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Giving God the Glory Glory

I have been up since about 3ish.  Wasn’t because of the baby.  Although the baby did wake up.  The reason is really not all that important to blog about.  But I was unable to go back to sleep.

So I wandered out to the kitchen.  Made myself a cup of coffee and enjoyed the stillness of the morning quietness till I started hearing whispers from the bedrooms.

I have been reading.  A little bit of this.  A little bit of that.  I have been reading a lot lately.  Tucked into the spare time I have between balancing my kids, their schooling and my other commitments.  I have given up playing my iPhone games to read extra.  I can get lost in my readings.  Some stories, some learning books, some life lessons.

My favorite to read though are scripture verses.  I have a new habit of just randomly picking someplace of my bible app and reading from there.  I discover so much from the bible that way that I had never seen before.  It is kinda of fun and addicting.  I been pondering writing a devotional series titled: Random lessons and stories from the Bible. Ha like that one I am sure has been done before.

I have been all about reading.  Not much about writing.  My words have failed to find me lately.  Maybe I have not been listening to them.  Maybe when I put words down on paper, they become to real, to raw and I don’t want to deal with them.  Words are powerful and many read them.  Words written can make life seem perfect, and I am far from perfect.  A sinner more like it.

But every morning I try to give God the Glory Glory.  That is my goal.  My focus.  Even if only for a few minutes.

I have started new Accountability Binders and Chore list with my kids. I got the idea from over at thirty handmade days. And I got my chore list idea from my friend.  We have always had morning and evening routines.  The first thing on their morning routine is give God the Glory Glory.  I want them to learn how to start their day out focused on God.  Because some mornings are not so Glory Glory.  And we have to work through them.

So have you given God the Glory Glory this morning?

Whew, it is Friday!

My alarm went off at 6:15a.m.  That alarm came to early, again. But I thought it is Friday you can do this!!  I have to roll out of bed and get dressed.  It is Friday!!  I have a children to get up and get dressed, fed and out the door for school.  By 7:10a.m.  I am looking at maybe my second cup of coffee and two more kids wide awake.  Elf on the Shelf has been found and questions about the evening devotion have been asked.  I tell them they have to keep guessing.  Whew, it is Friday.  Does Elf take the weekends off?

AnnieQ has decided to take a shower and wash her hair.  This is a her new stage.  At almost nine, she has discover “doing her hair.” So while she is busy “getting dressed” and Isaiah is working on morning chores while I am staring at the kitchen hoping it would magically just clean itself.

Coffee again.

School time.  Math, math drills.  I have Isaiah jump on the little trampoline the number in the answer.  He seems to have a LOT of energy this morning.  But we will get these facts drilled into his head.  School work continues.  When it came to copy work time, I had never had the two of them so quiet, so busy writing.  I almost had to pinch myself to see if I was awake.  Then they were done.  YEAH it is Friday and they are done! All of their work.  No melt downs.  One small slip of the mouth, but quickly apologized.  By 11 my little kids were done with their school week and we can put it away!! It was free time for every one!

AnnieQ took her free time to “do her hair again.”  Isaiah wanted to take a bath doing his free time.  But AnnieQ was hogging the bath room. So after 30 minutes of fixing her hair I kicked her out.

10801530_10203044853898503_8145769978044082018_n 1507106_10203044795057032_3570495731053331465_n

Fridays are a good day for me to review our week.  I know our bad days.  Our good days.  Where we are behind, where I would like us to be.  Where I would like us to push more next week.  It is a day of reflection.  A day to finally relax a bit.  A day to say Whew it is Friday!! I made it another week of homeschooling!!


Advent Season and Foster Care

Perhaps the two have more in common than I have ever thought of.  Both are seasons of waiting.  Waiting for something to come.  Waiting for a change to ones life.  Waiting.  Waiting for parents to make changes so children can go home.  Waiting for trails to happen.  Waiting for paper work to happen.  Waiting for forever families.  Waiting that for some kids happens their whole childhood.fosteradvent


Waiting.  I have been a foster parent for about 8 years now.  We have fostered over 20 kids both short term and long term.  We understand waiting.  Waiting for find out the next move of DHR.  Waiting for the next court next.  Waiting each weeks for visits and the aftermath we have to slowly help our children over come.  Waiting through bouts of screaming and yelling.  Waiting for social workers and others to visit.  Waiting.

