10 Things We Learned The First Week of Whole30

Whole30week1 for a family of 5

I had read about Whole30 a while ago from Once a Month Cooking.  Last month I stumbled upon on it again, did some research on it and sorta told my husband about it, and then announced at dinner we as a family were going to do Whole30 for 30 days starting August 2.  (August 1st was my birthday.) We as a family had one week to get ready . So here are 10 things we have learned about our family just the first week of Whole30.

1.  I had to cooked 3 meals a day for 7 days.  The kids LOVE this.  Most days breakfast was just cereal or Nutella on toast.  And lunch was a frozen meal or a can meal.  Yes I went all out.  But on Whole30, I have to actually cook.  And plan, which worked mostly ok.

2. With all that cooking came a LOAD of dirty dishes!  I felt overwhelmed with the dishes this week.  Just when I think we are finally getting caught up -I cook again!!

3.  We got new white dishes.  I bought white square dishes at Target.  Mainly cause they were a little bit deeper,and held salads well.  But we soon realized our food looks great on white!

4. We have shopped ALOT this week!  We needed to get our meat.  We did that mostly at Costco.  We are not a 100% organic or grass feed-but close enough.  This is a huge transition and it is not easy.  I have been to the store 4 other times for other items-mostly veggies and fruits.

5. Our kids are on board for the most part. The biggest thing for them at first was no sugar and wheat.  The second day there was cake at church and   two of my three kids did well with no cake.  Isaiah was sad and mad he could not have no cake.  But he didn’t eat one.  They drink water and eat what we give them.  Isaiah has cheated….but we kinda expected that!

6.  Eggs are our friend! You eat a lot of eggs.  Good thing my kids LOVED eggs already!  Boiled eggs are a great on the go food.  It seems we have been through 9 dozen eggs the first week!!!

7. Fruit Salad-Yummy Yummy! Robby grew up with the Wiggles and we have been eating a LOT of fruit!  Well not too much-but more than normal and I bought a far share of fruit.  But now the kids like to make fruit salad-cause they like being involved in the cooking process!  Which is a little hard for me cause I like to sometimes be alone in the kitchen.

8.  We are eating at the dinning room table! – For a long time we ate at the kitchen table. Then only kids and the adults in the living room.  Then I don’t know what happened when Whole30 started.   We starting this week eating at the dinning room table.  And the one day we were not, the kids were disappointed-so we did.

9.  We are not eating out and no Starbucks! This is big for our family.  Cause remember #1, one of the reasons why I didn’t cook all the time was cause we also ate out a lot!  And I drank Starbucks a LOT.  I am good with coffee black!

10.  I am feeling better. First week was a rocky road.  It was hard.  Some days I felt like crap.  I felt much better by day 7. I am seeing a difference in the kids and my husband! So we will pushed through the next three weeks and decided where we are going from there!

We can do this!!

Here are some of the dishes I cooked for my family!

Whole30 for family of 5

First Shopping Trip of Many for Whole30

whole30 for family of 5

Roasted sweet potato, bacon, sweet onion and spinach -For breakfast


Simple Breakfast


Kid’s Favorite Lunch-Taco Salad


Our Anniversary Dinner -Coconut crusted fish, mango and pineapple and grilled squash


Cherry’s while they were on sale!!!





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Creating Household Habits

Habits. We know if we do something enough times it should become a habit. With summer winding down and schooling beginning, now is the time to create better household habits. Last May our family grew when my 18-year-old daughter in law moved in and soon after my grand baby girl was born.

Having another young family within our family creates new challenges and lots of joy. While we attempted to sell the house and move into what we thought would better fit us, after a while, we decided to make our house work. A key to making it work is creating household habits for everyone.

This isn’t going to happen over night. And the first step -it starts with me. So I am tackling a few areas the next week.

  • Making sure we have a weekly menu and I have shopped for that menu.
  • Planning for cooking for a month and filling the freezer with lunch foods.
  • Keeping the kitchen cleaned.
  • Giving the children morning and afternoon chores.
  • Keeping my closet floor picked up.
  • 15 minutes of organizing an area.

So come with me as I start to create household habits for our family. My friend Sarah is also blogging about Kicking Habits over at Living Gracefully.

household habits

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Turkey Dinner in a Potpie

You know we have been eating left overs a lot the last few days. Not only Thanksgiving dinner, but we had pizza and leftovers from eating out once. And since Isaiah ask me over and over and over what’s for dinner (my standard answer the last few days is left overs) I surprised him and said Potpie.

So simply I took cream of Chicken soup and added Thanksgiving dinner to it!! And made Isaiah help. I had pie crust already in fridge. Then added some celery, corn, turkey, squash, green beans-baked it up and yummy!!

How are you eating your left overs?




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Makings of a Strong Family-Table Conversation

13.  Encourages family table time and conversation

I know  I skip a few.  My laptop went boom and I just decide to start here.

