ago with my first child.  The fear of bringing a child into a world of such uncertainty.  I was about 8 months pregnant then.  I glanced at my 4 kids looking out at the sky line, glad that we have our future.  One that we will keep fighting for.  One that my fear didn’t keep from me.

I thought of the words of Rafiki

Adult Simba: I know what I have to do. But going back means I’ll have to face my past. I’ve been running from it for so long.
[Rafiki hits Simba on the head with his stick]
Adult Simba: Ow! Jeez, what was that for?
Rafiki: It doesn’t matter. It’s in the past.
Adult Simba: Yeah, but it still hurts.
Rafiki: Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the from way I see it, you can either run from it, or… learn from it.
[swings his stick again at Simba, who ducks out of the way]
Rafiki: Ha. You see? So what are you going to do?
Adult Simba: First, I’m gonna take your stick.
[Simba snatches Rafiki’s stick and throws it and Rafiki runs to grab it]
Rafiki: No, no, no, no, not the stick! Hey, where you going?
Adult Simba: I’m going back!
Rafiki: Good! Go on! Get out of here!
[Rafiki begins laughing and screeching loudly]

Our America past hurts.  We have many ugly things there. But we have learned from them.  We protect our country.  We have pride in our country.

We visited Philadelphia after our New York visit.  Our fore fathers fought hard to create a country to ensure our freedom.  That freedom does come with a cost.  We learn from our mistakes.  And we don’t go back.  That visit for our family really made an impact for us.

New York City suffered a great loss when the Twin Towers fell.  Americans felt the pain as four planes crashed.  As the reports of lost lives came in we all sat in unbelief that THIS was happening in our safe country.  Children are growing up with out their parents.

THIS make our kids sad.  But ever year I teach my kids about this day.  Just like other history events, they need to know about the men and women who just went to work, and didn’t come home.  About the fireman and police men doing their job.  People coming to gathering to take care of each other.  About our country standing up and saying “you can knock us down-but WE ARE NOT STAYING DOWN-we are AMERICAN’s!”

This year was an extra special year, because we had just sailed by the site, we saw all the building by where the Twin Towers stood.  And we saw the new World Trade Center being built.


For some learning resources-check out my friends over at “So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler”

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Fish Extenders-What are They?

We are getting ready for our third Disney Cruise. Now I am on the DISboards, but do not follow much.  But my husband does.  He asked me what a FE was.  So I looked it up. FE was for “Fish Extenders”  But what were they?

Basically they where pockets that hung on the fish hangers outside the door where people would exchange gifts.  Groups got together before the cruise  to form FE groups.

So I researched more and we decided this cruise we would participate in the FE with about 20 other families.  Of course I also decided to make my own…cause nothing I do has to be easy!  So with a vision, some help from the kids to pick out their fabric for their pockets and a wonderful friend to help me finish it along with these great back packs.  Now, mine are far from perfect, but for first time around, and making from a picture, I would say not bad!!

Fish extenders

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A Little Bit of Magic Heading to New York City

Well it is no secret that cruising and Disney are talked about on a regular basis here in this house.  My husband Dan is well umm addicted to cruising ( I like cruising) and we love Disney (I was there from the beginning!)  Disney cruises bring the best of both worlds together for us.

Right now as I type my husband is on another computer watching the Disney Cruise Ship Magic head up to New York City on Mariner Time.  Just seems not too long ago we were waiting for the arrival of Fantasy in New Your City.  We follow the building of that ship and her journey over.

We have been on two of the Disney Cruise ships now, Wonder and Dream.  Magic we get to go on in September for a 5 day cruise of New york up to New England and Canada.

Disney Cruises work well for our family!  They have more rooms that have a door joining them, so larger families like ours can be together.  And the kids activities are outstanding!  Sorry other cruise ships we have cruise on and still like….Disney by far has this one hit out of the ball park!

And of course being a homeschooling mom, why not a little “disneyschooling” along the way!  Think of the amazing hands on lessons my kids get!  Maybe a little side trip along the way to see the Liberty Bell?

Magic also will be our cruise ship next year when the two older boys, Dan and I head over to Europe!  We are on their first European cruise of the season.  This is a Wahoo Jeremy graduated from High School and Dan turns fifty!  (oh I am having fun with that one on the ship, the things I can do!)

Disney’s best kept secret is how we are able to do all our Disney cruising!  If you do decided to go invest in that best kept secret tell Mickey I sent you his way!


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