10 Reasons to be Excited for School


To be honest, the excitement for school has really not hit our house. The two older boys are not excited at all. We just got use to summer. AnnieQ and Isaiah are excited and a little confused. We sent AnnieQ to public kindergarten last year. Isaiah has always been very content to be with me and the boys at home. So he is not sure what school is or where it is. He thinks it will be where AnnieQ went. It is tempting, and I loved AnnieQ’s kindergarten teacher, she was awesome. I didn’t have the time to do anything with her class, or give of my time the way I felt I should. It was a hard schedule for us. So this year will be an adjustment for us.

So today, I asked them what they were excited about. Here is there video. Very raw. And yes every video we take Isaiah feels that we need to say “Good Luck Charlie!”

I think the best for us that builds excitement is new curriculum. There was an excitement today -our Math-U-See came today! Oh where they excited! Ran and got the box. Robby asked if he can open it up. He was excited (in a I’m a cool 10-year-old way) to see his new book. AnnieQ and Isaiah where thrilled! As you can see they are excited about school!



Here is what momma is most excited about

  • Our trip to New York, Canada , and Philadelphia and Disney Cruise.
  • Jeremy’s Senior Year
  • Having all 4 home together
  • New books
  • New System and Homeschool area
  • Not feeling stressed about schooling
  • Disneyschooling in November
  • Field Trips
  • Jeremy’s Graduation
  • Trip to Europe


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An Out of This World 4th of July

To be honest, waking up 4th of July, I didn’t know what we were doing.  For the first time in years we were not hosting a party.  Nothing needed to be cleaned nor had fireworks  been purchases.  I had seen a quick post from Rocket City Mom about what was going on around town and my husband mentioned something about fireworks being at the Space and Rocket Center this Year.  So I said go get us a ticket or parking pass.  Going to the Space and Rocket Center was on our list of 100 things to do this summer, so this worked well.

Around 6:00p.m., we packed up 5 kids, 3 blankets, grabbed dinner on the way and headed over.  Not having a clue what a unique evening was in store for us,  we made our way  in by making paper airplanes, drawing with chalk, made slim {sponsored by Sci Quest} and making rockets.  Our younger kids spent about an hour just in this area for kids.












After this we decided to claim our spot.

We heard rumors of this Lady Liberty Live  giving a performance at 7:30p.m.  Having no idea what it was about, but guessing it was something to do with the Statue of Liberty, we decided to walk back to see the show.  And that is when it happened.  Lady Liberty Live came out on stage, welcomed us…..and it started to rain, not just sprinkle, but poured.


Lady Liberty Live

 Now you have to understand how funny it was at this moment because we had just been put under a water restriction because of the lack of rain, and here it is, 4th of July and it is raining.  And I was standing under a space shuttle.  Yep, all of us crammed under there, finding this, just funny.


Space and Rocket Center

After the rain stopped Lady Liberty was able to go back on and perform.  My younger kids loved it!  (well ask Isaiah what he learned-she talked and it rains-he’s five)  They have given me facts about the Statue of Liberty ever since.  And since we are heading that way in a few months….it was perfect education for them.  (oh did I say education, I meant, umm:))

Oh remember those blankets we laid out in our spot now.  Wet.  More clouds were rolling in and I really didn’t know if we were going to get to see fireworks at all.  Soon an announcement came on warning everyone that another storm was coming, and you could take cover inside, but it would pass and the fireworks were still going to happen.

FINALLY, it was time.  We just picked a spot by one the large Saturn rockets above, the closest one.  Tired, wondering if it had been worth coming out, fireworks started.  Freedom was the theme.  With the fireworks behind the rocket I though YES, YES, YES, this was perfect.  What a better way to celebrate our nations freedom, than the freedom of us to boldly go where no man has gone before.   The freedom to give young boys and girls dreams of growing up to go into space.  But it wasn’t just space.  Some how the Space and Rocket Center has represented our country and all the great things she has done-all the things we have done.

