Summer Survival: Are We There Yet? {5 in 5}

Welcome Back to 5 days of Summer Survival-day 2. Did you find your stillness? If you missed yesterday, I focused on you, the mom!

Do you remember those family vacations in the old station wagon, everyone crammed in there, with the windows all down, and your mom had a bandana tired around her hair? The most common question “Are we there yet?” Today we are looking at traveling with kids.

Summer time brings on travel time. There are graduations and weddings to attend. Visits to grandparents and good old fashion family vacations. Not to mention just your everyday travel.

I have to admit the best family travel movie I’ve seen is RV. It took the typical American family torn by the everyday things and schedules-stuck them in an RV -to rediscover their family. Not only was it just funny, and just had a awesome homeschooling family, once you got to know them, but it show how we are just missing time with our kids. Time in the car is a perfect place for that. Oh please don’t get me wrong, I am all for DVD players.

We have traveled with 1-6 kids on many different kids on trips. We have taken the train across country, driven across country, we have flown many different places, driven everywhere and cruise when we can. Only on one trip has my husband threatened to stop the car and walk out because we had a child who we could not handle. (He was a foster child and was tired and had ADHD and had enough of sitting and we had been driving for 15 hours.) In all my trips I have done things differently, a little to keep the kids guessing. They always have a backpack. What was in the backpacks was the key. We always have DVD players.

So asking you and researching on the internet here are some great ways to get you kids organized for those short and long trips. To the swimming pool or across country-to answer the question “Are we there yet?”

I ask you moms or dads what tips you had for traveling with kids in town and out and here is what you said:

  • “One of the biggest things that gets us through is my “bag of surprises”. Every couple of hours we pull out a new surprise from the bag, whether it is a favorite treat, a new coloring book, a small toy –something that they will like and occupy time for a bit is good! Curious to see what other ideas you have up your sleeve! =)”-Karen
  • “My fav tip is when you stop for lunch on a road trip (mcd’s or chik fil a ) I let the kids play while we eat and then order tier food as we go and let them eat in the car. It helps them focus on eating and not rush through it to play and mom and dad can eat in peace. It usually meant they passed out after they ate too! We travelled across the country from Wa state to Florida one summer so I have lots of experience!!!” -Erica
  • New DVD players-Jim
  • “Movies, snacks, toys, games and patience”-Kelly
  • Drive at night time-my sister Christie
  • “Tomorrow I’ll be trying something new. Usually when we travel, each kid has a “carry-on” bag with several activities. This time, I made a bunch of tickets. I’m going to put activities in one bag, and they can purchase an activity with the tickets. Things like a coloring book, connector builders, etc will cost one ticket. Use of my iPod, the portable DVD player, etc will cost three. Oh and they can earn more tickets by reading. :)”-Sarah
  • And one mom share her mini van and how she organized it! From Cassie.



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Trusting and Entertaining makes a Happy Momma

The other day I took a 15 hour trip to Florida to visit my family.  I had decided to take the kids a few days early and then met up with Dan and every one else on Friday.  


So after getting the car packed, and repacked, and trying to fit everyone and everything in, we got on our way.  I had plugged in my sister’s address into the GPS and it had me taking a way I never had before.  I found that I was going to get a lesson on trusting.


What We Brought to “Entertain” the Kids…


  • coloring books
  • mini markers (I had refused to bring crayons cause they melt in the cars in Florida)
  • books
  • Fisher price games (this was GREAT for the two little ones!  Plus they were learning something too!)
  • Nitendo DS
  • Movies (I don’t always allow a lot of TV so they love watch all the movies!)
  • DVD players
  • Ipods
  • blankets
  • pillows
  • too many stuffed animals
  • each had a back pack with what ever they wanted to bring. (I still don’t know what is in those backpacks!)
  • maps
  • view master and reals


I had them in baskets.  (Which did not work well this time.)   I also use bags.  I have to figure out a different way to organize them cause everything ended up on the floor.  The markers were all over and Isaiah drew on the car with them.  (I did get a container for them.  


There was a fight over the view master and so I had to put it into time out.


Most of the time, they watched the movies and played with their Fisher Price iXL 6-1 game system they each got for their birthday’s.  I purposely planned that gift because I wanted something small for entertain them while we do certain things.  And while some of the other gadgets looked awesome, these I thought would work well.  The kids love them!  Since each one is blue I have two different stickers to avoid any fighting!  

Trusting GPS


As I mentioned the GPS was guiding us.  Guiding us on all these back roads through Alabama and Georgia.  I really had to trust that it knew what it was doing, cause some of the small towns….I really thought we were going in circles!  And at one point one of the kids really had to go potty.  And I said “just hold on.”   We kept driving and nothing.  I drove and had no idea were I was going.  This trip I had made many times, but had a new perspective on it.  I saw all the beautiful flowers that were blooming this spring.  Had I gotten on the interstate sooner, I don’t think I would have enjoyed the spring flowers as much.  

Finally, the GPS got us to I75 and soon we were in Florida! 


My kids travel well. Yes, they do whine.  Yes, they ask over and over and over again “are we there!”  Yes, they always have to go  potty.  Yes, they are aways hungry.  But 85% of the trip they are good.  Content.  Happy.  


And happy kids on a trip, make momma happy!

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