Kitchen Redo: The Pantry Part 2

pantry 2

Well I have been working at it.  OVERWHELMED at how much stuff was in our pantry.  How much duplicate stuff I had.  Knowing I had to change-we had to change.  I have kids in my pantry ALL DAY LONG.  So I worked on zoning it.  I threw away old food (wow there was a lot!  That was like throwing away money!!) And here is were I am now.  I am not done. I still have work to do.  It will never be picture perfect, but there has to be a better way to have a health ongoing functioning pantry.

So here is my first YouTube Video that I have done-on me showing you something!  Figured it was better than pictures!  But I will throw in some pictures at the end too!







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Organizing my Homeschool Cabinet

In our “office”/storage of many things room I have a huge white cabinet. When I was working as a DCE at church this was in my office. It held everything. When I stopped working and moved my office home (that was a challenge!) this cabinet soon held all my home schooling stuff. But as everything else, it got away from me. So I gave it some TLC this last weekend. Minus the draws-those are filled with craft items and stuff here are some before and after pictures!




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Before and After-the Medicine Cabinet

It was time to do something about it. Things were falling out at me. I finally tackled the medicine cabinet. It is in our kitchen. Because we are a foster family we have to have it locked and we have to have Ipecac in our cabinet. So we use the magnetic locks on the cabinet and keep other medicine locked in bedroom.


So I have a boo boo box, a fever and pain killer box, a tummy box and in between is other things we need to use.




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Me against the House-the Computer Table

20120519-071544.jpgIt is me against the house.  It is crazy how unorganized it gets.  And by the end of our school year what once seemed like a good idea, just doesn’t work anymore.  So I have tackled a few areas that have been driving me crazy.  Some are easier to do than others.  Others just take more time and effort.  But the computer table was fast.  Especially after I found these new Bento Boxes from Rubbermaid! I found mine at Target and decided to get the lid which hides all stuff in it. I think they are great!  And I was able to put the flying stick down below!  Inside these compartment fold in and out so you can adjust to what you need to put in!   I sense I will have more of these by they end of summer!


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Just give me 20 minutes

I have learned to clean in small little steps.  In 20 minutes I can get a lot done!
Today’s 20 minutes-kitchen table-even swept and quick mopped the floor. Makes everything feel better.



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Before and After Dinning Room

Well it is not done done.  I still have not hung up pictures or curtains, but this is a good picture of before and after.  


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Before and after-kitchen

Ok, so in our house there is always dirty dishes! And even after I did this cleaning job, there where was cup thrown in by Jeremy. But I saw on Fly lady a video of before and after of a kitchen. It happens to us all! Before you know it, junk takes over, dirty dishes everywhere. So today in 2 hours ( dealing with kids mixed in) here is what I was able to do!

The before, morning dishes and a lot of junk sitting around.

One of the kids I deal with!!

20 minutes in

45 minutes in


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AnnieQ’s Room-Before and After

When we moved here 7 years ago, the middle bedroom became Robby’s.  It was the first room we painted, yellow and blue, with trucks, every where.  On one side we painted a chalk board, which is really cool (next time I will think hard on the placement of it!:)).  I loved that room.  As years went on, Isaiah, joined Robby in that room.  Then the girls came and I had two toddler beds and a crib.    As we saw our family growing, we knew we needed our other bedroom to be a bedroom and not an office.  So the dance of the rooms is in progress.  We moved the bunk-bed into the boys room and I began the task of de-junking the room, then stripping the wall paper down.    I almost can’t believe the room was as bad as it was!!

But now it is together and I say I did it around $150.  We had the bed, headboard, which Dan attached to the bed.  I bought a bed skirt, the curtains, two canvas baskets at Target.  About $75.  The Disney bedspread we bought last year almost new at a thrift store for $6.  The wall canopy was given to us.  Some of the wall decorations I got at Hobby Lobby a few months ago for about $15.  The rest was spent on paint.  I didn’t paint the blue…partly cause Isaiah’s hand prints are on there, and I made blue work.  I still have some other thinks I need to paint pink, but I am done for a bit.  I still need to go through the selves on the wall, but until I get the boys room settled, I don’t want to move that stuff.
This room also has the crib set up for any foster babies that may come our way.  It also transform into a toddler bed also.  The desk was Robby’s a few years ago, he moved on to bigger ones, and I don’t have a chair there yet, cause the chair will be used for other things, like climbing on to see things.  By next year the chair will end up in there.
So I think I did good!!  Can’t wait for AnnieQ to see it, I have had the door lock for two weeks!!

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Pantry before and after

In this storm I tackled some troubled area and our pantry was sorely overdue!!



A cool idea I use in our pantry is a clear door shoe holder for little things.

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