25 Things Moms Need to do this Summer

  1.  Sleep in
  2. Do less dishes
  3. Have dad grill more
  4. Eat out less
  5. Read more
  6. Give more hugs and kisses
  7. Pair down kids clothes for summer
  8. Drink coffee with friends
  9. Nothing
  10. Build a fort and hide
  11. Cuddle
  12. Whisper more
  13. Dig in the dirt
  14. Eat ice cream
  15. Get dressed up
  16. Laugh till your belly hurts
  17. Visit someplace new
  18. Blow bubbles
  19. Wonder about odd stuff
  20. Memorize scripture
  21. Wear a big floppy hat
  22. Can something
  23. Get wet
  24. Turn on the music and dance
  25. Have fun


Print the list and put it up! 25 Things Mom need to do this Summer

 25 Things Moms Need to do this Summer

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100 Things to do This Summer: 2014

For the past few years, my kids now look forward to our 100 Things to do This Summer!  This year I worked to put a few new things in that I knew everyone would love! Hope you love our new list! I made the one I am sharing with you a bit more generic.  We plan to visit the Space and Rocket center and SciQuest.  I just put in those spots visit a museum of some kind!  See what is around your area!  We have membership to many of the area attractions so we can go often.  Also I made sure that some of the things on our list could “just be done.”  Like #70-blowing bubbles.  (make sure you keep bubbles on hand!)  Tomorrow I am going to post my 25 Things Mom need to do this Summer!

  1. Visit a children’s  museum
  2. Go swimming
  3. Explore a National Park
  4. Explore a cave
  5. Go fishing
  6. Go camping
  7. Make Rainbow Bubble Snakes
  8. Volunteer
  9. Play and learn at science museum
  10. Visit the Amish
  11. Explore something old
  12. Sing and dance
  13. Go canoeing
  14. Do nothing
  15. Make a kite
  16. Run through the sprinklers
  17. Catch lighting bugs
  18. Grow a salsa garden
  19. Grow flowers
  20. Goto the movies
  21. Read a lot
  22. Play catch
  23. Kick a soccer ball
  24. Go for evening walks
  25. Have a game night with friends
  26. Play video games
  27. Go visit a Botanical Gardens
  28. Water Paint
  29. Play miniature golf
  30. Create Lip Gloss
  31. See a water fall
  32. Have a tea party
  33. Swing High
  34. Look at the clouds
  35. Go on a picnic with friends
  36. Make a sand castle
  37. Go for ice cream in PJ’s
  38. Make magic Mud
  39. Make a Summer bag
  40. Start a summer  journal
  41. Skip count
  42. Go hiking
  43. Feed the birds
  44. Sing a song in church
  45. Go visit an Aquarium
  46. Learn to juggle
  47. Go to a farmers market
  48. Go on bike rides
  49. Play Go Fish
  50. Explode a 2 liter of coke with Mento’s
  51. Play hopscotch
  52. Build a house of cards
  53. Write a song
  54. Send Post Cards
  55. Cook dinner
  56. Tie die shirts
  57. Draw
  58. Goto the zoo
  59. Wonder about stuff
  60. Plan a BBQ picnic
  61. Make banana splits
  62. Sew
  63. Make popsicles
  64. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  65. Put together a puzzle
  66. Make play dough
  67. Each kid cooks dinner
  68. Make a self portrait
  69. Go Bowling
  70. Blow bubbles
  71. Have a water balloon fight
  72. Wash the car
  73. Set off fireworks
  74. Paint a rock
  75. Huge Slip n’ Slide
  76. Goto a county fair
  77. Attend a concert outside
  78. Make fresh OJ
  79. Find a fossil
  80. Send a care package
  81. Create a bird journal
  82. Make Jello Silly Putty
  83. Try something new
  84. Make a large checker board
  85. Jump on a trampoline
  86. Make something new
  87. Goto a water park
  88. Go out with daddy and mommy
  89. Build a fort
  90. Goto a VBS
  91. Make jewelry
  92. Have a marshmallow war
  93. Plan a party
  94. Write a book
  95. Call Grandparent
  96. Walk in grass barefoot
  97. Play on a playground
  98. Make homemade ice cream
  99. Take Sunday Drives
  100. Sleep in


