A Fun Web site find! Khan Academy

Every now and then I find fun amazing things on the internet!  OK all the time, but some are some that wow me!  You got to check out Khan Academy.  They have a whole bunch of FREE videos for Math, science, Finance, Humanities, test prep and so much more!  Great for middle school and high school.  So so exciting!  Hope you can go check them out!

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High School Science Labs….

….are either great or not.  I think science is fun and love to learn about them.  But as my son and I adventure on some of these labs…I am not sure if we are seeing what we are too be seeing!!  We are using Biology from Apologia Science.  We are using the CD version of the book.  My son does not do well with this so I think would have preferred the book.  This is his first year homeschooling and is not use to the computer that way.  Part of the course are labs.  So we are looking at fungi and yeast.  We do the labs and we are never sure what we are seeing…but I discovered that I could take pictures of what we saw in the microscope, which I though was so cool!  I am not sure if we did things right but we are having fun (maybe) trudging along!!

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Making Soap

 For Robby’s science experiment he was to make soap.  The purpose of this was to show how herbs are using in soap.  So we got the soap making items for Hobby Lobby, some lavender and orange peel.  We also got two different molds also.  

We heated up the soap in the microwave, Robby added a few pinches of this and that with some drops of Aloe and Vit. E.  We should have gotten a fragrance cause the soap smelled like bubbles.  It was fun and hope to experiment more with this later.  He gave some bars away.
Also think I am going to make lip balm with AnQuenette…her own line, we are going to call it AnnieQ’s.   

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Things we have been doing….Science

We are studying Botany this year so we have been looking at sorting plants.  So we use legos to talk about classes and so forth…

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