Oz The Great And Powerful: A Movie Review for Families

A Family movie review

A Family movie review

In just 4 days the movie Oz The Great And Powerful will be release in Theaters.  I had the chance to see this movie as a preview last week at Disney as a perk of being a DVC member.  My husband and I saw it at Epcot in one of their event buildings.  It was the first movie I ever went to were I had to check in my phone and camera and had to be security wanded to be let in.

Before the movie began we had the chance to see three previews: One being for the new movie Iron Man 3…..it is going to be good!  We were the first audience to see it!

IMG_2849The movie Oz The Great And Powerful is a wonderful movie that tells the front story to the classic Wizard of Oz.  It is a colorful, whimsical play on a classic story of good and bad.  Disney does an outstanding job bringing you into the time period of the movie and making you feel the characters pain, sorrow and joy.

This movie does have some intense moments in it.  Having gone through the tornadoes here a few years ago, I do warn parents that if this still haunts your child, to either wait for your child to see this movie, or just prepare them for the tornado scene.   It did  seem to go on a for a few moments, and while I watched the movie that was the only scene that jumped out at me as warning flag, but only because I live an area that had been affected by an F5 tornado just a few years before.  I will warn my kids and take them.  I can’t hide them from tornadoes, but that is for a parent to decide what is best for their child.


There were some other moments that I did jump, that is a good movie in my opinion!  And I just loved the wicked witch…actually I feel a little sorry for her…but I am not giving anymore away!


This I would rate this movie as a go see movie.  I would advise as with any movie to check out the web site and know your child before going to the movies.  I am writing this post on my own.  No one asked me to write it, I am getting nothing in return.  If you would like to know more about DVC and perks it has at Disney World, leave a comment below!

Also, if you get a chance to visit Epcot, they have a fun new area based off of the movie with a great play area for kids!



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Our Preview Visit to the New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Disney

This a week ago last Monday I was able to sneak in with other DVC member to get a sneak peek of the new Fantasyland opening up sometime next month at the Magic Kingdom at Disney. While there was some stress getting there, once in-we were in awe. I have to apologize-my pictures are only from my iPhone as we forgot the good camera at home. They are not good at all, since my phone was having issues! Sorry :(

When you are first walking in

We choose the Bella Tour-but since it was the DVC preview and it was not busy at all, we got to do both! We first did Bella’s story time. First you enter into her house.

Belle’s house

Belle's HouseAfter you wait a while in Belle’s little house, you move into Maurice’s workshop and that is where some magic takes place.


I don’t know how it happened, but soon we found ourselves in a room with Madame de la Grande Bouche AKA The Wardrobe. Here, the players for the story are picked. Tip: for a picture with Belle: you need to be in the play.

AnnieQ was Maurice!


From there we go into Belle’s Library where Belle comes and tells you the story of the night they met! It is a great interactive event. My only concern for the future when this opens, is it will be a wait, so use the Fast Past when you can!


I took Video of the story. From there we went to visit the new Be Our Guest Restaurant. It was not doing test runs that day, but we got to walk through!


From there we visited the New Mermaid Ride. My phone camera did not work well inside. There is a very long inside wait, so doing the summer months guest will be cool waiting, with a few fun little surprises waiting for them.

We got to also get our picture taken with Ariel -an added bonus since it wasn’t busy at all!


Over all I LOVED our time! Fantasyland is schedule to open Dec 6th. It is worth your time to schedule a trip to Magic Kingdom to see this new and exciting addition to the park! I have grown up with the park since it opened in 1971 , and I love what they have done. Keeping with the Disney tradition, using modern technology and “magic” Disney has once again topped it self.





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Just In Case you Wonder what 4 Minutes in a Homeschooling Day is Like

My kids are goofy.  And say the funniest things.  At any moment in our house we can go from organized learning to total craziness.  From screaming and yelling and throwing to playing nicely and getting things done.  Our days our not perfect.  We are facing new challenges in our family that has made homeschooling very challenging this year.  But we keep moving forward.

