5 Cool Crafts to Keep you Warm this Winter

coolSeriously.  It has been cold this winter.  I mean bone chilling cold! Florida has been in the 40’s and Texas got snow!  I live in North Alabama and it seems that nights are in the teens or single digits are becoming the norm.  While some areas that may seem warm-this is the south and it is plain cold.  Plus it is darker and dreary.  The children are on the edge -the cold was fun for a while because they could freeze everything, but after a while-it is just cold.

So on a day a few weeks ago when it was like 6 degrees or 9 degrees or some extremely cold day I asked my kids-what could we make that would keep us warm this winter.  And just like that they came up with a list of crafts and a few foods to keep them warm.  Since the cold weather doesn’t seem to letting go of us, we are working on staying warm.

  1. Making Scarves.  My kids love it when we make scarves.  We have many both from fleece and knitted.  There are some simple ones and more complicated.  We made a simple one.
    • Robby wanted to make a scarf that like he saw at Disney-it was Mickey ears on top and it was long with mittens on the end.  He has not found his “fabric” of choice yet.  Check out these other fun scarves at Spoonful.
    • Looming Scarves.  I have made the kids scarves from looming.  I find it relaxing and an easy alternative to knitting.  I normally only do this in the winter while watching TV and the minute the weather becomes warm I quite.  If I would stay with it I would have lots of gifts!  LOL
    • Isaiah saw this one and was hooked!  So we one day we happen to be at Hobby Lobby and picked up some fleece.  This was easy, easy, easy!
    • This looks fun-but I have never done anything with felting.  Have you?  This would be great for older kids or maybe you want to be a little brave?
    • No Sew is always a key word for an easy warm craft!
  2. Hand Warmers.  Robby was trying to describe to me these things that broke and that he put all over him at a camp out with friends.   Finally I got they were  hand warmers.  He asked if we can make some.  I told him sure,  I think if we just sew little squares, put some rice in them, and then they can pop them into the microwave before going out.  Kinda like bean bags but with rice. Should not be that hard right?   Come to find out, these are pretty popular.
    • A cute heart hand warmer. Here I that it may be better to use corn (but not pop corn!)
    • Ok so not one you make but a fun experiment in hand warmers!
    • Here is a Ziplock  hand warmer.  This is what my son whats to make.
  3. Make your own soap and bath salt.  What a better way to warm yourself up than a nice hot bath!  We have  made a fun oatmeal lavender soap using a kit from Hobby Lobby.  I had it sitting around for a few years.  I poured my mixture into a lined cookie sheet and then just cut it.  And then I cute one into tiny bits, the kids love those.
    • I always think that soaps that smell great are fun to use!  I love all the wonderful suggestions on fragrance oils here on Bramble Berry. They have lots of great resources for making your own soap, (along with lip balms which I am researching!).  I would love to learn how to make cold process soaps-they are so beautiful!  Maybe for a warmer day though!
    • Create cards to send.  Valentine day is around the corner and on these really, really cold days-set out all the cut craft supplies and get creating.  Better yet, invite some friends over to have a card party!  Make it an adult party and break out the wine and cheese, or involve the kids and have hot coco and cookies.  If your church has a list of shut in’s send cards.  Look at this fancy Valentine Card Making Party on HGTV.  Or this one at Better Homes and Garden.
    • Make a Sun Catcher.  On cold days we try to follow the sun.  We have lots of windows and I am so thankful for that.  Making fun sun catcher is a great way to focus of the warm sun on a colder day.
      • Some awesome ideas for lots of sun catcher and stain glass windows at The Artful Parent.
      • I have never seen a sun catcher made with pony tail beads, but this was worth checking out.
      • Buggy and Buddy make a fun sun catcher with crayon shavings.
      • Of course there is my kids favorite sun catcher with tissue paper.  Check out these cute hearts at First Palette.

As the winter keeps blowing all this cold air, hopeful you will keep warm with these ideas.  Need more ideas, check out my craft board on Pinterest.

Now I know you may be wondering what food ideas the kids picked to keep themselves warm.  Hot Coco, warm cookies, grill cheese and soup.


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Summer Pinterest Challenge

My Pinterest Challenge-A  few flips and flops.

Hands holding icons

When I was invited to join Pinterest over a year and a half ago little did I know how many ideas I would inquire.  It was like looking at magazines, cutting out the articles that I loved and pinning them to a bulletin board.