We rose up.  We rose up to become a free people.  We rose up from slavery.  We rose up from wars.  We rose ups from depressions.  We rose up to space.  We rose up to protect lives.    While sin still plagues us every day, and hatred and moral decline  still tries to embrace our country, it is time we continue to rise up.  Our enemy prowls like a roaring lion.  Rise up America. Keep giving our children the freedom that our fore fathers gave them.  Keep giving our kids those freedoms to reach for the stars.

Our 4th of July ending with something like this.



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We are not Monkeying around

Two cools, our kids tote, snacks, 4 kids and 2 teenagers-plus me the momma-made our way up to the Nashville! Just under 2 hours the trip is a simple and pretty one.
Destination: the zoo!

What’s funny is we never got pictures of the monkeys -well real ones!









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An on the go kids tote

We have many baseball, softball, tee ball, field trips, and soon summer outings.  I knew it was time to restock my car with things we may need.  There were many times I needed a bandage, or wish I had bug spray or just wipes to clean dirty hands.  So I stocked up at Target (yes one of my favorite stores!) and fold an old craft bag I wasn’t using and put this together.


 These are things for boo boo’s, upset bellies, sunscreen and bug spray.  Along with basic hand cleaning and sanitizing stuff.

 I had this I wasn’t using.

 I use a little tin for the bandages and spray.  Good to grab and go.

And here is how I put it all together.

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100 Things to do this summer-#12 -Nashville Zoo at Grassmere

As I am getting ready for summer, I am check out places to visit. Our #12 thing to do is goto the zoo.  I want to do the zoo sooner than later because Robby has been studying Apologia Science Zoology 1-Exploring Creation-Flying creatures of the fifth day.

So in closing out our school year I thought a fun trip to the zoo was in order!  The Nashville Zoo has all the critters we have been studying, plus a dinosaur exhibit also!  Which will make my 5-year-old very happy!  Now when is school ending?

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I could never do that!

One of the things I am loving about blogs, is how you are invited into so many families.  It is like a front door invite to come along for the ride!  I visit many families along the way, but this one really intrigued  me!  This family is all about adventure and taking the kids along for the ride!  I have enjoyed reading their site.  

I remember reading this a few days ago and thinking how cool for them, but I could never do that!  And then I read a post on Rocket City Mom about why they homeschool.  It was the same for me when I tell people that we homeschool or we are foster parents, or even that we adopt, they typically would say “I could never do that!”

It is amazing what we can do in life!  If you put your mind to it, you can do anything!  Could I take my 4 kids and husband on a bike tour of the US or Europe?  Maybe (would have to get into super better shape than I am in now) but why not!  Next summer we are adventuring to Europe for a few weeks with our two older boys.   Imagine what we could do if we put our minds to it!

Go read about this family!  It is a great adventure to follow!

Reykjavik Children and Culture Festival | The Family Adventure Project.

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Spoiled on vacation-a private oasis.


While on our cruise last month Dan was able to book the Private Oasis on Half Moon Cay.  Since we had a group from our church with us, we were looking for group things to do, for all ages. Our older ladies stayed on board the ship and played cards all day long.  There were 4 families that went in on it together and it made the day AMAZING!  You have to at lease have 12 people to rent it, we had 8 adults and 7 children (OK 5 children 2 teens).  I was very leery about this at first.  First it was going to be a little pricey for us with 6 in our family.  Plus, how far was it going to be from everything.  Was it worth it?  But when I saw where it was on the map and how close to the kids stuff I was perfectly fine.  Still having no idea what to expect.

Well, when we got their I could not believe what we got.  It was perfect.  I mean perfect.  There was a staff there catering to our needs only.  We didn’t have to deal with crowds.  We had our own life guard which for me, made relaxing so much easier knowing there was an extra set of eyes on the kids.  The food was yummy, the view breathtaking, and the company perfect.  We had a slide into the water (which was a little cold-but you got use to it), there were rafts and snoring gear for us to use.  The hot tub was great, we had adult time and kid time.   Everything we needed was right there.  It was worth every penny.   Did I mention the bar was including with unlimited drinks.  The kids loved their virgin drinks!  At the end of the day we gals did not want to go.  But off to the ship we had to go.

