Our sailing trip on the ‘Alexander von Humboldt’

Our first port on our cruise was to Freeport, Bahamas’.  At first we were going to do nothing.  It is hard finding something for our family, a spread of 12 years from oldest to youngest.  But as I read the available shore excursions the words “Historical Windjammer Sailing” jumped out.  First of all, I home school and any “educational” opportunities disguised as fun, I eat it up!  Second, I love being on sail boats.  I love being in the water.  And I knew the kids would love it.  So Dan got us signed up and off we were.

Getting off on Freeport was easy and carefree, compared to Nassau.  But when we go there, no one seemed to know about our sailing trip.  There was one other family signed up to go and after a bit of a wait, things got sorted up and soon we walked over to the ship.

Ended up we were the first sailing group to go out.  She had just sailed over from Germany and had only been there about two weeks. ‘Alexander von Humboldt’  is over a 100 years old and first was a training boat before a sail boar.  The German crew was training the Bahamian crew to take over.  While it seemed a little rocky at first, things went fairy smoothly.  We went out for a three tour (Yes now I am singing the song!)


Our tour guide, Denise, was very helpful and took great care of us.  It was a lot of fun seeing how the crew worked together.  I had never been on such a sail boat and there are so many ropes that everyone has to be in sync with each other.

When the ship got her sails up, some of the German sailors came over and showed the kids how to make knots and then each family (remember only two on this little sailing trip) got to go back and “steer” the boat.

All the crew were very friendly and nice.  They bent over backwards to make our trip enjoyable.  And at the end we all got sailing certificates.

I would recommend this little excursion for anyone and any age.   We had a blast!



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Packing and unpacking

It seems that no matter how much I try to be organized, I still find myself packing at the last minute! And this was the case again!

Now I had laid out all three little ones clothes last week. Seems that we travel at change of seasons, and I always end up needing to fill in gaps of what we don’t have. Last Oct was at the end of the of the season and I had two more boys with us. One was very hard of his clothing so I had very little 4/5 ‘s for the boys.




I am packing for a three part trip. First part the kids and I are heading to Fl 4 days early to visit my family. Then up to Disney for two days and then on a five day cruise. I will have to do laundry at Disney cause I don’t have enough outfits to carry us through. That’s ok!
Jeremy, my 17 year-old, packs his own clothes.
Our next challenge is suitcases, and go to pack them. On the cruise, since many are not conducive to larger families, we have two non connecting rooms. Which means Dan gets the older boys and I get the two younger ones. So four suit cases for us.

Now, at 4am the morning I leave, I have kids packed. Shoes in duffle bag. Car items ready to go in car, Disney stuff sitting out.



With that all said and done, it was one suitcase too many. So I took three outfits out for little kids and stuck in the big kids suitcase. Dan will bring the other one down!

Our car is packed-which is why we bought our Van, but Dan is driving it down Friday.

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Cruising & Cozi Calendar

As many know I am in the process of getting my new up dated blog set up.  I am excited about this and have learned so much!  I admit it was at first more than what I thought it was going to be.  But learning is good, keeps our mind bright and moving forward!

And as always I still have many more things to do, at this point I plan to have it ready to go before the cruise, and after the cruise have post ready to go.  I am very excited about this!  I have much credit to give to Amy at Bloggingwithamy

Check her out if you want to start your own blog!

I had still blogged on my blogger-going to just start blogging on my new site.  But April 1st (also Palm Sunday!) going to “Launch” my new update blog!  Sooo excited!

Cruising & Cozi Calendar.

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Cruising, Cooking, and Fine Dinning

In choosing what to do while in Cozumel, choice a cooking class!  Oh what a blast that was!   We cooked a little, drank a lot, eat , and drank a little bit more.
We also were invited to join the Chef’s Table Wed. evening.  That was an amazing fun evening, with wonderful memories!  This is an event we encourge everyone to try to attend!  While it is hard to really write what we did, I will let the pictures do the talking!

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Cruising, Monkeys, Pirates and Marriage

So our second stop was Roaton,  Hondrus.  This was our shortest day out.  We headed over to a park to see a few monkeys, pirates and birds.  With a few lizards and bugs mixed in we headed off on our little adventure.  We braved a rope bridge and after a fun time out, decided to head back to the ship for on of those shore special massages.  While we had monkeys on our back we took time to relax together and enjoy life!

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Marriage, Ruins and Cruising

For those that did not know, Dan and I took a well need cruise last week to the Caribbean.  With 6 kids in the house, it is not always easy to find the time to spend with each other.  So a couple has to make time, carve it out, to make sure that the marriage is strong.  And while it was hard to be away from the kids, we are better for them when we come back.  It is certainly something that we will continue to do, while not always a week at a time, a weekend or overnight here and there, just to be able to talk with out the other distractions around us- kids, bills, house cleaning, schooling, church, foster care-to just talk, reconnect, and sleep.  Yes that is right, I sleep most of the first day on the cruise ship.   But by the end I was refreshed and ready to go.
So our cruise was from New Orleans. Two days before getting to out first stop Belize.  I enjoyed learning about Belize.  We took a tour to see a Mayan Ruins.  It was pretty cool.  Our bus tour took us through a lot of small Belize towns.  Very run down, but the people has such a positive spirit among them.  Here are some .

Yes, I found the the lack of railing on top and a fear in heights, I only went so far up!  But it was high enough to see the beauty of God’s world!  Our next stop is Roaton…

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