26 Jobs You Could Get with a Computer Science Degree

Jobs you can get with a CSD

As my senior son is getting ready for graduation and the future is sitting on his door step.  Talking about college, Army, Police training, and other options come up often.  I just did a review for TeenCoder: Java Programming and Android Programming (don’t forget to check out the giveaway!) which got me thinking-what jobs can you get with a computer science degree?  So I polled some friends to see what are some jobs you can get with a Computer Science Degree. Here are 26 jobs that got listed.

  1. Analyst
  2. Computer programmer
  3. Software developer
  4. Cyber security
  5. Network support
  6. College professor
  7. Mathematical modeling
  8. Modeling & simulation
  9. Control logic
  10. Avionics Programming
  11. Database management
  12. Video game programmer
  13. Computer designer
  14. Actuary
  15. Software Architect
  16. Software Engineer
  17. Computer Networking
  18. Information Technology Consultant
  19. Start your own company
  20. Write iPhone/cell phone apps
  21. Computer Game Development
  22. Office Administration
  23. Freelance Computer Programming
  24. Writing/Blogging about Computer Science
  25. Medical Imaging Scientist
  26. Data Mining Specialist


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Teen Coder: Java and Android {Curriculum Review)

I learned computer programming in high school over 25 years ago. We didn’t have windows. We didn’t have Internet available to use. No Facebook, Twitter or other social network. I learned on trash 80 computers. Line by line. My favorite project was writing code to the game of Life. I didn’t follow through anymore on programming after I finished High school.

My husband, 8 years older than I am, was writing programs to translate English to German for his science fair project in high school. He continued on with computer engineer degree from Perdue University and has a good job in the field.

We have Come So Far….

Computer programming has come so far since I started programming. In fact, even when my father started working on computer as I was growing up. Those who were leaders in this field are the ones that designed the computers, games and electronics we grew up with. They are they ones who are inspiring the next generation of computer programmers. 20 years ago technology went from the size of a room to the size of a greeting cards. Now, it is smaller.

The future of technology is moving toward lighter, more solid, maybe solar based, unmanned, maybe trips to space on a commercial flight, to stay over night in space at a space hotel. Our technology is going to get us there. Screens will soon become bendable and flexible. Video games are becoming more and more realistic and there is an app for EVERYTHING!

As homeschooling parents we want to make sure that our children have a chance to learning programming. Living here in Huntsville AL we are surrounded by computer engineers, and this is skills that we wanted our children to have. When I first stumbled across Homeschooling Programing, I was excited, that there are courses that easily provide this for homeschooling families. Then I got a chance to review Java Programming and Android Programming along with 4 other great ladies.

The Java Program introduces 9th-12th grade students to the Java programming language, a highly popular technology with many applications! Students will learn to create graphical and console applications using object-oriented design concepts.

The Android Program students will use their Java knowledge and free Android Developers Tools for Eclipse to write their own mobile applications!

What You Need For Teen Coder

  • We used the Java Programming (1st Semester) and Android (2nd Semester) book.
  • A computer. MAC OS or Windows. I love my Mac, but do not suggest using this unless you know it well. Windows was better. But use what you feel best!
  • The Instructional DVD-Great for those that need to hear this first. (My 11 year has listened to these lessons for fun. He does not yet have the patience to do the programming, but we will try the Kid Coder Series for him.)

What We Liked About Java Programming

  • The chapters are set up very easy for mom and dad to follow as teachers, and for student to follow.
  • The instructional video was a big plus for us. While my high schooler is a good reader, hearing and seeing helps reenforces audio learning.
  • The book has many pictures and steps parents and student through each section.  A huge plus for moms who may not have a lot of knowledge in programing.
  • There is online support if you need it.
  • Even though we had to stop for a bit, we feel we can pick up without losing what we learned.
  • My husband reviewed the curriculum  and felt that it fit the needs our senior high school son well.
  • Each class is worth a 1/2 credit and can also be as an AP course for Computer Science.
  • Did I mention that when you teach a subject, sometimes you learn along with that child…(just a small plus)
The hardest thing was trying to figure out my MacBook and getting it set up. The book has it laid out well for both Mac’s and Window’s but was a little different that what I saw on my computer.  So I am glad we moved to the Windows on our desk top. Everything we needed was in the book, in the instructions DVD or through their online help.  They make it very easy for parents and students to get everything set up  and to start programing.
If my 18-year-old son wasn’t a senior this year, I could see him moving forward to the second course of Android Programming. He felt the book was laid out well for teens to read and learn from.  He also said that after he understood how to work the computer set up, he enjoyed reading, watching the instructional videos and programming.   He felt that the book helped him step by step to teach him the programming steps.  He is looking toward a career in the Army soon and sees how computer program could help him for future career choices.

