Ever heard of Pickle Pops?

I have to admit till last Monday evening while working up at our kids ball park concession stand, I had never heard of pickle pops.  But kids kept ordering them.  Simply it is frozen pickle juice.  Who knew?  Pickle juice, the kids loved it!  I went home and researched it.  All I found where The Pickle Pops!  They were seen on the Food Network show Unwrapped.

So today, we had to try it.  I let Isaiah try it.  At the ball park they freeze them in little cups, like Isaiah is holding below.  The jury in-yummy!  We need to make some!

pickle pops

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So what did we do with our strawberries we picked?

Some have asked what I did with the strawberries we picked!  Well we decided to wait for jam.  Instead I made two bags of frozen strawberries for smoothies, and strawberry sauce.

For the frozen strawberries, I hulled them and then placed them on a small cookie sheet, sprinkled with a little sugar and froze them. After they were frozen-about two hours, I put them in zip lock bags.









































































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7 Layer Salad

I always like to bring 7 layer salad’s to potlucks, they are easy to make and I cheat a bit by buying the prepackaged items.  But here is the recipe, adapted for years and really 7 layers of anything can do.  But this is what I use. (plus I get to try out this new recipe widget for my blog:))

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