A Week of Meals

Amazing how may have asked!  So here is our weekly menu for this week. With four-five kids at the house doing the day time-we need to have food ready all day long.  I have been reading a new book called The Secrets of Happy Families.  So far I am enjoying this book and have help seen benefits in the Family Dinner Chapter.  I love how families are rethinking family meal time.

But rethinking takes time.  As we are starting T-ball season now, and Monday’s we always have dance- on somedays everything starts at 5 p.m.  So dinner will be at 4p.m.  And then there will be a special healthy dessert later.  I don’t know what that is yet…but this is a goal.

I know it has been a while for a full week list….so drum roll-nothing fancy!


B-Yogurt and Breakfast Bars

L-Mac&Cheese w/Tuna

D-Homemade Chicken Dumplings (Well the Dumplings are frozen from the store)


B-Eggs and Bacon

L-Fish Sticks (We eat the ones from Costco)



B-Cold Cereal

L-Left Overs

D-Dinner at Church (Lenten Dinners)


B-Frozen Pancakes or Waffles (homemade -we make extra and freeze them)


D-Tuna Noodle Casserole








D-Left overs


We have a habit of eating out Sunday and snacking the rest of the day.  Even trying to change this it is 12 years in the making and will take some time to change.  We are in the process of trying to sell our house and moving so-this will be adaptable due to viewings of the house.

While I do cook in bulk, I find it does not work well for us to plan meals this way.  But it is nice to have things to pull when I need them.  So I will double batch cook and freeze. Also I use what is on sale and buy my meat at Costco every other month.

So over the next few weeks and months as I will look at new ways to have family meals – to spend time together at meal time-to feed my always hungry child.  AND keep the kitchen clean.  Yeah I don’t know about that one!




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Our Weekly Menu – Cooling Off and Kids Eat Free

I decided not to do a Menu this week.  Maybe just rebelling a little.

Monday  I found a kids eat free coupon at Chilli’s – Kids Eat Free June 25-27! and thought I have 4 kids.  Well one is just too big for this offer.  But still, three free….don’t you just like the way that sounds…Free!

And Tuesday night is Jeremy’s Birthday dinner-steak somewhere.

I will find something in our house Wednesday night.

Thursday Night at Earth Fare Kids eat free for family dinner Night!

And just maybe Friday night can be date night, just maybe.  (which case kids will eat hot dogs)

Weekends are free to do what we want.  They joy of summer and what sales are on.  Maybe we will stop by the farmers market and stock up on some good summer veggies and goodness.


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Weekly Menu June 17

Some asked.  Here it is.

This weeks menu!  I am going for easy and what is already in the house.

I am using these new fill in menu from Moms Tool Belt.  I have use many of her other forms, just checking this one out!

 I keep everything on the side of the fridge.  Along with other forms and recipes that I may want to try, one day!

weekly summer menu

Our weekly menu this week is

Monday-Waffles, Sandwiches and Fish w/ Veggies

Tuesday-Eggs & Muffins, Chicken Star Soup, and  Pork Chops

Wednesday-Cereal, Mini Pizza’s, and Pasta w/ sauce

Thursday-Pancakes, Egg Salad, and Chicken broccoli w/rice casserole

Friday-Eggs, Noodles, and Hot Dogs  w/ Beans (mommy and daddy have big people party!)

Weekend-left overs-not planned yet



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Weekly Menu 6/11-6/16

Some have asked for the weekly menus again, so here is this weeks menu!  I was aiming for simple and what was in the house.  I will add fruit and salads as we need throughout the week.  Some lunches I have I make others are easy they can do on their own.


  • Waffles
  • Egg Salad Sandwiches
  • Pasta


  • Egg Muffins
  • Mac & Cheese w/Tune
  • Chicken fajita


  • Cereal
  • Noodles
  • Tacos


  • Pancakes
  • PB&J Sandwiches
  • Pork Roast Mashed Potatoes and Veggies


  • Eggs
  • Corn Dogs or Hot Pockets
  • Chicken Stir Fry


  • Cereal
  • Sandwiches
  • Up for grabs/left overs/eat out



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2 Weeks of Dinner Menu’s

When you are homeschooling, and running around with ball games and appointments and just life everything goes smoother when you are organized.  I know this.  I have learned from this.  I don’t always follow this.

