Family Life

Family means a whole lot here!  We take it pretty seriously!

Our family began in 2000 when Dan and I got married.  That day little did I know what kind of adventure we were going on!  With in 9 months we were pregnant with Robby with the help of Clomid.   I thought having a second child was going to be easy.  But God had other things in store for us.

We started fostering 6 years ago, when we brought home Nathan.  3 months later Isaiah entered into our home.  Trinity came 2 days after Isaiah came.  She was with us for 7 months.  Doing that time I had found out I was pregnant again.  Over joyed with the pregnancy and our growing family we also decided to bring in Jeremy our oldest into the family.  Soon after I miscarried.  Since then our family keeps changing.  We have cared for in our home over 20 children.

A year later AnQuenette  came to us.  We have had kids in and out of our home.  Life as a foster home includes quick changes.  We live a normal life.  Except sometimes I have 6 kids or even 7.  Which makes having 4 kids easy!

We homeschool our kids and 100 things for Summer is a way to keep us busy doing the summer.

I am a degreed DCE who loves to  write and teach classes on families and parenting.  While I love to give advice when asked and sometimes when not asked, sometimes what I say can go right out my window with my kids!  Each one so different!

Welcome to our family.  Come on in and make your self comfortable!



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