Summer Art by Kids

Today I had a headache.  While I was at the store I had to wait a few minutes to get my medicine.  So we made our way to the arts and craft section.  I allowed each to get some paints and brushes, and glitter paint.  This was the BEST thing.  It kept them busy ALL day!  Of course all the paint and glitter is gone, but they had a blast!  They wanted to make a video to talk about their art!  So here is Isaiah and AnnieQ’s Summer Art!

Ok so maybe a little too much Disney in our house LOL!

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11 Summer Arts and Crafts Resources for Kids

School is winding down and many mom’s are thinking about summer time.  It is time for kids to use their imagination, be creative and explore!   Today I am posting 11 places to get great summer time arts and craft ideas!

  1. Check out my Pinterest board on Summer stuff!  I have a lot of great summer crafts I pin there as I find them.
  2. Kaboose has some great ideas!  I can’t wait to try to make our own chalk and I know my kids will love the idea of making fort flags!
  3. The Long Thread has a whole list of web pages and craft ideas.
  4. DLTK has not just craft ideas, but printable, worksheets and other great ideas to still be “learning” doing the summer!
  5. And who can go wrong with Martha Stewart’s activities for kids.  If only all my stuff looked so organized!
  6. Family Fun always has great ideas my kids love!
  7. Apple For the Teachers has some fun fishy ideas!
  8. Amazing Mom has some amazing summer craft ideas.  I love the flip-flop art ideas!
  9. Looking to make a Rock Bee then head over to Kinder Art for some great summer camp craft ideas!
  10. Want to go fly painting, that is painting with a fly swatter, then visit Everything Preschool for creative outdoor arts and crafts!
  11. VBS and Summer Sunday school has always very cools crafts!  Children’s Ministry has list a few fun ones to do.

And there you have it!  Some great resources to keep your summer fill with arts and crafts!

What can you create this summer?

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