Letting go of Socks

Much is happening in our family right now. While life feels like it stopped moving I have to figure out how to keep life moving along here at home. Last week I just wanted to escape. This week I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Summer is escaping me and I must get ready for school.

So today I started cleaning some of those “spots.” I have had some piles of laundry baskets that have been staring me down and that I have been ignoring. I know what I should do but I just kept feeling for the last 5 years that the other sock will just come back. That I will find that missing sock.

Today was the day. I have no idea where the other socks are. They are not coming back. They have created their own world. I had 3 laundry baskets of kids socks. I have been meaning to do this for months. Just throw them away and start over.


I know maybe extreme. But they are socks that have been sitting in laundry baskets taking up room. I had to make a change. Today I did that.


I gained three laundry baskets. I just threw the socks out. It feels good. Socks are on sale. Kids are wearing flip flops. Life will go on after socks.

But I can’t help but wonder, will the other socks wander back now?

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10 some what creative ways to keep up with laundry

Laundry is a never-ending event in my house.  Just when I think I have it done, oh look more dirty clothes.  Now with sports and three uniforms to keep clean. Sometimes my mind wanders when needing to get things done, and other creative ways of getting things done pop in.  This is just a few ways (maybe not all of them) to keep up with laundry!
  1. Consider joining a nudist colony-just saying-I mean no laundry at all!
  2. Investigate dipped on socks-I mean socks are a mom’s worst nightmare!   Or like me just keep buying new socks.
  3. Scale down clothing-I had to do this with all my kids.  We had way too many clothes that just didn’t fit but some how all always ended up in the dirty laundry hamper.   Now they are in garbage bags in the garage!  General rule for your self, if you haven’t worn it in a year, you don’t need it.
  4. As folding clothes put the ones that don’t fit or for the wrong season on the side.  Don’t put them back into the rooms.
  5. Put clothes away after folding them.  Do not let them sit on the side of the couch or the kids will jump on the couch sending the folded clothes in the air.
  6. Label kids draws so they can help put clothes away.  This one is hard for me cause they don’t put folded clothes in the drawers, the cram the clothes in the drawer.
  7. Fold laundry when it comes out of dryer.  Hang up clothes right away.
  8. Have plenty of laundry hampers for dirty clothes and laundry baskets for clean.  Laundry baskets are great to keep loads of laundry not folded or folded without putting them away.  (I have 4 now, for two weeks, staring at me saying, please put us away)  Laundry baskets are also great for doing quick cleans! (you know throw everything in the laundry basket and put it in your room and close the door)
  9. Keep laundry room clean.  Who wants to do laundry if you cannot get to the washer.  A clean laundry room may actually make you want to do laundry.  Yes you heard me right!
  10. Hire a maid to do the laundry.  (HELLO-welcome back to the real world! Stop twittering, pinteresting, facebooking, blogging, computering, and get up and get it done!)

Happy Laundering

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10 habits for a well-run home fromThe Stressed Mom

This is a great article, a good reminder.  I find the first two hard, cause I am a night time person.  But I admit that when I get up an hour before the kids, it sets my day better!

The everything needs a place is the one that gets me and I must work on that on!  And the statement “we are their mom not their maid” rings true that they need to take on.

So stop on by and see what she has to say!  10 habits for a well-run home | The Stressed Mom.


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Packing and unpacking

It seems that no matter how much I try to be organized, I still find myself packing at the last minute! And this was the case again!

Now I had laid out all three little ones clothes last week. Seems that we travel at change of seasons, and I always end up needing to fill in gaps of what we don’t have. Last Oct was at the end of the of the season and I had two more boys with us. One was very hard of his clothing so I had very little 4/5 ‘s for the boys.




I am packing for a three part trip. First part the kids and I are heading to Fl 4 days early to visit my family. Then up to Disney for two days and then on a five day cruise. I will have to do laundry at Disney cause I don’t have enough outfits to carry us through. That’s ok!
Jeremy, my 17 year-old, packs his own clothes.
Our next challenge is suitcases, and go to pack them. On the cruise, since many are not conducive to larger families, we have two non connecting rooms. Which means Dan gets the older boys and I get the two younger ones. So four suit cases for us.

Now, at 4am the morning I leave, I have kids packed. Shoes in duffle bag. Car items ready to go in car, Disney stuff sitting out.



With that all said and done, it was one suitcase too many. So I took three outfits out for little kids and stuck in the big kids suitcase. Dan will bring the other one down!

Our car is packed-which is why we bought our Van, but Dan is driving it down Friday.

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Making your own laundry detergent

I have wanted to make my own detergent for about a year. Thanks to them Duggars. I have had all the ingredients for a while, but it just never seemed like the right time to do it. Well yesterday I ran out of detergent but not laundry. So I researched and decided the gel stuff just seems to messy.  We have a HE washer and it seemed easier to measure with power- so I went with power. Since it didn’t cause much I figured I had room for trial and error.  It was easy- easy.
I pulled the recipe off of http://tipnut.com/10-homemade-laundry-soap-detergent-recipes/

This was the worse part…thinking maybe I will use my kitchen aid next time!:)

1/2 a bar grated….1cup each of the other

For fabric soften I use vinegar (also good for getting rid of pee smell since I have one not 100% night time trained and a cat that likes revenge.)  – also have a bounce bar in my dryer.

Sheets are in the dryer. Smelled clean from washer…so here’s hoping to cheap clean clothes!!!
Folded sheets.  No smell of pee and had a nice clean smell to them!!  

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