This was a perfect day to breath in the beauty of God’s creation.

I am going to let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Carnival Private Oasis Half moon kay


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Shopping in Nassau-Now Where did the Ladies go?

It was decided.  We were going shopping in Nassau.  After getting to sleep in that morning and having a slow morning-I mean it’s vacation right?  We all met to go shopping.  5 ladies, two teens and myself headed off ship!  Nassau, unlike Freeport, is a little crazy getting into town.  Now I didn’t shop in Freeport, so maybe it was different if I went in a little bit more.

But as we walked through the building to get into town we were approach many times to go on a tour or get our hair braided.  No, no, no, and not today, we finally made our way to shopping.  We hit a few stores and was headed toward the straw market when we realized two of our ladies were missing.

Now traveling with teens most of the time, I like to keep a close eye on them cause they will try to disappear on me every now and then.  But these two ladies, I don’t think they were sneaking away.

So I went back first, no ladies.  I went back to our group- Nancy came back with me, she went one way, I went the other way.  As I was walking to found them I found a quant little alley shopping place-quickly came back to looking for the ladies.  Soon the ladies were found and we were on our way to the Straw Market.

After we headed back to the quant little alley to go shopping in and then off to a few more shops before heading back to the ship.  We were out long enough to have a good time, and be ready for a nap!

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Getting back to the real world.

We had a nice vacation.  I believe it is the first one where I was able to really sit back and enjoy myself.  And while there were moments with the kids, and the trip back was really hard in terms of staying awake, over all this has been one of the best trips our family has had. It started with a good, but short visit with my family, then three days at Disney and off to our five night cruise.  Maybe just a bit too much of “away” time cause today I am having a hard time getting back to the real world.  It is nice being waited upon, and coming back to be the one who is doing everything.

I didn’t want to get dressed this morning, but I finally did.  And I thought I would do lots of pictures and blogs, but my pictures are taking a long time to down load.  And then I should start laundry and unpack.  And once I can get on the other computer, I will put Jeremy’s outline for the week down.  I need to create a week menu so I can go shopping.  And still need to get the pets.

But it is Holy Week and I have tried to move my focus not just on getting back to the real world, but focusing my focus on the real world.  Holy week is for the real world.  It is for the lost and found.  It is helping me focus what I really want to get done this week, what is important to get done and how we will do it.

I have the activities I want to do with the kids this week.  And we will have eggs to dye.  And I have baskets to put together-have some neat ideas for those!  Yes I think it is time to get back to the real world.

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Our sailing trip on the ‘Alexander von Humboldt’

Our first port on our cruise was to Freeport, Bahamas’.  At first we were going to do nothing.  It is hard finding something for our family, a spread of 12 years from oldest to youngest.  But as I read the available shore excursions the words “Historical Windjammer Sailing” jumped out.  First of all, I home school and any “educational” opportunities disguised as fun, I eat it up!  Second, I love being on sail boats.  I love being in the water.  And I knew the kids would love it.  So Dan got us signed up and off we were.

Getting off on Freeport was easy and carefree, compared to Nassau.  But when we go there, no one seemed to know about our sailing trip.  There was one other family signed up to go and after a bit of a wait, things got sorted up and soon we walked over to the ship.

Ended up we were the first sailing group to go out.  She had just sailed over from Germany and had only been there about two weeks. ‘Alexander von Humboldt’  is over a 100 years old and first was a training boat before a sail boar.  The German crew was training the Bahamian crew to take over.  While it seemed a little rocky at first, things went fairy smoothly.  We went out for a three tour (Yes now I am singing the song!)


Our tour guide, Denise, was very helpful and took great care of us.  It was a lot of fun seeing how the crew worked together.  I had never been on such a sail boat and there are so many ropes that everyone has to be in sync with each other.

When the ship got her sails up, some of the German sailors came over and showed the kids how to make knots and then each family (remember only two on this little sailing trip) got to go back and “steer” the boat.

All the crew were very friendly and nice.  They bent over backwards to make our trip enjoyable.  And at the end we all got sailing certificates.

I would recommend this little excursion for anyone and any age.   We had a blast!



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