I may sign up for the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon.  Big step on my part.  Considering I am totally out of shape for running.  But I guess you need to be a princess?  So I asked my kids doing one of our science experiments what princess mommy should be.


And that would be 4 minutes in our homeschool day.  (Robby did recreate his person to stand up right.  AnnieQ finally finished hers.  And Isaiah.  Isaiah smeared his play dough  over a block and I told him to go play somewhere else.  :) )

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School Lunches: What We can Learn from Disney {part 2of3}

Last week I started writing about school lunches and children who are really hungry.  It made me wonder, who should be teaching children to eat healthy?  The government has taken it upon themselves to tell schools, parents and children how much they may eat.

Seems to me that eating healthy starts with the parents. It starts when they have babies. It starts by promoting breast-feeding. Breast milk changes flavor with the things the mother eats/drinks. Babies will develop taste early on for different flavors. (please note I know that not all can breast feed and respect that. I bottle feed all my foster babies.) Just because baby turns his nose on carrots the first time doesn’t mean you stick a french fry in front of them. But it is from the beginning that babies and children learn how to eat.  It is not McDonald’s fault if a mom puts a french fry in front of their baby.  (ummm or gives them a french fry so they can drive a little bit longer!-yes I am guilty of that one!)

I am not a perfect mom when it comes to anything. I tried from the beginning to set healthy eating habit for my kids.  (I didn’t want them to end up like me!:) That meant I made “some” of my babies baby food. I didn’t give cow milk to any of my babies till after 2.   I didn’t jump in to feed them the “meat products” so soon. Yes we eat meat.

I gave choices.   I love toddle nibble trays.  I don’t know if all that worked? But I have children who eat veggies. Who love salad. Who love french fries. And who love candy.  I think that we balanced out the best of both worlds.

We have been going to Disney now for about six years now. When you have a child that prefers fruits and veggies verses fries eating there at first was hard. The children’s menu where the same “kid friendly” items.  After 10 days (yes our first family trip was 10 days to cram it all in…camping) it got old and boring.  My 4-year-old was begging for “adult foods”

As Disney changed, they changed their menu-but they didn’t get rid of the fries. They added more choices. Now my kids can choose what they feel like eating. Some days it’s grapes or carrots to dip. Other days it may be fries or maybe a brownie.

On the Disney cruise ships (or their restaurants)  meals are severed with portions in minds.  They are fun, and most of all good to eat.  I always say, if we could learn how to cook and eat like this, meaning food quality and portion control, we as Americans would be healthier and maybe have a bit more in our pockets for other things, like vacations.

I love Disney Buffets. They offer the best of both worlds. They have a kids size buffet with many of the kids favorite foods plus the kids can pick from the other parts of the buffet.  My kids get a little from there, then they get to taste all the other great foods out too. Most end up with many different veggies and fruits.  It was teaching to them to take smaller portions to try something.  It was also us, setting the example, that was the hard part still is. 

Disney makes dessert ok to have!  The desserts are small portions. There is no reason to get rid of the good stuff. The key is control portions and Disney does this well. One the Disney cruises we just took, our kids got to try three desserts after they ate. (our rule)

So while schools are getting rid of foods, cutting back calories, maybe they should be watching how Disney did it.  They gave choices, and then put the parents in charge of the choices-to help teach the kids.   Here is the deal.  We parents want great food for our kids.   Look at the market for organic baby food, wholesome foods….there is not a lack.  And at the same, it  seems healthier is more expensive.  In some regards it is.    Each family having to make their choices as to what they will feed their children.  Disney gives choices, and I love those choices.  They give fun portion control.  And even with portion control, you have the option to buy seconds.  Or if you are on a cruise ship, eat till your heart is content.   My kids normally don’t get seconds, unless they are hungry.  Sometimes their tummy trick their eye….

