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Truth be told, I am not sure how I have gotten to where I am today.   Many people ask, “How did you start fostering?”  Really one thing lead to another and here we are.  We have fostered (including respite care) over 20 children, and have three beautiful adopted children.  Two of our children are biracial.  It is a funny thing.  And here we are-not willing to change a thing.

Our 5-year-old we have had the longest.  He came to us at 3 months old and was very sick.  He had a bad yeast infection, that flared back up and became infected.  He was stiff and cried a lot.  We tend to forget how much work we put into him when he came to us cause now he is a bouncing happy 5-year-old!

Our 18-year-old came to us  about 9 months later and our 6-year-old about a year later.  And of course my 10-year-old is my 24 hour labor c-section baby!:) (although I tell him he may be an Alien cause I never saw him being born and he was a little slimy when the stuck him in my face)

We have many stories to tell and share.  As my 10-year-old says, “Mom we are a fostering family!”  Even though we are ready for when there is a need, a lot must happen to adapt to new children in the home.

Two of my little ones are biracial.  Although my 5-year-old thinks he is green or purple most days, they call themselves brown.  My beautiful brown children!

Our family doesn’t stop with our four kids.  My kids have 9 other brother and sisters, whom are their biological brother and sisters.  We still work on explaining that to others.

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