It became an addiction.  An obsession.  If only I could do this, or that.  And so I would see something and try to recreate it.  Sometimes I failed.  Sometimes it was a success.  Sometimes my mind and my “if I can ‘just’ do that” got me into projects that well, I didn’t know how to end.

So for a summer challenge I chose a few things I have pinned over the years and tried them.  Some I did before vacation, some while on vacation.

Pins tried:

Inside Out Strawberry Cheese Cake

Dipped Inside s’mores

Cowboy Casserole

Sticky Buns

Making Amish White Bread

Friendship Bracelets

Braided Headbands

Summer Pillowcase Nightgowns


First my  Fails at Flip and Flops.  I think with time I could do them-maybe. My two big fails where the Friendship Bracelets and Summer Pillowcase Nightgowns.

Friendship Bracelets: Don’t you remember making these in school.  I do and when I saw them I thought this would be a great things to try while on vacation with my sisters and their kids.  But, after and hour of reading and trying to remember how to do it, and wondering why making knots was becoming so frustrating for everyone, I quit.  I will pick it up another day. (Update my dear teen nieces last night figured this out.  So while I failed….I got 4 colors in-it twisted….they made 5 different ones.  And I do not have one picture.  But they had fun, so that was a success!

Summer Pillowcase Nightgowns: I thought these looked adorable and easy to make.  BUT I am a straight seam sewer.  And even though they looked easy, ummmm……… I have a friend that I may show this to and have her help me. (Note: I thought I had pictures…but I guess they didn’t go with me on vacation!)

My Successes at Flip and Flops. Some I adapted  some-went off of pictures but all were good and worked.  All got the thumbs up from kids as something to do again.

Inside Out Strawberry Cheese Cake: I had this pinned a long time ago.  But when I went to check this pin out, there was no recipe.  So I made it up.  My family are asking for these again.



Dipped Inside S’mores: This was so easy, the kids all were involved.  Didn’t look as neat as the picture, but what S’more have you eaten that are neat?


Cowboy Casserole: This was so easy and worked great!  We doubled the recipe to feed the large group of kids and adults!DSCN3671

Sticky Buns: I made this this morning, it was easy and AMAZING!



Making Amish Bread: I want to make bread more often.  I was looking for a recipe to use with my kitchen aid.  I found a recipe off of Pinterest, but now, I cannot find it again.  So it worked well, the recipe was good and I got two great loaves of bread.



Making Headbands:  This was only from a picture and since I used only items I found while on vacation they turned not like the picture, but turned out cute.  Not like the picture and the kids were using them more as crowns, loving their new style.


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Church Coin Bank {craft}

Created by Sarah Heritage
Goes with lesson on Stewarship

Coil tubes (found in the coin collection area)








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Trinity Stain Glass Craft

A great craft from an awesome friend Stephanie Lee.


Triangle cut outs
Translucent paper

Step one- have kids color edge of triangle.

Step two-on translucent paper, place triangle and use finger to rub off of triangle onto paper.

Step three-repeat three times.

Step four-write God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.






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Family T-shirt idea

So I’ve had this crazy idea about making us family T-shirts. While I still haven’t done the ones I have in mind I wanted matching T-shirts for the kids while on vacation. So I got some red t-shirts on clearance for a $1 and got two little ones and a pink one at Hobby Lobby. Was thinking I could do a printed Iron on I found these embroidered letters. When I got home I thought I need a little more, so I pulled out stencils, and fabric crayons and markers. With a little trail and error this is what I came up with.

I have two foster boys so I stenciled their last name first letter.

AnnieQ’s was my trail and error shirt. Fabric crayons did not work, markers did.

Yes I didn’t want him to feel left out!

Together enough, but slightly different. That’s us…too bad I didn’t make mommy and daddy shirts:) (ps sorry some pictures are not so good!)

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Getting back in the swing of things…

The gathering was physically draining on me.  And when I got back home I think I caught a little bug which I don’t remember getting…but I was pretty tired.  On Friday my dad, who was able to come up to help Dan with the kids, had to go back home.  That was sad, because I didn’t get to spend much time with him.
But I had to keep moving.  We were going to go swimming but our friends Van broke down, so they brought the kids over to our house.  To try to get something cool for them to do while at our house I remember I had white -tshirts and tie dye spray paint.   So we out side and I told them to finds some leaves and nature things and put on your shirt.  The we sprayed over them.  It was cool, flowers would cool stars.

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