These desserts look large….the jello cup was about as tall as my finger and the spoon was tiny.  The plate was a tiny dessert plate.  Fun, but within limits.



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Fish Extenders-What are They?

We are getting ready for our third Disney Cruise. Now I am on the DISboards, but do not follow much.  But my husband does.  He asked me what a FE was.  So I looked it up. FE was for “Fish Extenders”  But what were they?

Basically they where pockets that hung on the fish hangers outside the door where people would exchange gifts.  Groups got together before the cruise  to form FE groups.

So I researched more and we decided this cruise we would participate in the FE with about 20 other families.  Of course I also decided to make my own…cause nothing I do has to be easy!  So with a vision, some help from the kids to pick out their fabric for their pockets and a wonderful friend to help me finish it along with these great back packs.  Now, mine are far from perfect, but for first time around, and making from a picture, I would say not bad!!

Fish extenders

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Off Road Eating

If there is one thing we should have learned by now watching the food channel it is you should eat at all small town diners and restaurants you can.

And most trips we do not do this. We stay close to an exit. But today I said let be bold. More like Alton or Guy.

So we ate local BBQ! And it was very good, and flavorful. Beats Hardee’s or McDonalds!







Disney Family Cruising Tip: mom and dad take time to goto Palo one night. You need reservation and it does cost a little extra-but well worth it.

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Packing the Car in a Storm

We are going on a Disney Cruise. We are driving to New York City to cruise on the Disney Magic. I have been working on packing for a week…got the suitcases down Monday. (just a note-don’t do that with a drumstick ice cream cone..just saying).

We had most everything packed-once my husband got home today we zipped everything closed and started to load the car….


Whew…an interesting way to begin! But we are tucked in-all snug as a bug!



And so we begin our journey to New York to cruise Disney Magic.

Cruise packing tip: pack a carry on bag with bathing suits and other needed items because your luggage will not be at your room right away.

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A Little Bit of Magic Heading to New York City

Well it is no secret that cruising and Disney are talked about on a regular basis here in this house.  My husband Dan is well umm addicted to cruising ( I like cruising) and we love Disney (I was there from the beginning!)  Disney cruises bring the best of both worlds together for us.

Right now as I type my husband is on another computer watching the Disney Cruise Ship Magic head up to New York City on Mariner Time.  Just seems not too long ago we were waiting for the arrival of Fantasy in New Your City.  We follow the building of that ship and her journey over.

We have been on two of the Disney Cruise ships now, Wonder and Dream.  Magic we get to go on in September for a 5 day cruise of New york up to New England and Canada.

Disney Cruises work well for our family!  They have more rooms that have a door joining them, so larger families like ours can be together.  And the kids activities are outstanding!  Sorry other cruise ships we have cruise on and still like….Disney by far has this one hit out of the ball park!

And of course being a homeschooling mom, why not a little “disneyschooling” along the way!  Think of the amazing hands on lessons my kids get!  Maybe a little side trip along the way to see the Liberty Bell?

Magic also will be our cruise ship next year when the two older boys, Dan and I head over to Europe!  We are on their first European cruise of the season.  This is a Wahoo Jeremy graduated from High School and Dan turns fifty!  (oh I am having fun with that one on the ship, the things I can do!)

Disney’s best kept secret is how we are able to do all our Disney cruising!  If you do decided to go invest in that best kept secret tell Mickey I sent you his way!


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A Lego Cruise Ship

You know my sweet husband is addicted to Disney (well so am I) and cruising. He loves cruising. He loves watching the ships go in and out of the harbors.
And the kids love watching with him. It’s their special time together. With the latest Disney cruise ship out Fanasty they love seeing all about it.
Because Robby made a Disney cruise ship out of Legos today.


After he showed me he said “mom they should make a Lego cruise ship”. Now there’s something to think about! How many Legos do you think it would take? But on the other hand a themed Lego cruise ship-oh there could be cool rooms!

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The Last of Disney…just for fun!

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