10 Random Things I Wonder About

I Wonder…

1. If my life could my like JD’s on Scrubs, where I would stop and my thoughts would take over, like someone else could hear them ?

2. If I can turn those three feet drinking straws into a children’s message some how?

3. If I was in my house alone for a week could I clean it?

4. If God had made Eve first how would life be different?

5. If I just throw all the single socks away will the missing pair show up?

6. If I’ll ever get to go potty by myself without children yelling mom or the cat by my feet.

7. If I’ll get to see all the National Parks?

8. Why there is an expiration date on sour cream?

9. If I will take a call again as a DCE?

10. What other people think I wondered about:
Isaiah (5) Jesus, Jesus in your heart
AnQuentte(6) Life, why we are so bad, cleaning, laundry
Robby(10)God, life, I don’t know, how to punish us
Jeremy (18) I don’t know, how to punish us
Dan (hubby) I don’t know, blogging

(are you sensing the age where men become clueless about women-or just afraid to say what they think we are thinking! )

Facebook friends
Wendy (baby sister)Life
Ben (friend) Universe
Anna (youth) Why I’m so awesome, ha ha I’m just kidding.

My mom -I wonder what Susann wonders others wonder about.

My mom got that on the T. I do wonder all the time what other people are wondering about. Like I wonder what on earth is going through the mind of my teenager Jeremy or Isaiah’s mind. I mean Isaiah goes from point A to B in seconds and the things he comes up with.

I wonder why people do the things they do, or why they feel they have to do things to be loved.

Now I think I am beyond my 10 random things I wonder about! (And there goes my JD mode-So I wonder if any will read this and wonder something to? Maybe they will wonder…..)

I had to….it is old!

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10 some what creative ways to keep up with laundry

Laundry is a never-ending event in my house.  Just when I think I have it done, oh look more dirty clothes.  Now with sports and three uniforms to keep clean. Sometimes my mind wanders when needing to get things done, and other creative ways of getting things done pop in.  This is just a few ways (maybe not all of them) to keep up with laundry!
  1. Consider joining a nudist colony-just saying-I mean no laundry at all!
  2. Investigate dipped on socks-I mean socks are a mom’s worst nightmare!   Or like me just keep buying new socks.
  3. Scale down clothing-I had to do this with all my kids.  We had way too many clothes that just didn’t fit but some how all always ended up in the dirty laundry hamper.   Now they are in garbage bags in the garage!  General rule for your self, if you haven’t worn it in a year, you don’t need it.
  4. As folding clothes put the ones that don’t fit or for the wrong season on the side.  Don’t put them back into the rooms.
  5. Put clothes away after folding them.  Do not let them sit on the side of the couch or the kids will jump on the couch sending the folded clothes in the air.
  6. Label kids draws so they can help put clothes away.  This one is hard for me cause they don’t put folded clothes in the drawers, the cram the clothes in the drawer.
  7. Fold laundry when it comes out of dryer.  Hang up clothes right away.
  8. Have plenty of laundry hampers for dirty clothes and laundry baskets for clean.  Laundry baskets are great to keep loads of laundry not folded or folded without putting them away.  (I have 4 now, for two weeks, staring at me saying, please put us away)  Laundry baskets are also great for doing quick cleans! (you know throw everything in the laundry basket and put it in your room and close the door)
  9. Keep laundry room clean.  Who wants to do laundry if you cannot get to the washer.  A clean laundry room may actually make you want to do laundry.  Yes you heard me right!
  10. Hire a maid to do the laundry.  (HELLO-welcome back to the real world! Stop twittering, pinteresting, facebooking, blogging, computering, and get up and get it done!)

Happy Laundering

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A little fun

Ok I like to have fun. Goof off every now and then. And that mixed with my iPhone can be a ummm-well see what I was doing for fun!:)



Yes that right, I took pictures of myself this morning for fun with my iPhone. Then I have an app called “Lablebox” and one called “phototreats”. Together they created the above pictures!

Yep it’s good to have fun right!!

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Now what was I doing?

Really I just realized I had one of those evenings last night.  And just had to blog about it…
Soooo bought a bag of cat food the other day.  Two nights ago, the cat torn into the bottom of it, guess she was hungry.  So yesterday I picked it up and put it on the counter.  And wondered, what can I put this in.  Then I remembered I have a container in the laundry room.  So I went to the laundry room and saw all the clothes on the floor that should be in laundry hampers.   I called the children in and made them put them in the hamper.  Then I realized the dryer and washer were done.  So I took out the dryer clothes, moved over the clothes from washer.  Started a new load of laundry.  Then took the clean basked in my room and folded it.  I needed hangers, so I went to AnnieQ’s room and started getting hangers.  Then I started rearranging the closet.  Got hangers, went back and hung up the clothes.  Went back into the kitchen saw the cat food, and thought oh yea, that’s what I was doing.  Then I saw the bread machine and though oh wouldn’t bread in the morning smell great?  Cinnamon bread, got to go look up recipe. So I sat down at my computer, and saw facebook open and thought I wonder what everyone is doing.  So I looked for a while.  Then I thought I wonder if I got any new email? And I checked email.  Then the dryer peeped.  So I got up and moved clothes and folded them.  I went to put more clothes away and walked into AnnieQ’s room.  I thought I should tape the room to get it ready to paint.  So I did that.  I was thirsty after and went to go get a drink.  As I walked into the kitchen I saw the cat food and wondered, now what was I doing?  Oh yea box for cat food….
Well this morning I walked into the kitchen and saw the cat food and I realized I still didn’t have the box and I have no bread. And I thought I should blog this!!!

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National Youth Gathering Part 4-The Skit Guys

While I could talk about each day in play by play, that would be just too much.  So I wanted to touch on some highlights that I really enjoyed and the Skit Guys were one of the many.  We all like to laugh.  Humor is used in ways that lighten the load on seriousness and we know  the message of God and Salvation-it is serious- but sometimes the way one can present it can make you smile or in the cause of the Skit Guys-almost pee in your pants laughter.   Oh it feels good to laugh.

Check out one of their skits on youtube or got to their web page http://www.skitguys.com/ and check them out.  They have downloadable videos with Bible studies I am look at as a resource!

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