Summer Time

We love summer time!  School books are put away and more reading books come out.  The sun comes out earlier and goes to bed later.  We love all the fun things we can do!   This page I hope to share with you ideas of things you can do.  Some are free.  Some are not.  Some sneak learning right on in.  Some are just plan fun!  Hop with us through summer time!

Our list for the 2013 is up!  100 Things to Do this Summer!




100 Things to do this Summer  for the last few summer I have made a guide list of fun things for us to do!  Check out our great ideas!Some things we did last summer!




 Check out our new post on fun popsicles!

Other Fun Summer Things to Do

Summer Scavenger Hunt-Kids love looking for things!  Take all summer to do this.  Make it as big or as little as you want!

Arts and Crafts-kids love creating things.  Check out these great sites for awesome ideas!

Keep checking back with us.  I plan to post summer reading ideas, free movies, and lots of other ideas!

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