Spoiled on vacation-a private oasis.


While on our cruise last month Dan was able to book the Private Oasis on Half Moon Cay.  Since we had a group from our church with us, we were looking for group things to do, for all ages. Our older ladies stayed on board the ship and played cards all day long.  There were 4 families that went in on it together and it made the day AMAZING!  You have to at lease have 12 people to rent it, we had 8 adults and 7 children (OK 5 children 2 teens).  I was very leery about this at first.  First it was going to be a little pricey for us with 6 in our family.  Plus, how far was it going to be from everything.  Was it worth it?  But when I saw where it was on the map and how close to the kids stuff I was perfectly fine.  Still having no idea what to expect.

Well, when we got their I could not believe what we got.  It was perfect.  I mean perfect.  There was a staff there catering to our needs only.  We didn’t have to deal with crowds.  We had our own life guard which for me, made relaxing so much easier knowing there was an extra set of eyes on the kids.  The food was yummy, the view breathtaking, and the company perfect.  We had a slide into the water (which was a little cold-but you got use to it), there were rafts and snoring gear for us to use.  The hot tub was great, we had adult time and kid time.   Everything we needed was right there.  It was worth every penny.   Did I mention the bar was including with unlimited drinks.  The kids loved their virgin drinks!  At the end of the day we gals did not want to go.  But off to the ship we had to go.

This was a perfect day to breath in the beauty of God’s creation.

I am going to let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Carnival Private Oasis Half moon kay


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The Best Kept Secret on Carnivnal-Chef’s Table

When Dan and I took our cruise last August he had read something about the Chef’s table.  He was able to get our name on the list and the Chef picked us to join the party.

This Cruise he was able to get us in again and our friends, Mike and Cyndi  were able to join us.  It was a nice evening.  We ate.  We drank.  We drank some more.  We ate some more.  I always say if you want to know what an Iron Chef Judge feels like, this is a great way to see how yummy fine dinning is!

Our tour began with the Chef giving us a history of how he became the head chef.  Then we moved into the kitchen and got to see how everything worked.  There we had a little reception with Champaign and delicious hors d’oeuvres.

From there we had an amazing 7 course meal.

 By this point I had ummm a lot of wine, and barely could finish all the dessert.  After a quick good bye to the other guest we had our picture taken with the chef and left to find the rest of our group.  This whole experience is an extra fee, but one that seems well worth it.  Since they had just changed the menu we have had two different menus.  I will not post what everything is, takes away from the surprise  of what’s next!  If you ask I will tell you.

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Cruising, Monkeys, Pirates and Marriage

So our second stop was Roaton,  Hondrus.  This was our shortest day out.  We headed over to a park to see a few monkeys, pirates and birds.  With a few lizards and bugs mixed in we headed off on our little adventure.  We braved a rope bridge and after a fun time out, decided to head back to the ship for on of those shore special massages.  While we had monkeys on our back we took time to relax together and enjoy life!

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