For Easter next year

What I love about Pinterst (well there is ALOT I love about Pinterst) is that when you see an idea you think would work for the next holiday you can pin it up so you don’t for get.  I have many of them pinned up.  Since I started at Thanksgiving time, I haven’t repeated any holidays yet, so this is just a theory it is going to work!

But I read a web site that had a great idea that I wanted to “pin” away for next year.  They sent their son on a scavenger hunt to find objects of the holy week to talk about.

1.  Garden (dirt)

2. Thorns

3. A piece of wood

4.  Something that has died (like a bug, flower or plant)

5. A rock

6.  Something soft and white

7.  Something that was dead and came back to life (like a tulip)

And with these objects they could discuss the story of Jesus with their little boy.

What a great idea!  Hands on, gets kids out side, and kids love looking for things.   And you are able to retell the story of the old rugged cross!

Next year I plan to use this idea!  So for now, I am filing it for Easter next year!

LOVE is all you need…: Our Easter Best.

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What I said I would never do.

Last night I choose sports over church. We said we would never do that. We did-last night.

We knew we had three games-and they should have been over in time to goto church. But didn’t plan the storms. They lingered just south of us, but not on us. Kids got called off the field as Isaiah’s team had 0 minutes and we needed three runs to win game without the other team going up to bat. AnnieQ’s team had 20 minutes and just called the game. Robby’s team 23 minutes. This all happened about 6:30. Church is at 7:30.

Delay after delay…lighting all around us. Most families in their cars. I was getting antsy…by 7, I knew we were going to have to make a choice. Isaiah was on base when the game was put on hold so if he didn’t show it was an out-and the team may have to forfeit if their were not enough players to play.

I felt torn. But I knew Dan and Jeremy had to go. So I sent them and AnQuenette to worship. I stayed. Both games were worth staying for. While Church is very very important to us -staying together on a team teaches them valuable lessons also. Also taught me one.

I got to church as it was letting out. What I didn’t expect is the lesson I learned from my kids. Both my kids were bummed they miss church. As I drove in I stopped to talk to a friend. Isaiah rolled down his window and yelled “Alleluia.” “Shhh” I said to him. Later he told me (cause he’s been saying this all morning) “mommy Jesus died lesterday(just spelled as he says it)-isn’t that exciting.”. I guess for us that is exciting…cause he died for us-so we can live.

What really surprised me more was hearing about the service through the eyes of my six year old. My kids love this service. They pay attention to it -they get it. In a way we did go to service that night-just not in the way I expected.

We will not make it a habit to choose sports over church. But we will teach our kids to follow through on commitments. Dan and Jeremy had a commitment at church, two boys had a commitment to their team-and I had the commitment to do what was best for our family. It all worked.

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Math Upside down

Homeschooling comes with many joys-like starting when you feel like it -good for the oldest one. Or doing Math upside down.

Upside down that’s right. When Robby gets frustrate he tends to sit and slide into weird position. And since today it seems that all his multiplication skills have been drained out of him he is very whiney and frustrated. I really think it is due to being off for a few weeks and not wanting to get back into school work, I know I am having a hard time getting back into the swing of house work.

But in the process of not wanting to do the work (which for the record he is now quietly doing the work after an hour of whining and complaining) I found him upside down on the chair working on the floor. Hey what ever floats your boat! When he was younger he did spelling that way on the couch-up side down. Maybe there is something to it, allowing kids to move while learning. Kids naturally are made to move-alot.

This is one of the things I enjoy about homeschooling, not sitting down all day, or being restricted to one room. The whole world is our class room. And as I say this I have two sitting in class rooms now, I may need to reconsider some things over.

Next thing to conquer “What kind of horse stays up late?” that is Robby’s question…..





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Fun in the Sun-The Fountains

Not far down the road from Mulligan’s  are the Fountains at  Indiana River Park in Jensen Beach, Fl.  There is a children’s museum there and a fountain for the kids to run through and then a small beach along the river. It is the perfect place to hang with your family and have some fun in the sun!

And that is what we did!  We had my nephew along and my dad follow us too (actually he had to go get towels for us!)  The river water was perfect for the kids to play in and the beach great to hang out at!

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Family Fun at Mulligan’s Restaurant

It seems that when we go to visit my family in Florida, eating at Mulligan‘s has become a tradition.  It sits at the corner of  Jensen Beach Blvd and Indian River Drive overlooking the Indian River.

The atmosphere is fun and airy, and speaks “come on in and have a good time” when you walk by.  It fits into the “artsy” feel of down town Jensen.  With a whimsical decor of beach and island you really feel like you are on vacation, even if you lived here.

What I also like about it, is most times we are walking in with somewhere between 4-8 kids.  And makes me, as a mom, feel comfortable bringing my kids there.  They even have a kid’s night on Thursdays with Balloons, Face painting, Kids Eat Free with purchase of adult entrée & beverage. Now who can beat that?

My view on food is to eat food from where you are visiting.  So if you are near fresh seafood, get seafood!  I go the fish and fries, (yes maybe not the healthiest thing on the menu-but sooo good!)