This is the first year we have a foster child who believes in Christmas and Santa.  And she is waiting for what is next in her life.  We are waiting.  We have no control over this.  At all.   DHR does not either.  We are her 6th home in 2 years between family and foster homes.  So I try to put myself in her eyes of what she may be waiting for.  And how this Advent season I can give her something else to wait for.


On a side note: We believe in Santa.  He helps my kids believe in things that are not their.  When they are old enough to know the magic around Santa, they get to help.  Our kids are well balanced in if you ask them about the meaning of Christmas, they are going to tell the story of Jesus.  We also got an Elf a few years back…Popper… and while it is a pain to come up with ideas, this year it will be a key element for a certain little girl waiting.


Our little Lulu (Not her real name, just a nickname I gave her) asked me a few weeks ago if Santa would know where she was this year.  THIS YEAR. Because remember she has been moved so many times in her little 7 year old life.  I promised her that Santa knows these things and that I would be send a special letter making sure he knew for sure.  Well, when our Popper made his crash landing yesterday, I made sure there was a note that came with him that included names.  Her name was on it.  I put the names in order of how they came into our family, not oldest to youngest.  (These things are important sometimes.) Little Lulu gets up first to goto school.  As she read Popper’s note, she was in awe that her name was on it.  “Santa knows where I am.”




We have an Advent calendar that builds the Manger Scene.  Last year my kids fought over who’s turn it was to put the little things up.  So this year I said youngest to oldest-and they know which day’s are theirs to Christmas Eve.  (unexpected math lesson there LOL)



Little Lulu doesn’t understand Advent Season.  At church Sunday she noticed our advent wreath.  The kids explained to her why only one candle was lit.  Last night we did our first Advent Devotion.  I decided to follow Truth in The Tinsel for our Advent Devotions. Our Popper brings them their clues every morning.  Little Lulu asked what Advent Devotions were?  I told her we are getting our hearts ready  as we wait for the birth of Jesus.  I believe she gets this waiting.  As does any kid waiting for Christmas Morning. Or any foster kid waiting for the unknown steps in her little life.



We are waiting.  Waiting on her next step in her future.  Waiting on the next morning to see what Popper does.  Waiting to see what craft our devotion will bring us.  Waiting to see who’s turn it is to put up the next item on the advent calendar.  Waiting on the next family event.  Waiting to celebrate the birth of Jesus!












When the pumpkin pie turns out to be sweet potato pie

I don’t know about you, but I always have a perfect Thanksgiving Day locked in my head.  With lots of homemade foods and crafts.  Where the table looks like a picture out of Better Homes and Garden magazine.  Everyone is dressed in their finest clothing.  Table manners abound.

Yes all in my head.  And while I try to make Thanksgiving Day a special day for my family, I have come to the point where I know it is not worth stressing about!  My house never got clean.  In fact my dinning room needed about an hour more of good attention and floor scrubbing.  My kitchen was cleaned-for about 3 minutes between cooking.  Let’s not even talk about the kids bedrooms, the sunroom.  The living room was just cleaned yesterday and was cleaned again today.  And I am hoping there was toilet paper in the bathrooms cause I never checked.

My menu was planned.  I had shopped three times.  Seems I bought a 26 pound turkey.  It was on sale and I had a 20% off coupon.  There is just something about cooking on this day.  It’s more for the people that gather with us! And not so much for a perfect house.
It was our first Thanksgiving with our new foster daughter.  She could not wait to eat in our dinning room.  It was a first for our newest granddaughter and her mommy. My son joined along with them. My granddaughter Haddie and her mommy and aunt came. Our Vicar from church and his family came.

And while I knew what I had to do to get it done, I got sidetracked with some other things, and wasn’t feeling to great Wednesday.  So I knew the pumpkin pie wasn’t going to get made.  So I was going to cheat and buy one.  And pass it off to my kids as if mommy made one. (They would know I had not-but it was always fun to try).

Wednesday night I ran to the grocery store.  I got all the groceries from the car in the cold windy weather (that had come in as I was in the store!)  Thinking I had got everything I needed I started unpacking.  It was shortly after it was pointed out that I had gotten a sweet potato pie, and not pumpkin.  I could not believe it!  I got the pecan pie.  Cool Whip. But no pumpkin pie.

