Through the Tears- the World of Bloggers

This is the thing about blogging-it’s like you get know know all these women, families, without knowing them. Each post a small peek in the window of their lives.

I’ve been watching this. I love surfing blogs. Some make me feel normal. Some give me inspiration to keep going. Some hit an emotion note. Some are just funny. Some you wonder, how on earth does she do it all?  It is just fun to see all this.

Some of these women I have been watching, merge together. This is happening on twitter. For example the 2:1conf  (for homeschooling bloggers) just got over last week and I have been watching ladies move from twitter handles to face to face friends.

All this from blogging.
All this from peeking into windows.
Two windows caught my heart this week.


One was Diana from Hormonal Imbalances. She was pregnant with twins and her water broke. Doctors wanting to just deliver her but she wanted to wait.  The hospital was  bombarded by concerned bloggers cause the parents wanted to give their babies a chance to live.
Sadly they boys were born this morning and are resting with Jesus.

Her last tweet: LifeasaSAHM “Julian and Preston were born this morning.  We held them as they met Jesus. Please pray for us.”

Our prayers to them.  I know how hard it is to lose a baby.  It is heartbreaking.  With the love and comfort of our loving God they will slowly recover.  Never the same, but strengthen to move on with the promise of one day being united in heaven.

The other one was Avery’s Bucket List.  This little 5 month sweetie was diagnosed with an incurable genetic disease.  Her parents had her a bucket list for her to do in her short little life.  I started following her two days before she died. My sister showed me her blog.

Both these parents blow me away.  Beyond these blogs, these windows I peek in, I see parents who are fighting to give their children the best they can give them.   This is what every parents should do for their children.  Fight to give them the best life you can!  Some times in foster care some parents don’t fight.

Words cannot comfort enough what these parents have gone through.   But they can rest assured that they are in the hearts and prayers of many peeking in the window of blogs.

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Developing a Sense of Trust Makes Strong Families.

4. Develops a sense of trust

When babies are born, the first thing that they learn is trust. Trust that when they cry their needs will be met. Crying is their only form of communication. When our babies cry, we pick them up, love them, feed them, and care for them. This teaches them that every thing is ok.

This little guy above is my nephew Jon Jon. My daddy took the picture!

When you get married you form a bond of trust. For better or worse. I promise to be there.It is wise for you to create hedges or fences to make sure that trust stays true in your marriage. Listening to each other and keeping communication strong helps keep trust strong. Respecting each other creates a sense of trust.

Divorce is not in our vocabulary. We never have to worry about if we have a bad day with each other that it may end it all. We trust each other that we can make it through those tough times. We trust that God has given us the strength. But it takes work. All the time.

That trust we have in each other is something we have to teach Jeremy. He makes comments that Dan is cheating on me or me and the pool guy. Coming from a normal back ground kid, I would be mad. But we know his back ground. We know that we have to teach him, that Dan and I are strong and together. I do not go to the store to “cheat”. I goto the store to go to the store. But if you understood the history of where he grew up, this is what people did. They didn’t commit to each other for ever. They came and went. They cheated. They were not there when you needed them. Sometimes the only person you could trust was yourself.

Robby grew up with a strong sense of trust. He was hungry, I fed him. He was wet, I changed him. Yes there were times he cried and I didn’t know why. Sometimes babies cry. But we gave Robby that sense of trust.

Isaiah came to us stiff as a board. We popped him into the sling and carried him. He cried all the time. He was sick. He spit up all the time. We only fed him 3-4 ozs at a time. But in time he wasn’t stiff any more. We invested a lot to help him learn to trust. To teach him how to attach.

We did not know he was going to be ours forever. Just that he needed this. To trust.

This trust is a two way street though.

While teaching children to trust, parents trusting children is important to. Mr. Isaiah has been at it again with food. This time hiding food in the dinning room under a dresser. This brought in an ant parade. Right now I do not trust him in the kitchen. He is not allow in the kitchen. He had to get really strict with him about the kitchen and food thing.

When Jeremy move in with us I didn’t trust him. I loved him and wanted him. I just didn’t trust him. He was coming from a back ground where he had done many things and I didn’t know yet how much I could trust him. As time went on, I slowly trusted him more and more. But then when things would happen, certain trust would fly out the door and slowly had to be regained again.

Trust in the Lord you God with all your heart, mind and soul.

Trust is a funny thing. Here one day gone the next.

Why don’t you take your kids on a Trust Walk? or better yet, let them lead you!

Check out my Pinterest Board on Strong Families for more ideas on trust

How do you develop a sense a trust in your family?

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Foster Babies, St. Patrick’s Day and Baseball

It seems that baseball and foster kids go hand in hand for us. 5 years ago our first foster baby was born. Nathan, was a Preemie and was in the NICU for about two weeks. I remember when we first got the call, we were so excited and scared. We went to go see him, oh my he was so small! For two weeks I would go visit him every other day and call about 4 times a day. We thought he was going to go home but stopped breathing for just a moment, and when preemies do that, they have to stay for 5 more days. Finally I goto this call that we could go pick him up. Of course Robby was 5 and I was going in between a drama class and his t-ball practice. And Robby needed a LOT of practice when he first started t-ball (a blog idea for later!) . Robby and I headed over the hospital to get Nathan, just over 4lbs then. I was so scared and excited. It was happening so fast!

I showed up at practice with this tiny preemie! Since practice was at someone’s house and I knew I could be inside (they had a small baby too) I felt ok about it. So I sat inside with these ladies all cooing at this new little baby.

Nathan was with us for three months! I loved ever moment of it and sad when he left. He went to go live with his Aunt, which we knew when getting him. Sad though is 3 months later she gave him back, but because we already had two other little ones we were not able to take him back. That was harder than handing him off. I think of Nathan often. Today he is 5, like Isaiah. I always wonder what happened with him, he was the only foster child I don’t hear updates on. Praying he is in a loving adoptive home!

Speaking go baseball, it was opening day at our park for three of our kids. Robby is playing 10u and is on the team the Bolts, AnQuenette is on the 6u for girls softball, and Isaiah is starting fresh on his t-ball team the Indians’. It was a good first day!




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