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Trusting and Entertaining makes a Happy Momma

The other day I took a 15 hour trip to Florida to visit my family.  I had decided to take the kids a few days early and then met up with Dan and every one else on Friday.  


So after getting the car packed, and repacked, and trying to fit everyone and everything in, we got on our way.  I had plugged in my sister’s address into the GPS and it had me taking a way I never had before.  I found that I was going to get a lesson on trusting.


What We Brought to “Entertain” the Kids…


  • coloring books
  • mini markers (I had refused to bring crayons cause they melt in the cars in Florida)
  • books
  • Fisher price games (this was GREAT for the two little ones!  Plus they were learning something too!)
  • Nitendo DS
  • Movies (I don’t always allow a lot of TV so they love watch all the movies!)
  • DVD players
  • Ipods
  • blankets
  • pillows
  • too many stuffed animals
  • each had a back pack with what ever they wanted to bring. (I still don’t know what is in those backpacks!)
  • maps
  • view master and reals


I had them in baskets.  (Which did not work well this time.)   I also use bags.  I have to figure out a different way to organize them cause everything ended up on the floor.  The markers were all over and Isaiah drew on the car with them.  (I did get a container for them.  


There was a fight over the view master and so I had to put it into time out.


Most of the time, they watched the movies and played with their Fisher Price iXL 6-1 game system they each got for their birthday’s.  I purposely planned that gift because I wanted something small for entertain them while we do certain things.  And while some of the other gadgets looked awesome, these I thought would work well.  The kids love them!  Since each one is blue I have two different stickers to avoid any fighting!  

Trusting GPS


As I mentioned the GPS was guiding us.  Guiding us on all these back roads through Alabama and Georgia.  I really had to trust that it knew what it was doing, cause some of the small towns….I really thought we were going in circles!  And at one point one of the kids really had to go potty.  And I said “just hold on.”   We kept driving and nothing.  I drove and had no idea were I was going.  This trip I had made many times, but had a new perspective on it.  I saw all the beautiful flowers that were blooming this spring.  Had I gotten on the interstate sooner, I don’t think I would have enjoyed the spring flowers as much.  

Finally, the GPS got us to I75 and soon we were in Florida! 


My kids travel well. Yes, they do whine.  Yes, they ask over and over and over again “are we there!”  Yes, they always have to go  potty.  Yes, they are aways hungry.  But 85% of the trip they are good.  Content.  Happy.  


And happy kids on a trip, make momma happy!

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Packing and unpacking

It seems that no matter how much I try to be organized, I still find myself packing at the last minute! And this was the case again!

Now I had laid out all three little ones clothes last week. Seems that we travel at change of seasons, and I always end up needing to fill in gaps of what we don’t have. Last Oct was at the end of the of the season and I had two more boys with us. One was very hard of his clothing so I had very little 4/5 ‘s for the boys.




I am packing for a three part trip. First part the kids and I are heading to Fl 4 days early to visit my family. Then up to Disney for two days and then on a five day cruise. I will have to do laundry at Disney cause I don’t have enough outfits to carry us through. That’s ok!
Jeremy, my 17 year-old, packs his own clothes.
Our next challenge is suitcases, and go to pack them. On the cruise, since many are not conducive to larger families, we have two non connecting rooms. Which means Dan gets the older boys and I get the two younger ones. So four suit cases for us.

Now, at 4am the morning I leave, I have kids packed. Shoes in duffle bag. Car items ready to go in car, Disney stuff sitting out.



With that all said and done, it was one suitcase too many. So I took three outfits out for little kids and stuck in the big kids suitcase. Dan will bring the other one down!

Our car is packed-which is why we bought our Van, but Dan is driving it down Friday.

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Flying with kids….

For the first time we flew with all 4 kids.  I planned a new backpack for each one of the younger ones, with a new pack of markers, coloring books, a new notepad, and toys they picked out.  I gave them a container and told them what ever they want to take goes in this container.  They each picked out their toys.
By the morning we were leaving I had 7 bags plus car seats to be checked in.  Each kid carried a back pack, including the 16 year old.  Dan and I had our Computer bags.  I made tags for all the bags so our luggage had something in common.  (love my laminator, paper cutter and hole puncher!!)

So as we began our adventure, our first little, not planned moment, was delay in leaving time.  The we got on the plane, backed away from gate and told we had to wait 40 minutes till take off.  Not good with little kids.  Finally we got up and to Atlanta and rushed to get to our other flight.  Soon we were in the air and off to Orland.  Over all the kids did OK.  The last 30 minutes Isaiah was restless and was ready to get off the plane.

My favorite quote from him for the trip was as the plane was turning Isaiah says “Oh my gosh we are up side down!!”

As everyone was exiting, a young lady from Germany says “wow you have a lot of kids”  I had to laugh and think to my self, “yep four is a lot, but not really.  They are a good group of kids, ready, and they are mine!!”  And when I have had 7 kids at once, four is easy!

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