But I got two weeks of meals organized!  Wahoo!  I have a zillion sources I pull from, made my first list.  Then I went shopping at Costco (mainly cause I wanted sausage and I can eat it from there) changed a few things up.  I love look at others list so here is mine.

  • Saturday-Italian Sausage w/ peppers and onions
  • Sunday-Chicken Pot pie (Costco)
  • Monday-Enchiladas (in freezer)
  • Tuesday-Cheeseburger pie
  • Wednesday-Crock pot Curried Chicken and Rice
  • Thursday-Stuff Shells
  • Friday Alaska Salmon
  • Saturday-Homemade pizza
  • Sunday-Eat out (we will go down to eating out every other Sunday to save money)
  • Monday- Quesadillas
  • Tuesday-Chicken Spaghetti (from my new Pioneer women cook book)
  • Wednesday-Crock pot Chicken tortilla soup
  • Thursday-Turkey Burgers (Jeremy and I have a special way!)
  • Friday-Fish Taco’s
  • Saturday-Chicken Wraps

I have some ideas for breakfast’s and lunches I am still working on.  I have another month before I need to have summer menu’s in place!

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Hopping back on the Band Wagon!

I am not sure where this month went to?  And here it is the third week and I haven’t posted much at all!  At the beginning of the month I went to a Youth Leader Retreat for our district.  I have engrossed myself with the topic of leadership right now and am reading a few books on it.  ( That will be another post for later. )  Since the retreat I spent the next week getting ready for AnQuenette’s and Isaiah’s birthday party.  And then I got sick-after I started getting better I had a DHR mid year visit and have done some HUGE purging.   I also have been working on a healthier me, which includes trying to walk 10,000 steps a day and logging my food everyday.  Being sick did not help me.  
One of the other things I have been working one, is identifying my passions in life.  I find I have many.  Is this good or bad?   Besides my husband and kids, I find that I love to talk about church ministries (which is why I find myself so interested in leadership right now),  fostering and adopting and homeschooling.  Which is a lot of things!  So I am trying to refine how I spend my time and focus on the things I really want to be involved in.  Unfortunately I am spending too much of my time playing Casteville and on Pinterest.  And spending so much time on them are not helping that trying to get to a 10,000 steps a day goal!  With all that said, Lent is in a few days so look for a post on how I am adjusting my life for 40 days.  
With the last three weeks of being off, I didn’t get a menu planned for the month, tried to cook and freeze 15 meals, but got sick, and meals fell apart.  And since we are doing respite care for two little guys (we took care of them last year) 3 and 2 I knew I had to get this part into place.  They come on Wed and stay for a week.   So my dinners are:

Tuesday- Egg Salad Sandwich/veggies to dip /apple sauce/
Wed-Ash Wed-Rock Soup-crock pot
Thursday-Homemade Hot Pockets/cheese and crackers/yogurt
Friday-Tator Tots Casserole
Saturday-Tortellini and meatball Soup
Sunday-Shepherd’s Pie
Monday-Chicken Waffles
Tuesday-Tuna Sandwiches/veggies to dip/apple sauce
Wed-Dinner at Church

My challenge is on Tuesday and Thursday we are at swim lessons and don’t get home till 7-on days Dan and I don’t work out.  So I am doing sandwiches those nights.  With Baseball, softball and t-ball around the corner, I really need to become creative in my cooking, and the portability of my meals.  I don’t know what games are like, and while I am glad for the concession stand, I can’t always eat there.  (watch for more post of spring baseball/softball and how I keep life organized or not!)

Well with all that said, I am hopping back into the blogging mode again.  I will be also starting a new blog  “i foster and adopt 2” and inviting others to share their stores and advice with their experiences.  I hope by March to have that blog up and running.  And I also plan to make a few changes to my blog, so keep an eye out for that.  