Click here to print out a list!  100 Things to do This Summer 2014 

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10 Random Thoughts That Float in My Mind


  1. I talk to myself a LOT. No really- I am the one in the store mentally talking out loud going through my check list. My kids will look at me and say, “mom who are you talking to?” I smile and respond “my mind.” My mind is a dangerous place to be.
  2. Like when the thought “If I can “just” do this” enters in. Folks “just” is a dangerous word in the females language. It starts in the mind when she see something on Pinterest or a magazine or a blog. And the mind says “if I can just do this.” If this is then verbally express-the husbands know they are trouble.
  3. Why can’t the towels be hung back up. I don’t know if this is a problem in your house, but 6 kids using one bathroom, oldest 19 now. How hard is it to hang up wet towels? This questions floats in my mind often.
  4. Sometimes random narrations go on in my mind. I can write things or argue issues. I sometimes wish I had a recording button because these normally happen when I don’t have anything to write down my thoughts.
  5. Scripture and prayer. I try to always have God’s word everywhere to read and ponder on. These verse will float, echoing in my mind. Song will be singing praises, and prayers always being said.
  6. What homeschooling curriculum I am using this year? It is summer time and this is always floating through my mind. Robby is going into Jr. High- little kids 1st and 2nd grade. What is going to work best for us with our situation.
  7. What is going on with our world? Some issues really hit me and I feel like I want to be the changing force with it. Others just make me mad. All day long I can stew about these issues.
  8. Church. This is always on my mind. More than I can explain. Ministries-how to make them happen, what needs to be done, how to pray for them. Am I making the right decisions? What more should I be doing?
  9. Should I have another cup of coffee? I love coffee. The taste. The smell. (hold on I got to go get some)
  10. How to make our house better work for all the people living in it. With 8 people, including our young new family-how do I organize all. How do I keep food together? How do I keep cost down with furlough going on? Are we moving? Or not? How should I organize the homeschool room?

Someone once said a women’s mind is like a 1001 tabs open on the internet. Yep and these thoughts sits with us all day, till our husbands come home and we want to talk about them. All at the same time-sometimes like a flood. And our poor husbands think-I was only gone for the day!

What random thoughts floats through your mind?





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Fixed Computer and National Youth Gathering

I know.  Some have been wondering where I have been!  I am here.  But my computer has had issues the last few months.  Since then, I had it rebuilt through Apple.  And through my husband and a dear friend at church-they were able to recover most of my stuff off my hard drive.

Lesson learned-make sure you have everything checked to be backed up through Carbonite.  Somehow everything got check as not to be backed up.  My heart sank when I realized I may have REALLY had lost everything.  I should have know better.

But thanks to my dear friend who slowly recovered all my data off of my hard drive that had issues.  And I mean ISSUES!   But here I am, on my computer again!!  Blogging on the iPad was not my cup of tea!

I get my computer back just in time to goto the Nation Youth Gathering in San Antonio TX.  I will be serving as a Community LIfe Builder (CLB).  I leave this Friday early for training over the weekend and then 5 days of the gathering with 25,000 other youth and adults!  Livelove(d) is the theme.  Some of my up coming post will be reflecting the gathering and lessons learned and things experienced!  Isaiah has already ask for a pair of cowboy boots.

What is already cool about the gathering is the hotel I am staying it is the Menger Hotel.  Lots of awesome history there, like President Theodore Roosevelt stayed there.  So stay tuned to a little History coming your way.

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100 Things to do This Summer- 2013

IMG_1112 [Read more…]

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It is Time to Sign up for FREE Bowling

One of our favorite things we did last summer was bowl!  All summer long we bowled.  It was a great activity for young to old.  And when things got stressful in our family, I used bowling as my stress reliever -in fact the day I was the most frustrate I bowled my best!

Kids up to 15 years old can bowl free two games a day (at our lanes it was a 1.99 for more games).  I also bought a pass for 4 adults 16 and older to bowls two games a day for $35.  We invest in shoes, or you have to pay for shoe rentals -which at our lanes are about $4 each.

Kid’s Free Bowling & Adult Discounts All Summer Long | AMF Bowling Centers Summer Unplugged & Summer Pass.

