Just cause I am 44

I am wrapping up my 44th birthday.  Where does time go?  This means my 15th year anniversary is just around the corner on the 5th.  We will have been parents almost 14 years, parenting over 25 children. 2 granddaughters. I am in my 8th year of homeschooling.  3 kids this year.

August always seems to bring about newest.  Like January in a way.  A time to reevaluate what and where you want to go and how to get there.  A time to see where school is leading you.  A time to see where you are in your personal goals. A time to change things up.

Like the song in Annie-last year was just plain awful.  It was a hard year.  I don’t anticipate that this year will be any easier, but I am ready for the challenges which will help it not be awful!

While our homeschooling beginning is still weeks away, our little lulu will start public school here this Monday which means I have been getting her all ready!  So we will be homeschooling, public school one, and toddlerhood.  These are challenges we can handle.

As I look on this year of 44, I don’t feel old.  Not quite young.  But just about right.  Almost just where I need to be.   So focusing on me, and hubby, and kids and school, and house, not to mention any other out side jobs and adventures we have in store-I am ready for them.

Bring it on 44!  I am ready!


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Where Am I Hiding?

Most days, when I finally see that glimmer of hope, I slowly quickly make my way to my bathroom.  That is my hiding spot in my house.   That is where no one expect for toddling babies may enter.  That is my zone.  A place where I can regain a moment of getting me back and enter back into the trenches of being a mom.  Some days it is easy and other days it is down right hard.

Where else can you find me these days?  You can find me at our church, Ascension Lutheran church.  I am a DCE by degree (Director of Christian Education) and ministry flows through my blood as much as being a mom does.  You can also find me at the DHR building with various appointments and meetings. And soon I will be teaching my second round of GPS classes for prospective adoptive and foster parents.  You can also find me at various other places with 6 kids in tow.  6 kids.  And every now and then you will find me in Target with those six kids.  Most of the time you will find me alone.

But lets face it, with 6 kids, most of the time I am at home, teaching, cooking, cleaning, and keeping our lives organized.  In trying to keep our lives organized, in keeping my life organized I am using Passion Planner this year. I just got mine a week and a half ago and love it!  I still keep our iCalendar up to date, but Passion Planner is more.  I am still working on how to tweak it just for me and my needs…I still have a few more ideas.

Where else am I hiding? I am online quite a bit.  You can find me on Facebook or Twitter .  I have a small addiction to Pinterest. I love my Instagram account.   I tried Snapchat-yeah no.  I also wander over to Google+ also-still learning about the great hangout features!

But the place I am hiding the most, is in the presence of God. In Him I can just be.

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Giving God the Glory Glory

I have been up since about 3ish.  Wasn’t because of the baby.  Although the baby did wake up.  The reason is really not all that important to blog about.  But I was unable to go back to sleep.

So I wandered out to the kitchen.  Made myself a cup of coffee and enjoyed the stillness of the morning quietness till I started hearing whispers from the bedrooms.

I have been reading.  A little bit of this.  A little bit of that.  I have been reading a lot lately.  Tucked into the spare time I have between balancing my kids, their schooling and my other commitments.  I have given up playing my iPhone games to read extra.  I can get lost in my readings.  Some stories, some learning books, some life lessons.

My favorite to read though are scripture verses.  I have a new habit of just randomly picking someplace of my bible app and reading from there.  I discover so much from the bible that way that I had never seen before.  It is kinda of fun and addicting.  I been pondering writing a devotional series titled: Random lessons and stories from the Bible. Ha like that one I am sure has been done before.

I have been all about reading.  Not much about writing.  My words have failed to find me lately.  Maybe I have not been listening to them.  Maybe when I put words down on paper, they become to real, to raw and I don’t want to deal with them.  Words are powerful and many read them.  Words written can make life seem perfect, and I am far from perfect.  A sinner more like it.

But every morning I try to give God the Glory Glory.  That is my goal.  My focus.  Even if only for a few minutes.

I have started new Accountability Binders and Chore list with my kids. I got the idea from over at thirty handmade days. And I got my chore list idea from my friend.  We have always had morning and evening routines.  The first thing on their morning routine is give God the Glory Glory.  I want them to learn how to start their day out focused on God.  Because some mornings are not so Glory Glory.  And we have to work through them.

So have you given God the Glory Glory this morning?

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10 Little Things that Make my Day

1. Birds singing in the morning
2. A cup of coffee before the children wake up
3. A clean kitchen sink
4. A Hug
5. “Mom this is the best meal you have ever made!”
6. Going to the bathroom without the cat or kids needing me.
7. Beating a Sugar Rush level (yeah I got sucked in- I grabbed my husband too)
8. Seeing everyone happy at once
9. Sleeping in
10. Talking to friends




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Being Sick Needing to Rest

Momma’s are not suppose to get sick.

But we do.

A few days here and there.

But I have gone over those few days. I have used my “sick time.”