Robby, needing pumpkin pie was going to make one.  But I didn’t have every thing.  So Thanksgiving day he made pumpkin cheese cakes. We adapted and adjusted! Besides the mayo being bad for our deviled eggs and my gravy flop we had a great day!!

We did not buy anything Black Friday. I ended my Thanksgiving with a horrible migraine and Friday recovered from it. So in the afternoon I took the kids to see the Box Trolls movie and we adventured to Target just to see.

Tomorrow we will start decorating for Christmas and getting ready for Advent!! IMG_4335.JPG










A love hate relationship with homeschooling

I will not lie.  I hate homeschooling right now.

Let me clarify.  I have a love hate relationship with homeschooling.  I hate the daily struggle to get my children to do work.  I hate how unorganized I am this year (noticed I never even posted an awesome homeschool areas like years past!).   I hate how when the yellow bus picks up our foster daughter I have vision of all my children gone and me home alone.  Without out one around me who is screaming at me no, or whining.  Or rolling eyes.  Or making a mess as I clean.  Or doesn’t care.  Just home alone.

I love the time I spend with my children.  I truly feel that if I had not homeschooled my daughter- our attachment to her would not be this strong.  This year I have seen her blossom and I love teaching her!  She is finally at a stage of being so willing to learn.  Her melt down of life have simmer down and we can accomplish task on a regular bases.  She is a little bossy. (Oh yes I used the B word.) And is a bit like Candice on Phineas and Ferb. My boys…..

My boys.  One turned 13 last month.  I don’t know what happened.  Last year when I gave Robby work, he would go off do it, and return it.  This year- it is like having a child I have to sit on top of.  What happened?  My free time during the day has changed (noticed the lack of blogging lately) cause I am dealing with my children.  Or the house from my children.  Or things flying through the air.  Last week cocoa powder filled my kitchen cause a 7 year old got mad.

I love homeschooling cause I see the benefits of it.  I hate homeschooling right now cause it is sucking the life out of me.  Somedays I want to sit in a closet with a mocha and cry.  Then one of my children will do something amazing, and I think-wait I taught them that.  And I love homeschooling.  And then someone is screaming about something-all day long.  Then ….. well it is a cycle.  It is exhausting.  Let’s be honest.  Raising kids is exhausting.

I have looked at what it would like if I was working again.  Something like that could happen.  My kids would go to carefully chosen schools.  We would have new schedules.  And it would be exhausting.

But it is ok.  It is a good exhaustion.  One worth the while.

I have had a 7th grade school teacher tell me what I am experiencing with my 13-year-old, is normal.  So I have to find a new way of reaching my normal kid without losing my mind.  Find a new way of helping my 7-year-old control his temper.  Find new ways of dealing with my girls issues with clothes and cleaning.  Till then I am treading through each day.  Trying to find how to make this year work for us.  Counting the days till Christmas Break.  Which I think will be three weeks this year.  Cause I am the teacher.

As with anything it is ok to have off  years.  I do know I have four things in life that get me excited (besides my family).  Church ministry captivates my heart. I thrive off of ministry.  I thrive off of learning and reading all things around and do miss the action full-time.  Homeschooling is a family life style that I love and thrive off of!  I love teaching at home and just everything that surrounds it.  And I love foster care.  I love being able to help one child at a time.  I love supporting other foster and adoptive parents.  I love now I can help mold future foster parents and adoptive parents as I teach GPS classes.  And I love writing/blogging.  While that is a newer area compared to the other three-it is one spot I can combine everything I love into one spot.

With those four areas of life I love-I don’t always love them.  There are low times in them.  I work through them and listen to where God is calling me and my family to go.  He will take care of the rest.  So I need to do the things I love.  And let the love of my other passions help get me through the tough times.

So for now I am having a love hate relationship with homeschooling.  And I am ok with that this year.    I will take breathers to make it through and know that I don’t have to be perfect.  I will not let this love hate relationship bring me down.

Last week my friends over at iHomeschool Network blogged about the Imperfect Homeschool.  I came upon on a few blog post on very low days last week.  It was very up lifting to know I wasn’t the only one struggling.  Very worth checking out the other ladies blogs!

