Coffee and Wisdom: Who are you Mocking?

Now if two words belonged together it would be coffee and wisdom.  It is wise that I drink coffee everyday.  Two times a day is even better.  But this early morning hour the wisdom isn’t about coffee itself.  The coffee is just accompany the wisdom.

I have been reading through Proverbs in the morning before getting my family up.  For me this is not always easy as I am not a morning person.  School has started two weeks ago for our little public schooler and our homeschoolers will start today.  I have a child that is having difficulties sleeping and in turn I get less sleep too.  But that is a whole other story to write about.

Wisdom and coffee.   I read Proverbs 9 this morning.  Go ahead pull it out and read it if you would like.  What I love about Proverbs is all the nuggets of wisdom and advice given to the reader.  What I pulled from this mornings reading- vs 7 -12- is who you give advice and correction too.  Who are you handing down wisdom to? And who are you mocking?

Have you every tried to corrected someone who was mocking you or making fun of something.  Or who had a different view point than you?  What happened?  Chances are they came back not nicely.  And sometimes you are standing there stunned.  Like what just happened?  It is easy to get caught up in the firestorm of someone who is not living in a way that mocks what you believe.

I think these verse are advising us not to spend time on those who mock us.  They are warning us we will get hurt if you go down that road. 

But when you share your wisdom and views with other that are wise.  An open discussion can occur with a better chance to become wiser.

This goes both ways though.  Vs. 12  “If you are wise, your wisdom will help you. If you mock, you alone will be held responsible.”

Have I mocked others.  Yes. Many times and that road never goes well.

I pondered on that thought a bit this morning as I drank my coffee.  

How am I going to be wise today?  How am I going to gain wisdom.  And how am I not going to mock others. Where am I going to put my wisdom at?  Where am I not going to invest my time at?

Coffee and Wisdom.

Proverbs 9:7-12

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