And now I just count down to the cruise at the end of March…..how many more days honey!

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Meals in Order part 2

So there was a picture of Pinterest that inspired me for this area.  So I started organizing this area with a few things. like important numbers, 5 weeks of meals, a board to write things on, and a few odds and ends.

I downloaded the meal planner from Momstoolbelt and lamented it.

Then I researched and wrote my ideas on it

Then I thought I should make up something that I could use every year-so I made this calendar-also from Mom’s Tool Belt- and put in meals for Mon-Sat.  I put no dates on it.  On the bottom I made a list of Breakfast ideas and lunch ideas.  Then I lamented it!  That way I can use it year after year.

I also made and lamented lists for the freezer and pantry.

After rearranging a few things here is what it looks like now.

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Food, Grocery Shopping, Menu planning….

You know we have to do it.  Yep we are suppose to feed the kids.  Daily, at least three times a day, with snacks!!  Which means in order for that to happen you have to go grocery shopping.  Some love it, some hate it, but one way or the other we have to get food.  Unless you are rich and have a cook and butler who do all the planning, shopping, cooking, serving, and cleaning…sigh…yea you have to do it.
And if you have children like mine they are always “starving”!!  Or  the most favorite saying “Mom there is no food in the house!”  Now we are blessed and there is always something to find.  It may not be what they wanted, but there is food.
My sisters have been hunting coupons, and find the really good deals.  Find the sales, get the coupons buy it for nothing.  They spend a lot of time on this, and they send info my way.  So in my “Hunting” (yeah for all you Dave Ramesy fans) I researched Kroger’s since we have this wonderful new store just around the corner!!  The online site was awesome.  First I was able to see the add, the click on the items I would like to save…it circled it for me.  Then after I was done, it created a list for me.  And also I registered my Kroger Card and I can down load digital coupons to the card.  There were other coupons that I am still figuring out how to print, so I couldn’t use those.
So off I went to the new Kroger’s store, which mind you was AWESOME!!!!  Robby went with me, there was a smaller cart (not the little cart-which they have for the little ones to push) he pushed with cup holders…so we got a slushy.  (They even have a Starbucks…but I was good!)   I had my cart.  He got some of the list I got other parts.  He thought this was like Disney or something!  And when all was said and done, I saved $63 with the sales and coupons!!

So the weekly dinner menu…
Monday was left overs
Tuesday-Stuffed Shells
Wed- Raviolis Soup
Thursday-Tamale Pie
Friday-Chicken Lasagna
Saturday-Joes to go

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Keeping the House…

…One day at the time.  I love that saying…or maybe one moment at the time!!  That is the name of my new home journal notebook.
I love going to the web page Notebookingpages.  In it there are lots of great ideas for notebooks for the kids, young to old.    Since she follows much of what I believe in homeschooling I really have enjoyed her site.    She has had many freebies on it along with notebook pages you can purchase.
She has recently started a new adventure called the Home Organizations Notebook for us moms who are so totally not organized!!  When she announced this I just happen to pop over to her web site not knowing about this.  I was looking for calendars and a few other organizational forms just in her freebies.  And I found this….with gobs of forms and promises for new forms, I paid a small fee, but so worth it!
So I have created my journal…well I have the skeleton of it done.  (yes I know you all are thinking when did she do all this…I think same thing of you guys to, when do you do it all!!:):))  I have tabs for …Homemaking-(cleaning and stuff like that), Family-(calendars), Business (For that business that is going to make a lot of money…any suggestions:)), Personal (my stuff, bible studies, prayer journals), Ministry-(I love this…cause I do lots at church),  Meals & Recipes, Financial (I don’t to the bills, Dan does but I have some ideas for this area).

I still have much to do to organize this and as I do I will share with you all fun thing.  If you would like to check this out goto Mom’s Tool Belt.  There are some free samples there for you to check out.  Let me know what you think.

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