We use to most nights eat at the table.  I don’t know what happened.  Sadly we have gotten away from them and I feel how it has affected our family.  Normally lately it is piled high with everyone’s stuff.  We are normally running to ball games or meetings or running kids here or there.  We lost our family table time and this has hurt our family.

They say that families that eat together have better grades in school, communicate better with parents, eat healthier.   A few years ago, ok many years ago, I wrote a skit for a Sr. High gathering up in Ohio.  It was “The Three Tables.”  The family table, the youth room coffee table and the Lord’s table.  I truly feel you keep your family around the family and Lord’s table you can keep things pretty grounded!

In our family we were suffering with the family table.  Two days ago  I decided enough was enough.  I wanted my table back again!  It got cleaned and found a  few other things to put on it.  I did this so all summer long my kids and I can sit and talk about different things.

Family table talk

The Really Wooly Cards I found at our Christian book store and they were made by DaySpring.  I am a sucker for those cute sheep! So I was thrilled when I saw them!


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Semi Wordless Wednesday-Tip for Stuffing Shells

Me wordless….doesn’t happen often.  So I will make this brief.  Had a headache.  Already switched dinner menu around cause I was supposed to had started dinner in the morning.  Simply making shells, kids love them, I hate stuffing them.  Idea came to me (sure others have thought of it)-use a zip lock bag!

stuff shells

Mix everything together in bag.

Dirty snow AKA cottage cheese and apple butter

Ate a little dirty snow since I had the cottage cheese out.  That is what my great grandparents use to call it!  It is simple cottage cheese and apple butter.

And dinner came out….yummmm

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What Exactly is Couscous?

I made couscous for dinner tonight.  It has been a while since I have made it.  We have eaten it at Disney .  So the question came up what is it?  Well the way we figure all things we don’t know, we googled it!  And here is what we found out!

What exactly is couscous? | Cookthink.

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The Best Kept Secret on Carnivnal-Chef’s Table

When Dan and I took our cruise last August he had read something about the Chef’s table.  He was able to get our name on the list and the Chef picked us to join the party.

This Cruise he was able to get us in again and our friends, Mike and Cyndi  were able to join us.  It was a nice evening.  We ate.  We drank.  We drank some more.  We ate some more.  I always say if you want to know what an Iron Chef Judge feels like, this is a great way to see how yummy fine dinning is!

Our tour began with the Chef giving us a history of how he became the head chef.  Then we moved into the kitchen and got to see how everything worked.  There we had a little reception with Champaign and delicious hors d’oeuvres.

From there we had an amazing 7 course meal.

 By this point I had ummm a lot of wine, and barely could finish all the dessert.  After a quick good bye to the other guest we had our picture taken with the chef and left to find the rest of our group.  This whole experience is an extra fee, but one that seems well worth it.  Since they had just changed the menu we have had two different menus.  I will not post what everything is, takes away from the surprise  of what’s next!  If you ask I will tell you.

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7 Layer Salad

I always like to bring 7 layer salad’s to potlucks, they are easy to make and I cheat a bit by buying the prepackaged items.  But here is the recipe, adapted for years and really 7 layers of anything can do.  But this is what I use. (plus I get to try out this new recipe widget for my blog:))

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The Cabinet of No Return

About three years ago I bought a George Forman Grill! I grilled chicken and burgers. The newest wore off and it found itself in the cabinet of no return.
Then at Kroger’s a few weeks ago at the Deli they had a guy there grill these yummy ham and cheese on a George Forman grill. I thought I have one! So I got what I needed and headed home.  I dug through that cabinet of no return and found what I was looking for all the way in the back.  I got it out, dusted it off and got cooking!   They where yummy!
Now we make Quesadillas in them. So easy! We have put left over turkey or ham in it. Tonight just cheese-two kinds! So rediscover a “put away” appliance and see what new stuff you can do!

Pizza cutters are great to cut these! (also works great for waffles and pancakes!)

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Beef Broccoli Alfredo

We are working hard to stay on track for keeping to dinner plans. The nice thing about out monthly menu is I lamented it so I can change things as needed.

Since we eat out for birthdays I moved Mondays dinner to Tuesday. Cut out Tuesday plan and changed Wed shrimp to chicken. But we ate chicken last night so I found hiding in the freezer boneless beef round steaks I bought  BOGO free.
My noodles where free, Alfredo sauce bygo free $3.60. Broccoli $2 so this dinner about $8 for 8 servings! (ok the meat disappeared quickly.)

We pounded the meat to make it tender.

I put the frozen broccoli in the strainer-pour noodles over water thaws them.

– fried up steak with a little salt and garlic powder

Cut it into strips

Mix it all together-cook a  little bit longer to make sure all is hot.

And yum! The only thing the kids said was more meat!

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