Home Blessings

Blessing, I debated what word to use with home….and decided blessing was the word I needed.  Our house is always a mess and disorganized, and when you try to keep up with the unknown of how many kids or what age you may have in your house, you end up with a lot of stuff.  A lot of stuff starts over flowing-And sometimes your house does not feel like a blessing.

I did this to change myself to present my self as more of a blessing to my family.  I did this so my husband could come home and feel blessed, not stressed.  So as I attempt to keep house in an ever-changing number of kids, this is how we go about it.

From cleaning, to cooking, to organizing and then organizing again, to keeping up with the ever-growing pile of laundry (not to mention socks….they are my NEMESIS….I think they have created a world and have gathered to torture me!)

So I will continue to try to keep our home a blessing.

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