And I have to still be momma.

This week they ran test- Mono is what they are guessing or strep. Or both? I’ve been sick since before Easter. I’ve been in bed or the recliner. But I still have to make dinner sometimes, and care/ discipline kids.

There is a grand baby on the way and two extra people who are becoming part of our family. And things to do. And I have been with a horrible sore throat feeling like crap. And I’m exhausted from simple things. Shopping is not fun right now.

The house like just feel apart. Dan did amazing to keep up with dishes. And the kids have chores I gave- but I only get so much out of them before its a fight- and I’m to tired to fight.

Graduation, kids school work and we are trying to sell the house. People wonder why I’m sick.

I trust God that I will get better, but that means I have to do my part. Rest.

If I have Mono rest is the key. Ooooo and I am not a rester.

I hate resting. I am not good at it. Even my mind thinks when I’m resting. But lately I given up. So what if our tv comes on doing the day time. My kids love it- yeah been watching Baby Story and Extreme couponing. My kids love it! I let them play and watch Netflix of the iPad for hours. They thought they where so cool.

Yesterday I broke down and brought The Maids in. I did too much yesterday-cause you know you goto clean for someone to clean for you. And I paid for it. I didn’t rest.

Today I am resting. Today I will have fun with the kids. Today I will get a little better.

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How do you say Good Bye to a Baby you Never Held?

This month marks 5 years since I lost my baby through a miscarriage.

It is a silent time in my life.

How do you say goodbye?

I never got to hold my baby.

I never got to feel my baby kick me.

I just know I have a life inside, and then it was taken from me.

That was 5 years ago.

Most of the time life goes on, but a picture or a child would make me think “is that what my child would look like?”

He or she would be four years old now.

And my heart would ache a little. And sadness would creep in.

How do you just say good bye?

Some feel that it wasn’t a little life , that it didn’t count.  If it didn’t count, then why does my heart still hurt today?

Life continues.  I know my baby is being held in heaven.  It is a comforting thing.  But every year, at this time it is still hard.  And it is hard to explain to others just why -and I don’t always don’t know why I am even sad.  But something will make me remember.  Like Lent makes me remember.  I have taken care of  over 20 children.   I have said goodbye to many of them.  Each one I think about-each one special.  But I got to say goodbye to them.  I got to hug them.

And as February fades into March, life continues.  I suppose that every year will bring a moment of sadness.  And that every year will bring moments of healing.  Keeping God as the center of my focus, His love and care-will overshadow me in my sadness and bring me the healing I need for the years to come.

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Green Slim and Justin Bieber

No they don’t together!  This is a typical morning in our house. I walk into our kitchen and see green slim. Really its Angry Bird silly putty. Robby got it a few weeks ago and found out that when he leaves somewhere it’s slowly droops. So I never know where I am going to find it.

And you know how kids have that one song they listen to over and over and over! Well Justin Bieber song “Boyfriend” wins this Summer.  A few summers ago it was “Baby Baby Baby.”  My son turns 18 tomorrow but since he has to work all day we gave him his gift early to start enjoying it-a Kindle Fire. So he starts playing Justin’s new song and just like that the children are dancing and singing! It’s funny.  Our summer I am much more relaxed in our schedule.  The kids can watch TV during the day time.  (during the school year it doesn’t come on till late afternoon unless I am sick).  They just like to have fun.



Boyfriend song by Justin Bieber

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I Wonder if I have a Green Job?

I heard a new story this morning that hasn’t really sat well with me all day. It seems that our government really stretches things sometimes to make other things seem better. This morning the news story was Issa: Obama administration classifies jobs with political purpose:

The Obama administration on Wednesday acknowledged a wide-ranging definition of “green jobs” that includes bus driver, bicycle-shop clerk and other unexpected lines of employment, which the chairman of the GOP-led House oversight committee said is being done for “clearly political purposes.”
Read more: Fox News

Now I am not here to argue politics, there are plenty of blogs for that. But as I thought about how far they stretched this, someone who sweeps the floor at the bike shop, or pumps gas into the bus, it seems it was stretching the “green job”

If the government wants to find “green workers” maybe they are looking at the wrong place. They are missing the mark. The real green workers are moms. More so Stay at Home moms.

Green jobs , according to the Bureau of Labor are either:

  1. Jobs in businesses that produce goods or provide services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources.
  2. Jobs in which workers’ duties involve making their establishment’s production processes more environmentally friendly or use fewer natural resources.

Have you met some of these moms lately. They may not be in “paid positions” but you all know how much moms are worth.  These stay at home moms thrive on ways to benefit the environment. Moms are using cloth diapers, breast-feeding, and using natural products.

Mothers of young children are increasingly turning to cloth diapers, a trend that’s making Country Save Powdered Laundry Detergent one of the best-selling detergents on Amazon.com, says company president Kris W. Anderson.