Getting Ready for Advent: Truth in the Tinsel

With everything that has gone on-I am ready for Christmas this year.  More so Advent.  Now that I have three little ones (two 7 year olds and an 8 year old) plus a 13 year old, I knew I wanted something special and meaningful.  I had looked at the Truth in the Tinsel a year ago or so. After thinking about writing something myself, I was brought back to Truth in the Tinsel!  This year I just purchased it and I am excited!  I love the little clues for morning time- that way my kids can think about it all day long!  And I am thinking about putting a special tree up in the Sun room for these ornaments!  (4×25 will be a lot!!)  So it will perfect!  I also bought the printable ornaments to have for on the go.    Click here to visit to see all about the Truth in the Tinsel Advent Devotional!

What are you doing for Advent this year?  If you need more ideas goto my Pinterest page for lots of great ideas!


When Notice Comes Due: Grief and Loss with Foster Care

baby_FotorOctober 1st of last year, we took in a 4lb 2oz foster baby girl. She was the tiniest little thing. She was a preemie -about 6 weeks early. She grabbed our hearts and off we went to be her foster parents. Length of time unknown. Or as my daughter would say: till further notice.

For months we grew this baby girl. Night time we got up and feed her every 2 hours-then 3. Slowly she grew. Her plan for her future went in many different ways. That’s her story. But if nothing worked out in the end: we were prepared to adopted her-giving her the continued stability she already had with us. This sat in the back of our minds as everyone fell more in love with her.

Foster to adopt. The children we foster-if they come up for adoption we have the first choice of adopting if we we feel this is what is best for all in our family. This concept helps keep children in stable loving homes longer if possible. We have our three beautiful children through this way. While we don’t set out looking to adopt-God places them in our lives.

We have had foster children come into our home that didn’t stay. We have said goodbye to many. It doesn’t get easier.

This one was the hardest goodbye. The abruptness of it threw us. Yet we know in foster care, children can be moved just like that. We had little time to prepare ourselves. We found out at 2pm in court that the next morning our sweet foster baby was moving home, just about a year after moving in with us.

And just like that our family was broken. The kids cried. We cried. We held her, loved her, spoiled her, kissed her. We treasured every moment with her.

‘Till she was no longer ours.

My heart ached.

I was just sad.

I became numb.

It was like our world stopped.

Then I saw the words “God is Good all the time” and thought -yes. He is. Even in my sorrow I have to find goodness. I have to my strength in Him.

So we stayed busy. I read scripture and sang. I prayed-even when I had no words. God has a plan- I just have to wait and see. I called on trusted friends to help in my sadness.

Soon there was laughter. My kids were looking at pictures -smiling. We found that we had to trust that God was looking out for our sweet Squeakers, and that there were other children who needed us to help them along their way.

Foster Care comes with sorrow not only for the foster children, but for the foster families also.  When I teach perspective families, we teach them to treat the foster child like their own.  So many of us do.  And when they leave it is almost like a death.  We grieve.  Yet knowing these children are still out there.  Sometimes some foster families have the benefit to build relationship with the birth families-we did not have that benefit in terms of reunification. Grief and loss with foster care comes in many different forms and knowing that they are there will help foster families understand what it going on after the loss of a foster child.

God is Good all the time.  Two weeks later we had a vacation planned.   A Disney Cruise.  We as a family needed that time to be away to heal, to relax, to unwind.  It was just the timing.  And as a family we would every now and then bring up our Squeakers, and a tear would flow.  It is part of the healing process.

Do I wish she would just come back.  Of course.  Do I pray that her family situation will be stable and healthy for her.  Yes.  Do we continue on the road with foster care? Absolutely.  Our journey is already continuing.

When The Start of Homeschool Doesn’t go as Planned

Every year by now I have a clean and organized homeschool areas.  I have all curriculum laid out and I know what a few weeks down the road looks like.  I have a schedule.

This year I have a mess.

It happens I guess.

My homeschool areas is not together.  I have not posted pictures of it-cause will they would still be the before pictures.  I have done a lot of work in the Sunroom where all our stuff is.  But, I am still stepping over stuff.

I have curriculum, but it hasn’t found it’s returning home after we try lessons.  Although my history books do have a create now.

I made a schedule.  I don’t like my schedule.  There is so much to integrate in.  PLUS for what ever reason all my kids need me to be hands on this year, so I have to re do the schedule.  I am trying to find a rhythm in what works.  And with two babies most day-that adds another twist.  Plus there are lessons, and in house therapy sessions for our foster baby girl.

