10 Things to do with Boiled Easter Eggs

So we made 5 dozen Easter eggs this year.  Why?  Cause my kids eat eggs like they are going out of style.  But it is a lot of eggs.  So I wondered what else can you do with boiled eggs.  Beside peel and eat!

  1. Egg Salad
  2. Deviled Eggs
  3. Picked Eggs
  4. Put them in a Cobb Salad
  5. Put them in Potato Salad
  6. Add an egg to a bowl Ramen
  7. Strawberry Shortcake (put yoke in dough)
  8. Seriously-by now I have looked through 20 web pages and these recipes look not like ones my family would eat.
  9. So play Egg Roll game
  10. And Play Egg Spoon Relay

Really, my kids like to just peel and eat them. Oh and they still hide and hunt them!

What some interesting ideas for the Egg Shells?  The Prairie Homestead has over 30 plus ideas!


What do you do with boiled eggs?


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Eating Candy for Breakfast and Oh I Believe

Well, like all other parents on Easter, we are exhausted.  I awoke 4am to use the bathroom and when I went back to bed I noticed the lights on in the kitchen.   In there was a very awake 12 year boy-ready for Easter.  Ready for his basket.  Ready to goto church.  He was ready for the day.  I was ready for bed.  But I made a cup of coffee and started my morning.



Soon Dan and Robby were out the door and I had some down time to get my self ready for church. About an hour later the kids got up and after a few melt downs, they were dressed- ready to go.  After Squeakers was fed her bottle and dressed in her Easter dress we were ready to go. (Note-there are no pictures of our foster baby-the baby is Haddie our grand baby.) The kids basically dumped their candy (BIG MISTAKE) in a bag and off we went.

So began the candy for breakfast.  The sugar fest.  The surge of extra energy.  The “Easter Baskets are not going to have candy in them next year threat” from mommy.

What was I thinking?

So candy was eaten all morning.  ALL MORNING LONG!!

It does make for happy kids for picture taking.  You know where you pray in the 100 you take you get at least 1 that can work!



I knew it would wear off. Soon, I am hoping.  But my favorite moment of the morning- and I do have many-was went we were in church.  Our pastor was preaching on people believing in things of the world.  And then our pastor talked about believe in Jesus and the message of the cross.  And Isaiah, sitting on the floor, eating candy, says fairly loudly “Oh I believe!”

Dan and I could not help but laugh.  Here is our most difficult child most days, but he has the most important thing figured out in his life.  And he is not afraid to share it!

I thought we should have all said “Oh I believe!” at that moment.  How we sit so quietly and listen.  But maybe we need to eat candy for breakfast and shout to the world “Oh I believe!”


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The Night Before Easter

The Night Before Easter
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Except momma settling down
With Baskets filled with candy and toys
And Easter eggs that are colored
and ready to be hidden
Easter outfits were pressed and ready to go.
Shoes were found and lined up in a row.
Everything of tradition for the morning celebration.
That started at 5am.
Two will awake to quietly sneak out of the house.
Soon the birds will fill the air.
And the rest of the children all awake.
To get dressed in their Easter outfits.
Celebration is coming.
Easter baskets are looked over.
Eggs are still to be found.
But on Easter morning
We celebration Christ is Risen!
So the stillness of night lays the anticipation of resurrection.
And the Night Before Easter –
We still know Jesus Wins!



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Is Holy Week for Kids?

Through the last 12 years of being a parent I have struggled with parenting and worship.

It is not always easy.  Kids have whined, screamed, thrown, (no really I had one child throw a shoe in worship), fallen in the pew and bumped their head.  I have dragged children out unwilling. I have had Cheerios spill, coffee spill (yes I have no shame-I have had coffee in church), bottles leak, diapers leak, poppy diapers and gassy babies during “quiet time.” Fights over crayons, who has the most paper and tears when pencils break.

I have walked out of church either so frustrate and frazzled or content that I never could figure out this parenting in worship concept.

Is worship for kids?  Is it for families? Am I to be feed?  If I was dealing with kids all service long-should I just stay home?

Yet every worship service we bring our kids.  Everyone.  Most of the time we are on time.  Every now and then late.  And there are even a few sightings of us attending early service.  Yes I know-early service.

Palm Sunday

While my kids during worship are coloring, or drawing, or talking (shhhhhh) I feel like-with 4-5 kids I

finally got this.  I think.  I feel good at balancing worshiping with parenting.  I think.  I hope.

They are growing and learning.  They don’t always listening -or I don’t think they are, but they know the liturgy.  And they know some hymns.  In fact they will hum the tunes through out the week.
So I have really started teaching my kids about the church year now.  And we have been focusing on Holy week for a while.  Starting with Palm Sunday last Sunday.  They knew this was the week we spent 5 days in worship.  Each worship day special and unique.

