Story of an Alien Baby Birth-AKA Robby’s Birth Story

Robby had asked a while ago if I had ever blogged about the day he was born.  I said no, I don’t think so.  He said to call it Alien Baby Birth.  I was I ok…. You will have to listen to the story.

All my other children’s birthday story start our with me staying “most mother share their birth stories of their birthday days, but when you adopt kids, you share the first time you met them.”  While I am going to share my birth story of Robby, here was how I first met him.

Yep they freed a hand, stuck my glasses on, stuck this slimy baby in front of me to slime up my glasses so I could not see, I finally managed to put my hand on him.  And I called him my alien baby.

Let’s rewind to the day before.  I wasn’t due for two more weeks.  I had been dilated 2 cm. but not much happening.  So I had still been working full time as a DCE in our church, trying to get everything in line for me to be gone for maternity leave.  That Sunday morning when I woke up, I was having different, pressure feelings.  I did not tell Dan or my mom.  We got dressed and went to church.  I did my Sunday morning job, with those pressure (now I know) contractions coming about ever 6-8 minutes.  No pain, just pressure.  Didn’t tell anyone.  I figured when I felt pain, it was time to go.  I was ready.

After Church Dan, my mom and I drove around looking at leaves and big houses.  These “pressure contractions” were now every 5 minutes-I was timing.  But no pain.  I was like ok…where is the pain.  We went home.  I did some more work for church at home, on the phone getting Children’s christmas program in line.

I finally told Dan we should take a walk.  I said, start timing.  These darn pressure contractions were getting closer, but no pain.  But I finally said, I think it is time to go to the hospital.  So you know those moves where the pregnant women goes calmly to the car and it seems like everyone else is freaking out.  That is what it felt like.  I don’t know what they were doing, but that is what it felt like.

So we get to the hospital.  I was only 4cm.  Ugg.  The nurse said l had to walk to for 2 hours.  If I continued to dilate they would keep me.  If not they would send me home.  So for two very long boring hours I walked the hospital.  I went to 6cm.  Then all the ugly stuff happen.  IV’s (oh I hate IV’s -they had to bring in a specialist. )  and all the other “stuff they do to you”- I mean I was just having a baby.  A baby who after me being in labor for over 24 hours wasn’t coming.  I had gotten to 7 cm by evening by the morning time I was still there.  They started Pitocin in the morning-I stayed at 7cm all day.

I really didn’t start feeling any pain till about 4ish.  About the time I finally agreed to an epidural.  It was at that point the Dr. came in and said we needed to consider a C-sections. Robby was Sunny Side up.   He left us for a moment to talk about it.  I agreed-I was exhausted and ready to met my son.  I knew Dan was scared.  Everything happened so fast.

Soon I found my self on the table being prepared.  The did a spinal.  Later they had put some liquid on my stomach and I said that was cold.  The nurse said “really?”  I said “yes”  Soon they were checking…the spinal didn’t full effect.  Soon after much discussion, I had another spinal.  Before I knew it I had my alien baby slimming up my glasses.

I was disappointed I didn’t get to see him be born.  But find it ironic that I didn’t see any of my child be born.  They each have a special story of how they came to me.  The pictures you see in this blog are my only pictures of Robby on the day he was born.  We have some video.  But how I wish we had a better camera.  But being taken into a C-section threw us.  We had not prepared ourselves for that but at least we have some.

And now, 11 years later that Alien baby is turning 11!  Happy Birthday Robby!!

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