I have gotten school started.  We are in our second week.  Kids are liking our curriculum choices.  Although my 7 year old son doesn’t want to learn how to read oh that frustrates me!!

Another challenge our family dove into was Whole30 on August 2.  We are done Sunday.  This means I have been cooking A LOT.  Which has taken more of my time than normal.

So even though my start has been messy and didn’t go as planned-it will get there-just not this week.  But maybe next week.

Here are my kids back to school pictures.10341645_10202399630208314_256014283437937738_n 10565151_10202399630488321_3373887442335497507_n 10606206_10202399630808329_6853444217310123537_n 1538781_10202399999977558_8243217598278921460_n 1554636_10202400001577598_5874963622888268526_n

10 Things We Learned The First Week of Whole30

Whole30week1 for a family of 5

I had read about Whole30 a while ago from Once a Month Cooking.  Last month I stumbled upon on it again, did some research on it and sorta told my husband about it, and then announced at dinner we as a family were going to do Whole30 for 30 days starting August 2.  (August 1st was my birthday.) We as a family had one week to get ready . So here are 10 things we have learned about our family just the first week of Whole30.

1.  I had to cooked 3 meals a day for 7 days.  The kids LOVE this.  Most days breakfast was just cereal or Nutella on toast.  And lunch was a frozen meal or a can meal.  Yes I went all out.  But on Whole30, I have to actually cook.  And plan, which worked mostly ok.

2. With all that cooking came a LOAD of dirty dishes!  I felt overwhelmed with the dishes this week.  Just when I think we are finally getting caught up -I cook again!!

3.  We got new white dishes.  I bought white square dishes at Target.  Mainly cause they were a little bit deeper,and held salads well.  But we soon realized our food looks great on white!

4. We have shopped ALOT this week!  We needed to get our meat.  We did that mostly at Costco.  We are not a 100% organic or grass feed-but close enough.  This is a huge transition and it is not easy.  I have been to the store 4 other times for other items-mostly veggies and fruits.

5. Our kids are on board for the most part. The biggest thing for them at first was no sugar and wheat.  The second day there was cake at church and   two of my three kids did well with no cake.  Isaiah was sad and mad he could not have no cake.  But he didn’t eat one.  They drink water and eat what we give them.  Isaiah has cheated….but we kinda expected that!

6.  Eggs are our friend! You eat a lot of eggs.  Good thing my kids LOVED eggs already!  Boiled eggs are a great on the go food.  It seems we have been through 9 dozen eggs the first week!!!

7. Fruit Salad-Yummy Yummy! Robby grew up with the Wiggles and we have been eating a LOT of fruit!  Well not too much-but more than normal and I bought a far share of fruit.  But now the kids like to make fruit salad-cause they like being involved in the cooking process!  Which is a little hard for me cause I like to sometimes be alone in the kitchen.

8.  We are eating at the dinning room table! – For a long time we ate at the kitchen table. Then only kids and the adults in the living room.  Then I don’t know what happened when Whole30 started.   We starting this week eating at the dinning room table.  And the one day we were not, the kids were disappointed-so we did.

9.  We are not eating out and no Starbucks! This is big for our family.  Cause remember #1, one of the reasons why I didn’t cook all the time was cause we also ate out a lot!  And I drank Starbucks a LOT.  I am good with coffee black!

10.  I am feeling better. First week was a rocky road.  It was hard.  Some days I felt like crap.  I felt much better by day 7. I am seeing a difference in the kids and my husband! So we will pushed through the next three weeks and decided where we are going from there!

We can do this!!

Here are some of the dishes I cooked for my family!

Whole30 for family of 5

First Shopping Trip of Many for Whole30

whole30 for family of 5

Roasted sweet potato, bacon, sweet onion and spinach -For breakfast


Simple Breakfast


Kid’s Favorite Lunch-Taco Salad


Our Anniversary Dinner -Coconut crusted fish, mango and pineapple and grilled squash


Cherry’s while they were on sale!!!





