Our adventure began 7 years ago when we kept Robby home for pre-k and then kindergarten.  His birthday fell after the cut off and he thrived in math so we gave it a chance.   After a bit of research I realized I was a Charlotte Mason type of girl with some classical twist to me and some good old fashion Lutheran schooling.  These were things I knew that worked:

  • Short lessons
  • Outside time
  • Memorizing
  • Intro to Latin
  • Real books

This had worked well with one child.  I put a lot of work into this kind of home education.

Insert more wonderful adopted children.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle this.  Two years ago I was asked by Jeremy to be homeschooled.  I asked him to go back to school one more day.  The next day my husband with drew him and I entered into the world of home school a high schooler with various special needs-more of just being behind in schooling.  I didn’t know where to begin.  While I loved a Charlotte Mason approach, it worked well for history our first year, but it was such a huge time  monster for me, I had to go to some a little easier.  After much reasearch I settled on Alpha Omega LifePacs.  The work well for my son also.  I have a love hate relationship with high school right now.  But we will get through.  And I will have stories to tell, and advice to share.

Now this coming year I am planning to home school all 4 of my kids.  Part of me says RUN!  And part of me says finally, this is going to be so much easier.  Last year we had one in Public school (read here why) and one in preschool.  All I did was run around.  This year we will all be together, I will not have to worry about picking kids up, just getting one to work.

So hop by here often as I home school a


1st grader

5th grader

And a 12th grader –  my Launching Year!

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