Yesterday AnnieQ woke up and asked “So today is Monday Thursday-right?”  And so more teach and learning happens. When does everything go away?  Today they were asking what happened today?  Jesus died-who killed him?  The camp fire is Saturday-right?  Isaiah will always ask, “Can I roast a marshmallow?”


Last night at Maundy Thursday Worship.  Service started at some of our kids bedtime. They all had been looking forward to the stripping of the Altar, we had been talking about it for a few days.  Robby got to help strip the altar. But Isaiah had fell asleep before the end of the service.  I was disappointed that he missed the end of the service.


Chances are tonight, he will fall asleep too.  While this means one less child to deal with, I have to wonder is Holy Week made for families or for just adults.  I walked into church with 5 kids last night at 7:30p.m.  when most of them on a normal night would be getting ready for bed if not in bed.  It was a calm night.  Babies fussed a bit, one got taken to the nursery.  Isaiah fell asleep.  The other two colored and drew.  Over all it was stressless worship.  But I have to wonder if there would have been kids there if worship had been a wee bit early, and if Isaiah would have stayed awake to see the end. I wondered at the end if Holy Week services were for kids and families.  I wonder these things often.

A tradition is built on something you do year after year.  Something that your family does every year.  Our family goes to church.  Sunday service.  Advent and Lenten services.  Christmas Eve and Holy Week.  We are there.  My 12-year-old is excited to Acolyte tonight at the Good Friday Service.  Excited.  My kids have been asking me all day, when is church.  This is our Holy Week Tradition.

So the question is Holy Week for Kids.  Yes, for our family. And yes, I would like to see the worship time early so more families can experience this and get their kids to bed at a good time for school the next day.  Maybe some do.  But I like the anticipation that our family has.  I like that my kids look forward to each service and the meaning held behind each one.  I like that in their own way-Holy Week is for them.  Holy Week-the journey of Jesus to the cross.


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A Tisket, a Tasket… Win an Easter Kid’s Gardening Basket!

A Tisket  A Tasket

Growing up, I loved Easter.  Our family was always active in church and the holiday’s were always  special because of the extra time spent there.  What I loved about Easter was the early sunrise mornings, the Easter Breakfasts, the orchid corsages,  Easter eggs, and Easter Baskets.  My most favorite was singing Christ the Lord has Risen Today with the birds!

I never knew what was going to be in our Easter baskets.  It was never much, but it was always special.  One year I got a hanging plant, I remember that!  And of course candy and lots of it!

My favorite memory was one year we did an Easter Egg Hunt inside with our boiled Easter eggs.  Some how we missed one.  We found it many, many months later, when it was accidental broken. STINKY!!

When I had my first son, I wanted to make Easter special.  Easter we are normally at church sunrise to about 1 p.m. So finding time for an Easter Basket was always challenging for the morning time.

One year I did a scavenger hunt, where the first clue started at home, went through the morning at church and finally lead to the Easter Basket back at home!  One year I did a Church Easter baskets, where most everything  could be used for the morning worship service.  Last year I did Garden baskets.

Our kids love to garden.  Nothing big, but enough that they get their hands dirty and can eat the veggies of their work!

This week you have a chance to win an awesome Kid’s Gardening Easter Basket!  With a great assortment of some fun and hopping gardening items!  Perfect for any boy or girl to start growing a little garden and have some fun with it too!  Included in the basket are:

  • 6 Burpee Seed packets: Zinna, Cucumber, Sunflowers, Tomatos, Peas and Carrots.
  • 10 Pots for Seed Starting from Burpee.  You need to add the dirt and soon you all can watch your seeds grow!
  • Adorable Frog gloves and hat to keep their hands cleans clean and sun out of their eyes!
  • Garden signs to put in their garden.
  • A little shovel and rake to plant their seedlings into their garden!
  • A watering can and  spray bottle to keep their new plants happy and healthy.  And to cool them off in the hot summer sun!
  • And while their plants are growing there is a bug catcher to check out little bugs, a little magnify glass to see the world up close, and chalk-just to have fun!
  • Sun, water and dirt not included.

Everything you need to start a little children’s garden!  What child would not love to get this on Easter morning?  easter basket


a Rafflecopter giveaway


This giveaway is part of ihomeschoolnetwork.com.  I put the basket together with wonderful items I found at my favorite store Target.  It is worth about $30.  Make sure you hop on over to check out all the other great Easter Baskets put together by these great ladies!


