We the People: My Views on the Upcoming Election…

I don’t make it habit to spout political view on my blog, but I feel that as this election is coming closer, it is becoming more of a topic in our house.  We are teaching the kids about the election process and how the different parties vary.  I started out typing a facebook post, and it got a little too long, so I decided to more it to a post.

I just read “The Mormon Identity” from the Time Magazine on Romney…interesting… There is a lot of history with the Romney family and the Mormon’s… Everyone is talking like they don’t know this man…who is he? Well I know more of what he believes faith wise than I know about Obama. I am still confused as to what is beliefs and morals are. Is he Christian? Is he Muslim? What faith drives his morals and values?

We have come to a point where I cannot vote for a president based on his religious values, because both men do not display “Christianity” as I believe it to be true. So you vote according to who will do the best job looking out for the country as a whole. Some keep pointing out that Mitt Romney doesn’t care for 47% of America…. amazing how the media can tear that apart….I think that America’s need to do their own research…. (I can tell you, I have sat in the food stamp waiting room…some are humbly receiving food stamps….others, with their $150 sneakers and $200 baby car seats-have the attitude “give it all to me”…yes I see a problem here)


this is what our country we founded on, but I feel that our government is trying to change this to “We the Government will tell you People what to do….”

So as elections come to a close here in the next month, what rights do you want to hold onto. What freedoms are still important to you? What type of Country to you want to live in?

We the PEOPLE….

We just visited that room where this was written, debated, and signed. We the PEOPLE….

We the PEOPLE need to stand up for the future of our children. We the PEOPLE need to stand up for our senior citizens. For the poor, hungry and homeless. We all stand together, working together, to care for each other.

I watched a great show called the ” The Intersection of the Church and State”  I love how the used history to show how we got to where we are today, and how words can change how people view things.  It is worth viewing…

When did our country become such a “we-they.” This is OUR country and it is time WE THE PEOPLE stand up and take owner ship. Because if we don’t, I may lose my freedom to worship, to freely educate my children, to freely feed them what I see fit, to travel, to save for my retirement, to have health care according to my needs….

We the PEOPLE or We the GOVERNMENT control you people…that is what I feel like my chooses are….

As I reread what I wrote, I thought about the room where all this began, where our country was born.


I wonder if both candidates have entered into the room.  I wonder if both felt the way I did?  Pride, joy, awe, overwhelming sense of  “I am in the birth place of our nation.”  Unexpected tears came to my eyes.  I didn’t not expect to feel so over whelmed.   This was it. Our nation began here.  And it wasn’t easy for those men.  AT ALL.

And at the same time, I felt like our country almost mocked this.  Like “oh this is old, it does not mean anything…”

Maybe we should not be worried about what each candidate said so much-the media takes care of this.  Maybe we need to be worried about how well do they know their history.  What would they feel when they walk into this room.  What does it mean to them.  Do they understand they history?  Do they know it?  Do they know the constitution?  Can they past a test?   Would the decision they make honor the men that sat in that room to hash out the details of our the birth of our country?  Or would theirs reflect the opinions that “this is old now and should be disregard”

WE are the PEOPLE…….






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School Lunches: When a Child is Hungry {part1of3}

There is much talk about public school lunches.  I am the first to be all excited about more fruits and vegetables.  And for food that is identifiable.  But to tell a hungry child they may not eat any more.  Regardless how young they are or how old.  Some need more to eat for sports and some of these kids are just hungry.

There are hungry children.

I was naive to this.

One of those children was one of mine.

Now, please understand money is not an issue for us.  But our foster children are eligible for the free lunch program and we take advantage of that when we need to.    I had a most sweet little third grader.  Everyday, he ate at home breakfast, snack after school, and dinner.  We had dessert now and then and extra.  We drank water most of the time.  He wasn’t a big veggie eater because his family never could afford them .

It was a few weeks into school I was there visiting him doing his lunch time.  He ate all his lunch.  Then very quietly he asked “do you have any money?”  I said “no I didn’t have any on me today.”  I asked if he was still hungry?  He said no.  Then the little girl next to him said “He is always hungry after lunch.  He just never wanted to tell you.  I told him to tell you.”  Mad at myself for never thinking he couldn’t have been hungry, and sad that he was content to be hungry and not ever telling me- I looked at him and said I would fix this.

I went home and we opened both boys an account.  Our little girl already had one (we paid for her lunches or I packed them).  That way, he could go get seconds or what ever he wanted when he was hungry.  The 5-year-old never used his, but on Friday for ice cream-but he messed with his food more than eating.

The point is we the parents should be the ones in charge of deciding when and how much our children should eat.  I realize that not all parents are going to do that.  But maybe educating the parents?  But when the government steps in to the schools to tell our children “how much” the may eat now, what is next?

What if even with extra money in an account-today my child could not get seconds if he was still hungry? What if people told him, as small and skinny as he was, you ate enough calories and you will have to be happy and content-even with your tummy growling-what if that was true……..

My foster son opened my eyes to children who are hungry and don’t say anything. Imagine other children who are hungry.  They are going to get a set amount of food.  Maybe they don’t like the food served that day, so they don’t eat much at all.     Those children go home hungry. Many don’t get another meal till the next day.

A child is hungry and all the healthy food in the world is not going to fix that. 

Tomorrow I am looking at School Lunches-what we could learn from Disney, and the third part is School Lunches-a home perspective.



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