Computer Programming courses for Kids and Teens!

What is the Story Behind Homeschooling Programming Inc?

I love homeschooling curriculum that is written by homeschooling parents. These are the parents who know what the needs are of the homeschooling families.

“As homeschool parents we realize what you go through trying to select the right curriculum for your students. You want something they will enjoy and something that will teach them crucial skills for the digital age.”

These great inventors of these teen coding programs, are everyday parents, just like you and me. They saw a need out there for a great curriculum for programing and designed these courses.

You can connect with them at Facebook and Twitter

Is Java and Android Programming Worth It?

My husband made a comment that computer programming changes so much that in two years things could be totally different. But the key to learning computer programing is learning the logic of it. Once you learn that, then keeping up with the changes isn’t so hard. Learning computer programming in High School gives the student an advantage in college of “knowing that logic” needed to program computers.

Is it worth it? Yes! We live in a time where many of the jobs in the future will be computer based. Starting a good foundation now will not hurt them. Learning to handle the computer responsible and wisely just gives them tools to secure the future they are looking for. Homeschooling Programming-Java Programming and Android Programming are two programs that would be great electives for you High Schooler to earn high school credit on.


The wonderful owners of Homeschool Programming would like to give away 1 (one) 1st Semester and Video Course of the winners choice! ($85-90 value!) You may pick from the Kid’s Coding Series or the Teen Coder Series. To Enter:

Leave a comment below of a career involving computer programing. Plus you can pin it on Pinterest, or tweet it on Twitter, Facebook it or Google Plus. If you do any of those things, leave a comment with the link to the pin, tweet or post. Giveaway closes in 5 days at 12am on Jan 15.  (Due to a Glitch in the Comment area, the giveaway will be extended till 12am Jan 17)  (A winner will have two days to respond after being contacted of winning. If the winner does not respond a new winner will be chosen.)

The Other Great Ladies:

Four other ladies also review some of the course offered by Homeschool Programming.

These Temporary Tents reviewed Kids Coder Series

Spell Out Loud reviewed Teen Code like I did.

See Jamie Blog reviewed Kids Coder Series

Jimmie Collage reviewed Kids Coder Series (Coming Friday!)

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Teen Coder: Java Programmer and Android Programmer free of charge, but was compensated for the time for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links. This review was coordinated by the iHomeschool Network.

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10 Reasons to be Excited for School


To be honest, the excitement for school has really not hit our house. The two older boys are not excited at all. We just got use to summer. AnnieQ and Isaiah are excited and a little confused. We sent AnnieQ to public kindergarten last year. Isaiah has always been very content to be with me and the boys at home. So he is not sure what school is or where it is. He thinks it will be where AnnieQ went. It is tempting, and I loved AnnieQ’s kindergarten teacher, she was awesome. I didn’t have the time to do anything with her class, or give of my time the way I felt I should. It was a hard schedule for us. So this year will be an adjustment for us.

So today, I asked them what they were excited about. Here is there video. Very raw. And yes every video we take Isaiah feels that we need to say “Good Luck Charlie!”

I think the best for us that builds excitement is new curriculum. There was an excitement today -our Math-U-See came today! Oh where they excited! Ran and got the box. Robby asked if he can open it up. He was excited (in a I’m a cool 10-year-old way) to see his new book. AnnieQ and Isaiah where thrilled! As you can see they are excited about school!