10 Things You Need to Know About our Curriculum for Homeschooling


It is hard to believe that our public schools started back three days ago.  We went swimming that day.  It has been a busy summer and I find myself realizing it is time to get things in order to start our school year.  So as I made a path through our homeschool room to sit down (I will not even show you a picture yet-come back in a few weeks) I have 10 things to let you know about our curriculum we use for homeschooling.

  1. We continue in last year’s school books.  Some of my kids will pick right off where they left off in last years books.  Isaiah(1st/2nd) I just stopped him in this math last February.  It was too stressful.  I just moved him to doing drills on a computer program and made all our lives happier.  He knows that he doesn’t get a new math book this year-he is starting off where we left off-with a little review.  Robby (7th) will continue in his writing book Jump In from Apologia.  (We love and use Apologia science too!)
  2. If something works well-we don’t mess with it! We love Math-U-See!  Been using it since Robby was in kindergarten.  But one year I took off.  I thought he wasn’t ready to go on.  I tried something different.  And it didn’t work for us.  We don’t mess with math now.  We will slow down math, but we are staying with Math-U-See.  Cause it works!  (P.S. did you know they finally put the blocks on the iPad!  It will be great for AnnieQ who hates the feel of the blocks!)
  3. If something does not work well-I finally gave myself permission to try something new.  I love Spell to Write and Read program.  I taught Robby with it. I highly recommend it.   But it was not working with my two little ones last year.  I was pulling my hair out.  I finally had to give my self permission to try some thing new.  It was not the program’s fault.  It was that my kids needs something different.  Isaiah, like math-I just stopped teaching him reading and writing last year.  AnnieQ I moved to Alpha Omega LifePacs for Language Arts last January-I will continue in with the other half this year.  I am not sure what reading curriculum I am going to use with Isaiah yet-as I don’t think the LifePacs work with him.  (He is a one of a kind kid :))
  4. We are not afraid of brand new curriculum.  This year we are trying Spelling You See!.  I love the Charlotte Mason Approach! I am even going to use it with my 12-year-old because he asked for extra help with his spelling.  Also if we are looking for shorter lessons we look for new Unit Studies.  So many topics to pick from!   I also am looking to bring in a language this year for Robby. He wants to be a pastor, so we want to start with Latin.  I am still researching curriculums for him.
  5. Sometimes nothing is more. One year I had no history curriculum.  None.  My kids explored history from their own interest.  We had taken a few trips early in the school year and they were able to see things that no text-book was able to provide.  When they wanted to learn about Greece- we got books and the internet was an awesome place to travel the world.  We love Google!  I find that on days I don’t give them school work or  “topics” they can still find interest.  My boys are better at this than my daughter though-so I have taken note of that.
  6. Speaking of the Google-we love technology!  We have great apps and computer programs that our kids use. Google is our best friend.  We have two iPad that the kids share and a Kindle.  While it is not a bulk of our learning-it provides the world for our kids.  As a side note: that world is dangerous, please protect your kids.  We use safe eyes.  Know what your kids are up too.  And don’t feel bad to limit them.
  7. We love just good old plain paper and pencils.  Ok, I know you are thinking, sure they got to have that.  But kids learn so much from an empty pad of paper and a pencils.  I give my kids a sketch book, and notebook.  These are free to create with-with in our rules.
  8. We sign up for classes.  We don’t homeschool to shelter our kids from the world.  We partly homeschool to give our kids more of the world than just a class room. So I like getting my kids signed up in different classes around town.  We are going to do robotics team, science classes, music and dance classes, gymnastic classes,  along with some swimming and who knows what other classes we find through out the year.
  9. Books, books and more books. I decided that for history this year we were going to use Beautiful Feet.  I have used it before with both Robby and Jeremy so I had a lot of the books already.   I love curriculum that is based off of living literature and lots of books other than just a text book.  We have a lot of books.  While my kids are behind in learning to read (part from their past), they are thriving the more they learn.  We read a lot in this family.
  10. Just everyday Life.  While I suppose I could design or follow a “cooking” curriculum or health curriculum, or Home Economics,  sometimes the best learning is in everyday life.  I have learned not to be afraid of that.  While I know with High School looming in our future I will tighten up these learning experiences to gain credits-for now-I love that the kids are taking interest and experimenting while failing and succeeding in all different areas of life.

As you can see, curriculum for us is not a set text book or program.  It is a combination of things that work for our family.  Every year that changes as our children change.  We are excited for this years curriculum!


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