I get nothing out of you signing up-I just think bowling is such a great activity for the family, it is physical, it encourages the whole family to cheer each other on. You can have friendly competitions.

Keep an eye out-2013 100 Things to do this Summer is coming out soon!!

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100 Things to do This Summer-#71 {Horseback riding}

Summer is still in full swing for us this month. With the help of a friend from Robby’s baseball team, our kids were able to cross of #71 from the list of 100 Things to do This Summer-go horseback riding.  They have been bugging me to do this all summer!  Most places don’t allow young children to ride.  So this worked perfect for us!  Isaiah and Robby were hesitant to ride, Isaiah more than Robby, but with a little bribing and coaxing we were able to get them on.  AnnieQ was naturally attracted to the horses and had no problems riding.

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The Kids Veggie Garden -Despite all Odds

Our poor garden. I had grand plans for my garden this year. It is not a big garden.  I gave each kids some gardening tools for Easter time.  They grew their seeds inside and when it came time to plant them we gave each one some places to plant their plants.  I also planted 4 tomatoes plants, 1 cucumber plant, Robby got one pack of carrot seeds, and Isaiah planted lettuce.  I let AnnieQ plant flowers other places.  Soon the kids veggie garden was planted and now we just had to wait.

Soon after it just got soooo hot.  No rain.  Just hot.  110 degrees, 115 degrees.  Our garden suffered.  Then someone didn’t close the door and our HUGE puppy got in and dug….and then it rained and rained and rained…..sigh….so I just gave up looking.

Summer time is still looming around with the heat and mugginess.  Our “100 things to do sheet” fell to the floor today.  Robby picked it up and read it.  We had poorly neglected our list with many family issues going on, although we have gotten to more than half of it.  Robby read 19 and 20-the kids all looked at each other and said let’s go see.

But here is what the kids found today when they went out!


Kids Gardens

Kids gardens

kids garden

Kids gardens

I know it isn’t much this year.  Heat, lack of rain, then too much rain, attack of the HUGE puppy, momma giving up, but the kids veggie garden grew.  They got some cucumbers, some baby carrots, tomatoes, and even flowers!

Lesson learned:  Don’t give up on what seems hopeless.  I bet if I went out there and gave it some TLC we may get a whole lot more now!

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Summer Fun with Google

Google  the word “askew” for fun.  Look all around.

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Tale of Two Summer Movies

I just got done taking my kids to see Ice Age 4 – 3D and last month we went and saw Madagascar 3 – 3D.

Each one a tale of talking animals.

Each one about a lost or misplaced family.

Each one about getting back to home-at what ever the cost.

Each one about fighting the bad guys to get there.

Each one about not giving up to get what you need.

Each one about finding love.

Each one about doing what is right to get where you need to be.

Each one funny.

Each one with great 3D effects.

Each one kept me on the edge of my seat.

Each one made me think past the story into my story, my life.

There was a point in Madagascar 3 where they were standing on the outside of the Zoo looking in.  It is not that the Zoo is a bad place.  I glanced at my kids and thought that is how I feel sometimes.  Standing on the outside looking in at something I thought I wanted, but really didn’t.   We tend to separate kids, siblings thinking that is how they learn and grow best.  For some it does.  Not for all.

I don’t want to be put into the “boxes” created.  If at 4 years old a child is not potty trained, but can read, should he not be allowed to be in a class to excel at reading?  But because he is not potty trained, he is held back.  Even within the church we tend to say everything follows the “box”.  Our last VBS, we did not stress about whether if some child came out of 5th grade or 6th.  If they wanted to come, they could.  I went to another  VBS and a friend came, and her daughter was told she could not go, because she was going into 6th grade, just 4 months older than my son going into 5th grade.  Those “boxes” are hurting us instead of helping us grow.

This is from RSA Animate-Changing Educate Paradigms.  It just made me think of this video.

Today walking out of Ice Age 4, the biggest thing I got out of, is family is family.  I loved how these movies are putting together families that are different.  For our kids they need to see that you can be a family even when you don’t all look the same or come from the same place.  Family is the people that know you and love you!  We are family or are we Ham and Cheese.  Go see Ice Age 4  to find out!

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