An Easter Devotion fit for Young kids

I love facebook, and blogs, and pinterest-it is like peeking into peoples windows and seeing what is going on in their lives.  To see what they are cooking, or how their house is decorated, or how cluttered their rooms are (yep makes me feel better that others are like that too!:).  My kids like to see what toys they are playing with or what video games are the ones to get.

All this does not replace human contact, but it is just fun to see what others are doing!  And as a DCE (Director of Christian Education) we “steal ideas” from each other all the time.

Here is an idea I am sharing!  I just think this is such a neat idea and that it can be adapted for different ages.  I already have ideas in my mind for my kids.  Since 12 days before Easter we will be on a cruise ship….the learning never stops on vacation!

Go check out this awesome idea over at …the true confessions of mrs. olson…: Seeing as Easter is just around the corner….

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A Little Lent and Easter for Kids

Hard to believe we are in our second week of Lent.  Sad to think I haven’t done anything with the kids!  We have a devotional some where that we have use in the past, but this year I am bearly keeping up with my own devotions.  And I think that our cruise at the end of the month has over shadowed our preparing for Easter vs Vacation.  I have a few ideas in mind to help get our kids ready for Easter.

Things I want to do

  • Resurrection Cookies–  Faithful Provisions has a wonderful step by step how to do this.
  • Holy Week banner
  • Resurrection Eggs
  • Blessing Baskets- we did this a few years ago, we put together some baskets with some fun stuff in them and handed them out to various people.  
  • Jelly beans poem.  We did this before and handed it out to people.
I also collected some great Lent and Easter ideas over at Pinterest.  Check me out.  
Other sites that have some fun ides.  
The common sense mama – has some awesome ideas including a link to Lenten Adventure.
Children’s Ministry– Has some great Palm Sunday ideas
Catholic icing – has wonderful ideas from food to crafts
Sunday school kids -a learning game for Holy Week – a HUGE list of resources for Lent and Easter
raising little saints – Also a nice list of blogs and resources for Lent and Easter
CPH has a great collection of books to teach and share the story of Lent and Easter
While I am not Catholic, some of these catholic mom’s have awesome ideas!
What are you doing for Lent and Easter?  Share with me!

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