100 Things to do this Summer: We Crossed Off 8 & 59

Our summer is coming to a close and we crossed off 2 more items from our list- see the Statue of Liberty and The Liberty Bell.

Liberty-Freedom these are important words for kids to know and understand. We learned about them before we went.

We only saw the Statue of Liberty from the Disney Cruise Ship. The Liberty Bell we got to tour and see it. We saw much more of Indepence Hall than just the bell.

Both powerful symbols of our freedoms here in the USA and why we need to fight so hard to keep our freedom our fore fathers fought hard for!!







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10 Reasons to be Excited for School


To be honest, the excitement for school has really not hit our house. The two older boys are not excited at all. We just got use to summer. AnnieQ and Isaiah are excited and a little confused. We sent AnnieQ to public kindergarten last year. Isaiah has always been very content to be with me and the boys at home. So he is not sure what school is or where it is. He thinks it will be where AnnieQ went. It is tempting, and I loved AnnieQ’s kindergarten teacher, she was awesome. I didn’t have the time to do anything with her class, or give of my time the way I felt I should. It was a hard schedule for us. So this year will be an adjustment for us.

So today, I asked them what they were excited about. Here is there video. Very raw. And yes every video we take Isaiah feels that we need to say “Good Luck Charlie!”

I think the best for us that builds excitement is new curriculum. There was an excitement today -our Math-U-See came today! Oh where they excited! Ran and got the box. Robby asked if he can open it up. He was excited (in a I’m a cool 10-year-old way) to see his new book. AnnieQ and Isaiah where thrilled! As you can see they are excited about school!



Here is what momma is most excited about

  • Our trip to New York, Canada , and Philadelphia and Disney Cruise.
  • Jeremy’s Senior Year
  • Having all 4 home together
  • New books
  • New System and Homeschool area
  • Not feeling stressed about schooling
  • Disneyschooling in November
  • Field Trips
  • Jeremy’s Graduation
  • Trip to Europe


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Multicultural Indian Weekend

Today we has a cool field trip to Multicultural Indian Weekend in Danville, Al. Really in the middle of no where. But once we got there it we had a great time.

About 15,000 people attended the 2011 Multicultural Indian Event, an annual festival held in May and sponsored by the Lawrence County Native American Student Club. Indian heritage is kept alive in crafts, music, dance, ceremony, and camaraderie. The 24th Annual Multicultural Indian Event was held on May 19 – 21, 2011 and included a Cherokee Living History Encampment by Diamond Brown from North Carolina, Rick Bird Drum/Singers from Cherokee, NC, Whitehorse Drum, Gospel, Country and Bluegrass Music. Native crafts and customs came alive through actual demonstrations that included flint-knapping, silversmithing, finger-weaving, gorget-making, stickball, drum-making, woodcarving, blacksmithing, basket making, pottery-making, stone pipe-making and more.
















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Our adventures out to Amish Country-a homeschool field trip

Our cover school Calvary has about 3 field trips a months.  Some months we get all three in, and other months it seems or schedule is crazy and we don’t get them in.  While I was happy when I figured out that we got to do our Amish tour!  It is a pretty drive there to Ethridge TN, from here (I need a farm up there!) and I enjoy the other families with us!  Robby has a good friend whom he has know for 4 years now.  They look forward to seeing each other!  Isaiah even made a friend this time!  homeschool, Ethridge, Amish, welcome, center

When we get to Ethridge we goto the Amish Welcome center.  There we pay for our house and buggy ride that will take us through some of the area, stopping at  few of the houses along the way.  They boys knew they wanted slingshots and fudge, and I knew I was getting a basket and  strawberry jam!  The two boys took turns sitting up front and the driver (not Amish) let Robby drive a bit.  Isaiah was all ready to move to the farm!  He loved the horses.  There was one place where they had swings and Isaiah just fell in love with.  (that will have to be for another day!)

I grew up with family living around the Amish, so for me it was never something I didn’t know or understand.  I think that their simple way of life reminds us that we are too full of other things.  While I don’t agree with all they stand for I respect their value of family and hard work.

We enjoyed our little visit to Ethridge Amish country and hope to go back, with a truck, cause there is a picnic table I would like, a swing for outside, little swings for the kids, and many more baskets!

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Our sailing trip on the ‘Alexander von Humboldt’

Our first port on our cruise was to Freeport, Bahamas’.  At first we were going to do nothing.  It is hard finding something for our family, a spread of 12 years from oldest to youngest.  But as I read the available shore excursions the words “Historical Windjammer Sailing” jumped out.  First of all, I home school and any “educational” opportunities disguised as fun, I eat it up!  Second, I love being on sail boats.  I love being in the water.  And I knew the kids would love it.  So Dan got us signed up and off we were.

Getting off on Freeport was easy and carefree, compared to Nassau.  But when we go there, no one seemed to know about our sailing trip.  There was one other family signed up to go and after a bit of a wait, things got sorted up and soon we walked over to the ship.