The are planning more and keeping with in budgets. They are working to keep their house simple and using products from local businesses. They make less trips to the store and try to condense trips to one or two days out a week. These are the moms who are cleaning with simple things like vinegar and baking soda.

Dear Government, it’s time you said bravo to the moms who are staying at home to raise their kids-these are truly your green workers. Who are the ones using less to give our kids more of us. Enough with the war of who is right or wrong. Stop trying to create “super green jobs” for someone who sweeps floors. I sweep floors too, big deal. I pump gas also. It is time to give credit where credit is due. These are the moms who are not adding to the already over stressed daycares-who are struggling to provided amazing care to the kids that need it. These are the moms who work all day long, who care for their kids, teach their kids, instill morals and values to their kids. These are the families that choose to make it on one income. These are the families that may even have sacrifice a car for this.

These are the “Green Moms.”

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Getting it Together

It always feels like at the beginning of the year you make all these plans of things you want to do, places you want to see, books you want to read, conversations you would like to have, people to met, rooms to organize.  And the more someone thinks about it, the more one can become very over whelmed! 

Yep just at the verge of over whelmed….but feel I will not be going over the edge.  I have learned to take things one day at a time, and to plan for things.  Having a plan is the key…So my plan for this year are:
-watch less TV and watch what I really want
-goto more movies
-take more walks (now that we have our new puppy this should help)
-make more of our meals
-so we can eat out less
-go on a cruise (ok that on is already planned)
-take a summer road trip (this one is not planned)
-read many books this year (in place of all that TV I am not going to watch)
-take time for my crafts, knitting, sewing and other DIY’s
-have a super veggi garden
-grow cutting flowers
-get manicures and pedicures
-have a facial every now and then
-go on many dates with hubby
-get rid of lots of unneeded stuff
-scale down kids clothing-organize the stuff better
-ebay and sell some stuff
-Put Christmas stuff up in Jan (this is happening this Saturday!!)
-Blog and write more
-keep up with the DCE world (I may not be in a called position, but I am always a DCE and want to stay current)
-get an emergency kit and plan together
-write more letters
-send birthday cards
-organize and clean (never ending battle)
-have many more kisses and cuddles (ok from hubby and kids-must sneak them in cause soon they will be too big and cool!)
-Foster a few
-Make my kids laugh every day!
-scream less (every mom says this right!?:))
-Make lists and organize time better
-enjoy homeschooling and let my kids grow
-help church form a plan and goals starting with the board of education
-keep well informed on the election, but not caught up in all the crap
-Enjoy holidays-have fun with them
-focus all this around God, who gives me life and joy and peace and grace.

Nah I don’t think this is too much!  Gives me a focus, a spot to hop from!  So come along with me this year as I hop through it!

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Storms…Can’t Sleep

This is the first night since the storms I can’t sleep. Since our only form of outside communications has been the radio I had not seen pictures till today. Finally I saw a few through the iPhone earlier, but tonight Pastor Bernie came by for ribs and brought the newspaper…oh the pictures. I thought our neighborhood seemed bad, we knew it wasn’t but when every house has some damage it seemed bad. But houses where gone. Someone said if that tornado…that I saw…had been 10-20ft lower our neighborhood would not be only clearing trees, shingles, shutters, toys and branches, but…we would be picking through rubble. This bothers me right now. How close my family was to danger. These things you don’t think of till it smacks you in face. My nine year old is terrified of Tornados. We have many warnings here and many times they end up in the little bathroom. I have a plan that when we get close I will say…” each go get a pillow and blanket and grab some books and take it to the bathroom. The first wave of panic…I will say ” we are fine now, it is mommy and daddy’s job to be prepared and keep you safe. Then the questions…”what will happen if it knocks our house down?”…then we rebuild…as long as you guys are safe that’s all I worry about.
When the warnings are close I simple tell the kids time to go read books. Off they go…my 16 sits in the living room. He knows when I say go…go…! I have my lap top in bathroom and I listen to tv and watch out the window…
I did that twice on Wed…the first time the noise and wind were loud…but minor damage.

The second time I saw the twisting off to my left when I finally realized what I was seeing.

I ran to the little bathroom and waited to the noise to go away…it did…I yelled out to Dan in laundry room “was that it?”. Dan said no there is still a few more minutes….I waited.
I looked out front and thought oh good the houses are standing…

At that moment it never crossed my mind that anything could be wrong with out house. I just saw houses standing. Dan called from the back sunroom. Our nice big tree 6 feet from the house was uprooted…

Glad it went the other way, we went out to check on the rest of the house while an other storm was brewing not far from us.
House in tack, cars still there, trailer still there…

That red little car was by the truck before the storm.

Two shutters off, some roof damage…minor…our house was still standing.

The sirens still ring in my head…and I know the next time we hear them..my kids will be more freaked out…
But we will praise God with what ever we have cause all this stuff well ……….it’s stuff!! My family…they are they true blessing!

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