Here is what momma is most excited about

  • Our trip to New York, Canada , and Philadelphia and Disney Cruise.
  • Jeremy’s Senior Year
  • Having all 4 home together
  • New books
  • New System and Homeschool area
  • Not feeling stressed about schooling
  • Disneyschooling in November
  • Field Trips
  • Jeremy’s Graduation
  • Trip to Europe


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My Kid’s Top 10 Read Aloud Books that Mommy must make Funny Voices For

Well I love books.  I wonder how many time I have said that?  Right now my living room is a mess with books every where.  And that is just the kids books.  I am putting up the board books for now.  My kids are too old (sniff sniff), but who knows when a new little one will be around in this house.  I purged a large garbage bag full of broken and torn books.  By Friday I will share with you all our book transformation!

But today is our 10 in 10, where homeschool moms from all over are sharing 10 things in 10 weeks.  This week-10 read aloud books.  So my kids picked “books that mommy has to make funny voices in.”  Oh and I love to make those funny voices!  “the mouse tip toed into the kitchen past the sleeping cat, straight to the cheese.  When suddenly CRASH! The dog comes running in, knocking the table over waking the cat, who saw the mouse….. Well it’s more fun to read with the fun words and fonts!

So they picked their books, scaled them down to 10, and made a simple little movie.  Which due to technical difficulty, I did the next best thing, I made a video of the video.


Hopefully I can figure out more about Windows Live Movie maker and how to really import movies!  Robby’s idea was awesome!  We wants to make Lego movies!

Our list again:

  1. Skippyjon Jones by Judy Schachner-Skippyjon Jones is a Siamese cat who thinks he is a Chihuahua! A fun story for a little guy sent to his room with a great imagination!  The story is filled with fun words, rhymes, and a little action here and there.  Insert a bit of a Spanish accent that sways to an English accent by accident and it is a pretty funny story.   By the time I am done reading this book I am exhausted and the kids are saying more one more time!
  2. Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp! by Margaret Mayo-This books has great Dinosaur words and great action words.  Half the time momma can’t say the names and the little ones can!  Really “Ankylocaurus!”
  3. Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss-Classic-
  4. Bedhead by Margie Palatini- Poor Oliver woke up with way out of control terrible horrible bed head.  And out of all days it’s picture day at school.  This book is filled with awesome action words that are great when you got little ones with cury crazy hair also!
  5. One Drowsy Dragon by Ethan Long- This dragon wants to take a nap.  But too much play is being done!  Actions sounds-click-whoosh-clink.  By ten see who is asleep!
  6. Zing! Zing! Zing! a Violin by Lloyd Moss-This book takes you inside an orchestra with different instruments and all the sounds they make.  Very playful and whimsical.
  7. Hello, Robots by Bob Staake-This is an engineer book.  colors, sounds, just right.  My 10-year-old loved this book.
  8. I Love You Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt-What if-I still would love you.  This is a conversation between a child and momma.  You can get big and loud when reading and soft and snuggly.
  9. Edward the Emu by Sheena Knowles-This poor guy always wants to be some one else cause he thinks he is bored.  The grass is always greener on the other side.  Lots of animal sounds going on here!
  10. Hedgie Blasts Off! by Jan Brett-Hedgie wants to be an astronaut.  But he just cleans up things.  Due to certain events he gets to save the day and blast off to space!

What is your favorite read aloud book?

Don’t forget to check out our summer reading!

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#50 in 100 Things to do this Summer

We had to do a chemistry lab.
Mentos into Coke cans.

First we watched Myth Busters on what they did with Mentos and coke.

Then I bought Mentos, diet Coke, ginger al, sun kiss, and club soda.

Pictures describe the rest.







Boys had fun. Isaiah was still trying to figuring out how it worked. I promised to buy more bottles today.

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A Fun Web site find! Khan Academy

Every now and then I find fun amazing things on the internet!  OK all the time, but some are some that wow me!  You got to check out Khan Academy.  They have a whole bunch of FREE videos for Math, science, Finance, Humanities, test prep and so much more!  Great for middle school and high school.  So so exciting!  Hope you can go check them out!

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Organizing Homeschooling

So school has started and keeping me and kids organized is such a key!  This year I found these great organizers from Old School House.   These planners are one for the High school and one for Robby’s age.  They come with gobs are great resources and my favorite the weekly planner I can fill in and save.  So I give them all there assignments right away!
Robby I then organized his weekly work in a folder.  I got this idea last year from Homeschool creations.  I tried their work grids, but we haven’t gotten the hang of them.  This works well so far, but I think I need at daily schedule for Robby, to know when to do math or reading.  So things we have planned at a certain time, others he needs to work independently.  Our second week I had a two sick children which throws everything off!