Ended up we were the first sailing group to go out.  She had just sailed over from Germany and had only been there about two weeks. ‘Alexander von Humboldt’  is over a 100 years old and first was a training boat before a sail boar.  The German crew was training the Bahamian crew to take over.  While it seemed a little rocky at first, things went fairy smoothly.  We went out for a three tour (Yes now I am singing the song!)


Our tour guide, Denise, was very helpful and took great care of us.  It was a lot of fun seeing how the crew worked together.  I had never been on such a sail boat and there are so many ropes that everyone has to be in sync with each other.

When the ship got her sails up, some of the German sailors came over and showed the kids how to make knots and then each family (remember only two on this little sailing trip) got to go back and “steer” the boat.

All the crew were very friendly and nice.  They bent over backwards to make our trip enjoyable.  And at the end we all got sailing certificates.

I would recommend this little excursion for anyone and any age.   We had a blast!



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A trip to Green Mountain!

Our cover school for our homeschool always start out the year with a picnic at Green Mountain. The kids love it! Robby looks forward to seeing his friends. Not to mention yummy food and a fun hike!

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100 Things to Do Summer 2011

Well here it is…our homeschooling days are done, and public schools will be done next week.  So we got our 2011 100 Things to do this summer list done!  We kept a lot of last years, but change a few up!  Have suggestions, or want to do this with us let me know. The more the merrier!!!  So here it is….

100 things to do this summer: 2011
  1. Goto Space and Rocket center
  2. Swim as much as they can
  3. Go on a hike
  4. Explore Burritt on the Mountain Museum
  5. Goto the Cathedral caverns
  6. Go fishing
  7. Go camping
  8. Explore a national park
  9. Volunteer
  10. Goto SciQuest
  11. Visit the Amish
  12. Go to the zoo
  13. Go see Civil War places
  14. Go canoeing
  15. Go white water rafting
  16. Goto Dentist
  17. Run through the sprinklers
  18. Catch lighting bugs
  19. Grow a garden
  20. Grow flowers
  21. Goto the movies
  22. Goto the library
  23. Play catch 
  24. Kick a soccer ball
  25. Goto a football game
  26. Play baseball
  27. Play basketball
  28. Got to Botanical Gardens
  29. Goto a water park
  30. Play miniature golf
  31. Goto Six Flags
  32. See a water fall
  33. See a play
  34. Swing
  35. Look at the clouds
  36. Go on a picnic
  37. Make a sand castle
  38. Go for ice cream in PJ’s
  39. Make corn starch glob
  40. Make an in door fort
  41. Make a writing journal
  42. Practice math
  43. Have a bike parade 
  44. Sing a song in church
  45. Go Geocatching
  46. Go to a farm
  47. Go to a farmers market
  48. Go on bike rides
  49. Put on a skit
  50. Explode a can of coke with mentos
  51. Go to the arcade
  52. Goto a new movie
  53. Get a tan
  54. Send Post Cards
  55. Cook dinner for someone
  56. Tie die shirts
  57. Make stepping stones
  58. Play a new board game
  59. Play a new video game
  60. Clean our rooms
  61. Make root bear floats
  62. Knit something
  63. Make your own popsicles
  64. Draw with chalk on the sidewalk
  65. Put together a jigsaw puzzle
  66. Make play dough
  67. Each kid cook dinner
  68. Learn origami 
  69. Learn how to do a magic trick
  70. Blow bubbles
  71. Go horse back riding
  72. Wash the car
  73. Set off fireworks
  74. Goto a planetarium  
  75. Take pictures
  76. Goto a county fair
  77. Goto a concert 
  78. Make a lemonade stand
  79. Find a fossil
  80. Write a letter
  81. Watch birds
  82. Adopt a pet
  83. Learn how to play chess
  84. Make a large checker board
  85. Jump on a trampoline
  86. Go sailing
  87. Goto a museum
  88. Go out with daddy
  89. Go out with mommy
  90. Goto VBS
  91. Make a bracelet
  92. Have a sleep over
  93. Plan a Block Party
  94. Read books
  95. Talk on the phone
  96. Walk in grass barefoot
  97. Goto a park
  98. Make ice cream
  99. Take a Sunday Drive
  100. Sleep in
So lets see how many we can do this summer!

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48 WAFF TV Tour

We had a nice tour today! Here are some pictures…sorry camera not really great!!
Welcome to WAFF 48! ( we know Anne Sims)

Control Room

News Room

News Studio

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Bees and Pumpkins

Today we finally got to attend on of our homeschooling cover group field trip.  It was to a bee farm and Tates Pumpkin Farm!  We had a huge turn out!  Robby loves going cause he has his little group of friends he looks forward to hanging!  AnnieQ loves to hang with Carla, our fearless leader!  Isaiah always does his own thing.  I didn’t make Jeremy go cause this was geared toward younger kids-although there were a few older teens there.  Some field trips are geared toward older kids and those I will take him with us!

So here is how our day went.  First we went to the Bee Farm.  Then to Tates Farm right around the corner. And it was fun!  See for yourself….

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