A Tisket, a Tasket… Win an Easter Kid’s Gardening Basket!

A Tisket  A Tasket

Growing up, I loved Easter.  Our family was always active in church and the holiday’s were always  special because of the extra time spent there.  What I loved about Easter was the early sunrise mornings, the Easter Breakfasts, the orchid corsages,  Easter eggs, and Easter Baskets.  My most favorite was singing Christ the Lord has Risen Today with the birds!

I never knew what was going to be in our Easter baskets.  It was never much, but it was always special.  One year I got a hanging plant, I remember that!  And of course candy and lots of it!

My favorite memory was one year we did an Easter Egg Hunt inside with our boiled Easter eggs.  Some how we missed one.  We found it many, many months later, when it was accidental broken. STINKY!!

When I had my first son, I wanted to make Easter special.  Easter we are normally at church sunrise to about 1 p.m. So finding time for an Easter Basket was always challenging for the morning time.

One year I did a scavenger hunt, where the first clue started at home, went through the morning at church and finally lead to the Easter Basket back at home!  One year I did a Church Easter baskets, where most everything  could be used for the morning worship service.  Last year I did Garden baskets.

Our kids love to garden.  Nothing big, but enough that they get their hands dirty and can eat the veggies of their work!

This week you have a chance to win an awesome Kid’s Gardening Easter Basket!  With a great assortment of some fun and hopping gardening items!  Perfect for any boy or girl to start growing a little garden and have some fun with it too!  Included in the basket are:

  • 6 Burpee Seed packets: Zinna, Cucumber, Sunflowers, Tomatos, Peas and Carrots.
  • 10 Pots for Seed Starting from Burpee.  You need to add the dirt and soon you all can watch your seeds grow!
  • Adorable Frog gloves and hat to keep their hands cleans clean and sun out of their eyes!
  • Garden signs to put in their garden.
  • A little shovel and rake to plant their seedlings into their garden!
  • A watering can and  spray bottle to keep their new plants happy and healthy.  And to cool them off in the hot summer sun!
  • And while their plants are growing there is a bug catcher to check out little bugs, a little magnify glass to see the world up close, and chalk-just to have fun!
  • Sun, water and dirt not included.

Everything you need to start a little children’s garden!  What child would not love to get this on Easter morning?  easter basket


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This giveaway is part of ihomeschoolnetwork.com.  I put the basket together with wonderful items I found at my favorite store Target.  It is worth about $30.  Make sure you hop on over to check out all the other great Easter Baskets put together by these great ladies!


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(21) Kid’s Gardening Basket from Momma Hopper
(22) The Gift of Parenting Basket from Teachers of Good Things
(23) Preschool Crafts Basket from It’s Gravy, Baby!
(24) All the Extras – Electives and Enrichment Basket from Curriculum Choice
(25) Homeschool Mom Basket Case Basket from Classic Housewife


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The Kids Veggie Garden -Despite all Odds

Our poor garden. I had grand plans for my garden this year. It is not a big garden.  I gave each kids some gardening tools for Easter time.  They grew their seeds inside and when it came time to plant them we gave each one some places to plant their plants.  I also planted 4 tomatoes plants, 1 cucumber plant, Robby got one pack of carrot seeds, and Isaiah planted lettuce.  I let AnnieQ plant flowers other places.  Soon the kids veggie garden was planted and now we just had to wait.

Soon after it just got soooo hot.  No rain.  Just hot.  110 degrees, 115 degrees.  Our garden suffered.  Then someone didn’t close the door and our HUGE puppy got in and dug….and then it rained and rained and rained…..sigh….so I just gave up looking.

Summer time is still looming around with the heat and mugginess.  Our “100 things to do sheet” fell to the floor today.  Robby picked it up and read it.  We had poorly neglected our list with many family issues going on, although we have gotten to more than half of it.  Robby read 19 and 20-the kids all looked at each other and said let’s go see.

But here is what the kids found today when they went out!


Kids Gardens

Kids gardens

kids garden

Kids gardens

I know it isn’t much this year.  Heat, lack of rain, then too much rain, attack of the HUGE puppy, momma giving up, but the kids veggie garden grew.  They got some cucumbers, some baby carrots, tomatoes, and even flowers!

Lesson learned:  Don’t give up on what seems hopeless.  I bet if I went out there and gave it some TLC we may get a whole lot more now!

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Kids and Gardens-May

We love gardens. Ours is not huge! Dan got it all fixed up this year. Now that the kids are older, I am teaching them the basics and they are having fun and enjoying it! We got some vegetables planted and flowers.




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That’s right-A shovel in the Easter baskets

These kids of mine have been bugging me.  Mom we need a farm.  We  want a lot of land to run around in.  We want to sell vegetables.

Good, we have a nice size of land here-a garden that needs some help  and two animals.  Tend to these first!

Our Garden has done really well in the past.  Two years ago it was amazing.  The kids brought in buckets of tomatoes.  And peppers, a few green peppers, white eggplant and we even got summer squash.  We tried water melons but they were not sweet at all.

Last year we didn’t do anything.  The tornadoes came through about planting time.  Every thing sat.  And now our garden is in need of help.

As you can see, the garden needs help.  The weeds have over come.  The fences needs to be replaces.  And my children want a garden to plant. So yes for Easter I got them shovels, gloves, watering cans, and seeds.  Each designed for their size.  

Today they are already weeding the garden.  Then Dan will fix it up and we will get plants planted.  Last year the tornadoes took a lot away from us (like our favorite tree in the back) this year we are giving our  back yard new life!  Just like Christ gave us new life at Easter.  And this is why I put a shovel in the Easter baskets.

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100 things to do this summer: #19, 27, 64, 73, & # 96

# 19 Grow a garden.  Wow our garden has taken off, it is huge!!!  I have never seen everything grown so big, so fast!!  Everything so far is growing!!  Along with the weeds too, but I try to keep them pulled as much as I can!!

#27 Play basketball.  Every now and then we catch glimpse of the all famous Jeremiah Gehring!!  Yes it is true, he likes to show off his skills and the kids love to watch and play with him!

#64 Draw with chalk on the side walk.  Always a favorite for the kids to do!

#73 Set off fireworks.  Tonight I got out the box of left over sparklers and poppers.  The kids had a blast.  Jeremy set off the poppers.   He taught Robby to set one off and then Destiny, but the sparker they were using to light them went out and I won’t let the little kids use the light stick.  So despite tears for not getting to pop her popper they all had fun! (Tip-I used a candle for the kids to light their sparklers with)

#96-Walk in grass barefoot.  We went out this evening and walked through the grass then the kids rolled down the hill in the grass.  They had so much fun!!

It was a good day!!!

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