My 11th grader also has a work folder.  And a box.  This year we are using mainly Life Pack from Alpha Omega.  It is easy for me and I think so far better for him.  There are 10 booklets that through out the year that he will need to finish.

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High School Science Labs….

….are either great or not.  I think science is fun and love to learn about them.  But as my son and I adventure on some of these labs…I am not sure if we are seeing what we are too be seeing!!  We are using Biology from Apologia Science.  We are using the CD version of the book.  My son does not do well with this so I think would have preferred the book.  This is his first year homeschooling and is not use to the computer that way.  Part of the course are labs.  So we are looking at fungi and yeast.  We do the labs and we are never sure what we are seeing…but I discovered that I could take pictures of what we saw in the microscope, which I though was so cool!  I am not sure if we did things right but we are having fun (maybe) trudging along!!

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And why do I need to learn this Algebra….

Let’s face it, every kid who doesn’t like math or fully understand it says “Why do I need to learn this?  Where am I going to use it?”  And when asked the other day it made me remember asking the same thing.  I wonder where am I using it now?  And as I looked down at the worksheet I realize, well I learned it for this moment…to teach my child.  But really I didn’t know 24 years ago when I was learning Algebra what I was going to be doing.  At that time I wondered why I am learning this?  I loved my teachers, but Algebra was hard to learn.
So I did some research….why do you need Algebra?
First it is required and is needed for ACTS and SATS

The rest, check out the web pages….
Algebra in the Real World
http://www.homeschoolmath.net/teaching/why_need_square_roots.php – this site has many other sites on the bottom with great links.

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Education is….

As I evaluate what we are doing in High school I realize that I have not embraced my educational beliefs yet but what I feel the public school dictate.  With Robby it is easy for follow our Charlotte Mason style, although not perfect we have follow that style.  I have not figured out how to incorporate that into high school with my son.  So I have been reading more into Charlotte Mason, and while some things I don’t fully agree with…I do most.

Education is an Atmosphere…”it is not meant that a child should be isolated but should be in “child environment.”  A child can not live in a box, but need to experience the world, talk to people all different ages, and not just sit at home.  The home environment should encourage the child in wanting to learn.  The child should be encouraged to explore the world, experience the world.
….in today world the computer can give the child the world, but is not the world.  This month we were unable to attend any of our homeschooling events.  I believe that we need to attend more things outside of sitting at home…these are learning opportunities.  Daily outside time is important and while easy for the young kids, the older one not so much.  So we need to work on this, as a family.

Education is a Discipline…”the discipline of habits formed definitely and thoughtfully, whether habit of mind or body”  Discipline and habits…two areas we need to refocus.  I could write a lot on this cause I first have to show how I am disciplined and how I form habits…
….as we define our home education program we need to create better habits…and we need to be disciplined.  I feel that as this fall goes we need to define our day more and get into a better schedule.  This will benefit us all in the future.

Education is a Life  “the need of intellectual and moral as well of physical sustenance is implied.  The mind feeds on ideas, and therefore children should have a generous curriculum.”
…I feel our schools are limited in terms of what they “have to teach”.   “A child’s mind is no mere sac to hold ideas;” but if allowed a child will have an “appetite for all knowledge”

Education is the Science of Relations “that a child has natural relations with a vast number of things and thoughts; so we must train him upon physical exercises, nature, handicrafts, science and art, and upon many living books.”
…One of the things that applied to me about Charlotte Mason was her views on books.  We try to steer clear of text books.  I have guides that tell me what they should read and do.  Each lesson I try to do short and to the point.  This has not worked so well with the teenager.  High school has many challenges with it.  There are a few things I would change.  But for now I have to work with and adapt what I have.

So as I ponder these things, I am going to shift high school more this way.  Among other things, I feel that we will get through with the best possible educational experience possible…one to be built upon.

Read and quoted from Charlotte Mason’s Volume 4: Ourselves.  To learn more about the Charlotte Mason education goto Amblesideonline.

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