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Hi!  My name is Susann.  I am married to my amazing husband, Dan and together we raise our four children-three boys and one girl.  Three of our children are adopted.  Our oldest son has a baby girl now, which makes me a grandma too!  Along with our four children we do foster care, so many times we are parenting many more.  We have parented over 20 children in out of our house.  We have one sweet baby with Jesus.

We  homeschool  three of our kids, graduated one, and a few babies in the mix including that sweet grand baby girl.  Robby is in 6th grade, AnnieQ is in 2nd grade and Isaiah is in 1st grade.

Our faith in God is the solid rock in our family.  I am a DCE by degree with the privilege to be at home with my children now.  I enjoy being able to participate in ministry not only at our church but on other levels with in our LCMS church.  I have a BA degree in Psy/Soc and Religion, a Master’s in DCE and a Master’s in Parish Education.

I am known for many things, but many ask me for parenting advice. Before I had kids, I thought I knew it all.  Then I had kids and well, I am still learning.

Our other favorite thing to is travel, and when you have four kids from 17 to 4, it makes traveling a bit harder.  Try it with 6 kids and you are renting a van!

And as you can guess, I spend my days hopping about as I keep up with everyone’s schedules, schooling, traveling, not to mention this house that I got to clean, laundry that must get done, and cooking to feed them!  Not to mention all the things I do! And I love it!


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  1. Just finished PRIDE training, for the second time, last night. I’m a military wife, mother of 5 (3 adults), take in homeless families, home school my little boys, Ombudsman, Sunday School teacher, and secretary for 2 different organizations. I am excited to find someone else who is as busy as I am and see how to fit it all in!

    • mommahopper says:

      Whew you are busy! I always tell people by the grace of God do I get it all done! Cause some days I fall into bed wondering how I got it all done. :) Glad you found me!

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