An Out of This World 4th of July

To be honest, waking up 4th of July, I didn’t know what we were doing.  For the first time in years we were not hosting a party.  Nothing needed to be cleaned nor had fireworks  been purchases.  I had seen a quick post from Rocket City Mom about what was going on around town and my husband mentioned something about fireworks being at the Space and Rocket Center this Year.  So I said go get us a ticket or parking pass.  Going to the Space and Rocket Center was on our list of 100 things to do this summer, so this worked well.

Around 6:00p.m., we packed up 5 kids, 3 blankets, grabbed dinner on the way and headed over.  Not having a clue what a unique evening was in store for us,  we made our way  in by making paper airplanes, drawing with chalk, made slim {sponsored by Sci Quest} and making rockets.  Our younger kids spent about an hour just in this area for kids.












After this we decided to claim our spot.

We heard rumors of this Lady Liberty Live  giving a performance at 7:30p.m.  Having no idea what it was about, but guessing it was something to do with the Statue of Liberty, we decided to walk back to see the show.  And that is when it happened.  Lady Liberty Live came out on stage, welcomed us…..and it started to rain, not just sprinkle, but poured.


Lady Liberty Live

 Now you have to understand how funny it was at this moment because we had just been put under a water restriction because of the lack of rain, and here it is, 4th of July and it is raining.  And I was standing under a space shuttle.  Yep, all of us crammed under there, finding this, just funny.


Space and Rocket Center

After the rain stopped Lady Liberty was able to go back on and perform.  My younger kids loved it!  (well ask Isaiah what he learned-she talked and it rains-he’s five)  They have given me facts about the Statue of Liberty ever since.  And since we are heading that way in a few months….it was perfect education for them.  (oh did I say education, I meant, umm:))

Oh remember those blankets we laid out in our spot now.  Wet.  More clouds were rolling in and I really didn’t know if we were going to get to see fireworks at all.  Soon an announcement came on warning everyone that another storm was coming, and you could take cover inside, but it would pass and the fireworks were still going to happen.

FINALLY, it was time.  We just picked a spot by one the large Saturn rockets above, the closest one.  Tired, wondering if it had been worth coming out, fireworks started.  Freedom was the theme.  With the fireworks behind the rocket I though YES, YES, YES, this was perfect.  What a better way to celebrate our nations freedom, than the freedom of us to boldly go where no man has gone before.   The freedom to give young boys and girls dreams of growing up to go into space.  But it wasn’t just space.  Some how the Space and Rocket Center has represented our country and all the great things she has done-all the things we have done.

We rose up.  We rose up to become a free people.  We rose up from slavery.  We rose up from wars.  We rose ups from depressions.  We rose up to space.  We rose up to protect lives.    While sin still plagues us every day, and hatred and moral decline  still tries to embrace our country, it is time we continue to rise up.  Our enemy prowls like a roaring lion.  Rise up America. Keep giving our children the freedom that our fore fathers gave them.  Keep giving our kids those freedoms to reach for the stars.

Our 4th of July ending with something like this.



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Cool Off with Ice Stars

So I was in a store one day and saw these star ice cube trays.  These are cool!  My kids are freezing everything thing right now.  So I brought them home and took the blue and pink Kool aid and fill them up.  (I use 1/2 sugar/ 1/2 splendor in our Kool aid) It is summer-we do something thing different and Kool aid was it.

After I fill the trays up, I put wrap on them and stuck toothpicks in them.  The next day I had the coolest star ice that the kids love!  Plus, being 4th of July week, it was a special treat that was easy to make!



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