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(2)†”See the Light” Easter Art Basket from Classic Housewife
(3)†Tea Time Basket from See Jamie Blog
(4)†Butterfly Basket from Spell Outloud
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(6) Pamper the Homeschool Mom Basket from Granola Mom 4 God
(7) Freezer Cooking Basket from Motherhood on a Dime
(8) Hodgepodge Basket from Hodgepodge
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(10) Making Writing Fun Basket from This Reading Mama

(11) Coffee: Fuel for Homeschooling Moms Basket from Homeschoolin’ Mama
(12) Mom’s Quiet Time Basket from Upside Down Homeschooling
(13) Missionary Basket from Our Journey Westward
(14) Happy Mom Basket from Habits for a Happy Home
(15) Crafty Goodness Basket from Mamas Learning Corner

(16) Rejuvenate the Mom Basket from Spoonful of Imagination
(17) Beginner’s Math Manipulatives Basket from Meet Penny
(18) Welcome Spring: Gardening Basket from Abundant Life
(19) Healthy Living Basket from The Encouraging Home
(20) Mom’s Pampering Basket from Teaching Mama

(21) Kid’s Gardening Basket from Momma Hopper
(22) The Gift of Parenting Basket from Teachers of Good Things
(23) Preschool Crafts Basket from It’s Gravy, Baby!
(24) All the Extras – Electives and Enrichment Basket from Curriculum Choice
(25) Homeschool Mom Basket Case Basket from Classic Housewife


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For Easter next year

What I love about Pinterst (well there is ALOT I love about Pinterst) is that when you see an idea you think would work for the next holiday you can pin it up so you don’t for get.  I have many of them pinned up.  Since I started at Thanksgiving time, I haven’t repeated any holidays yet, so this is just a theory it is going to work!

But I read a web site that had a great idea that I wanted to “pin” away for next year.  They sent their son on a scavenger hunt to find objects of the holy week to talk about.

1.  Garden (dirt)

2. Thorns

3. A piece of wood

4.  Something that has died (like a bug, flower or plant)

5. A rock

6.  Something soft and white

7.  Something that was dead and came back to life (like a tulip)

And with these objects they could discuss the story of Jesus with their little boy.

What a great idea!  Hands on, gets kids out side, and kids love looking for things.   And you are able to retell the story of the old rugged cross!

Next year I plan to use this idea!  So for now, I am filing it for Easter next year!

LOVE is all you need…: Our Easter Best.

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That’s right-A shovel in the Easter baskets

These kids of mine have been bugging me.  Mom we need a farm.  We  want a lot of land to run around in.  We want to sell vegetables.

Good, we have a nice size of land here-a garden that needs some help  and two animals.  Tend to these first!

Our Garden has done really well in the past.  Two years ago it was amazing.  The kids brought in buckets of tomatoes.  And peppers, a few green peppers, white eggplant and we even got summer squash.  We tried water melons but they were not sweet at all.

Last year we didn’t do anything.  The tornadoes came through about planting time.  Every thing sat.  And now our garden is in need of help.

As you can see, the garden needs help.  The weeds have over come.  The fences needs to be replaces.  And my children want a garden to plant. So yes for Easter I got them shovels, gloves, watering cans, and seeds.  Each designed for their size.  

Today they are already weeding the garden.  Then Dan will fix it up and we will get plants planted.  Last year the tornadoes took a lot away from us (like our favorite tree in the back) this year we are giving our  back yard new life!  Just like Christ gave us new life at Easter.  And this is why I put a shovel in the Easter baskets.

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Our Resurrection Garden

It was my dear friend Sheila first showed this idea to me.  Before I knew it everyone was making them.  I was also getting ready to be away from the house for two weeks so I knew that I really could do this then.   When we came back, I knew for sure I was going to do it. We did ours a little to late-our grass did not grow really yet, but the kid had fun, and I had little devotions with each time.

To make you need

A bottom of a pot (saucer)

A small clay pot


grass seed

a rock (use used the saucer that fit the small pot)

Rocks (we used the broken cement that was in our yard that the kids made a mess with -yep two stones on that one)

three crosses.  Most were making them with twigs and hot glue.  I use three cross from our church.  They were used as necklaces that everyone was wearing.

As we made it we talked about the story leading up to Good Friday.  We talked about why Jesus needed to goto the cross.

My Little Ham, always wanting to be in the picture!

It sat like this till the evening out Good Friday.  My original goal was to have them write and draw sins and put it in then close it up.  But we got back too late and they were so tired.  So we just “put” our sins in there, and closed it up.

There are three cross on there, the just put two of the side also.

My grass wasn’t growing fast so I covered with plastic wrap (left over from Christmas!)

On Saturday Isaiah asked me what was going on in the tomb.  I said a big battle.  He leans in to listen…”I think Jesus wins”  Oh from the mouth of children!

And now, the first thing they see before Easter Baskets is the open empty tomb.

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A Little bit of Easter

I find I like doing Easter Eggs just before Easter. Normally not as late as today but I woke with a headache and that tends to mess everything up. But I got my act together. I decided (since they were on sale) to let each one have their own color cups.















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A Fun Hands on Devotion for kids

As a mom of 2 younger children and a foster mom of who knows at the time, I love hands on learning for teaching!  This Morning I happen to catch one from the blog-I Can Teach My Child!   A simple devotion from John 9:1-12 using brown play dough!

Check it out!


I Can Teach My Child! — Activities and resources for parents of young children.

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